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    Puglia Weather for November 2020

    What's The Weather Like In Puglia In November

    November is the typical autumn month. Temperatures can still rise to quite comfortable levels, especially in the afternoon, but there is a clear increase in rainfall as well. That said; Puglia makes for a nice destination all-year round. Its location in the southeastern corner of the boot of Italy results in a pleasant climate, even in November and through the coming winter.

    Keep in mind, though, that this is not a time of year for swimming or sunbathing. Other outdoor activities, such as hiking and cycling, however, are definitely possibly and popular in November.


    November's average temperature is 13°C, a significant four-degree drop since October. The average nighttime temperature is 9°C; the average afternoon temperature is a still-pleasant 17°C. Those two temperatures decrease in the course of the month. The average low drops from 11°C to 7°C; the average high from 19°C to 14°C. None of these temperatures is particularly low by any means.

    Sea Temperature

    The only temperature that is, in fact, too low for its associated activities is the sea temperature. Ranging around 17°C, swimming is not one of the most popular things to do anymore this time of year.

    Sunshine Hours

    There are 4 hours of sunshine per day in November, which is a low number that can be explained with two things.

    First, the days get increasingly shorter as the month progresses. November 1 is the longest day with 10.24 hours of daylight; November 30 is the shortest day with 9.28 hours of daylight. Second, cloud cover increases from 52% to 58% throughout the month, leaving less room for sunrays to peek through.


    These clouds bring with them more rainfall. With a total amount of rainfall of 99mm, November is the wettest month of the year. There are also 13 days with precipitation. The most common type of precipitation in November, by far, is moderate rain. This is observed on 53% of the days with rainfall. Other, much less likely, types are thunderstorms, light rain and drizzle, respectively occurring on 15%, 14% and 10% of those rainy days.

    Puglia Hotels In November 

    Masseria Pietrasole Metaresort

    Stay at the four-star Masseria Pietrasole Metaresort in Bari during your November visit to Puglia. This extraordinary spa hotel is a wonderful place to relax, catch a breath and recharge your batteries. Boasting a perfect location in the city, this exclusive hotel is ideal for a romantic getaway, featuring a marvelous spa, an old church, lush gardens, restaurants and terraces.

    Best Western Hotel Executive

    Looking for a cheaper and more "to-the-point" hotel in Bari? Consider staying at the three-star Best Western Hotel Executive. Located in the middle of the city's business district, this hotel is an excellent option for business travellers. Regular tourists will find it a convenient place as well, as it is situated within easy walking distance from the historic centre and the harbour.

    Hotel Relais Antica Masseria

    People who'd rather not stay in the city should take a look at Hotel Relais Antica Masseria in Conversano. This four-star retreat lies just inland from the Adriatic coast to the southeast of Bari and offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy the countryside with their bicycle rental service and tourist tours. Other amenities include a restaurant, car park, gardens, outside terraces and an outdoor pool. It's a great place for romantic getaways as well as active vacations.

    Bars And Restaurants

    If you're staying in Bari, you are strongly recommended to go and explore the local food scene. The city is home to many a great restaurant.

    Taverna Le Rune

    Taverna Le Rune is a down-to-earth eatery serving dishes that aren't only tasty, but look good as well. The menu consists of typical Mediterranean dishes, including Iberian meats and even North African cuisine. This is also an oyster bar, if you're in the mood for that.


    A popular restaurant in Bari is Bacco, a cosy establishment offering its guests the opportunity to try and taste delicious Apulian cuisine. Its menu features everything from cheeses to wines, from pastas to seafood, and from grilled meats to vegetarian dishes.


    Giannino is an elegant and stylish fish and seafood restaurant situated a few steps from the seafront in Bari. It has two beautifully furnished dining rooms. In addition to various fish and seafood dishes, its menu also features a large number of delicious wines.

    Things to Do In Puglia In November

    With temperatures still reaching up to 17°C in the afternoon in November, Puglia remains a comfortable holiday destination well into autumn. One of the region's absolute highlights is Castel del Monte, a magnificent octagonal fortress that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of many castles built in the south of Italy by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II in the 1200s. This particular castle is regarded as the greatest of them all.

    Castel Del Monte

    Castel del Monte, located on a hilltop just outside the town of Andria, is a brilliant example of the architectural styles that influenced this region in the late Middle Ages. It combines several artistic and architectural styles, from the Romanesque lions at the main entrance to the Classical friezes to the Islamic-inspired floor design. An interesting feature is the prominence of the number 8, which is seen in the number of sides, rooms and towers.


    Another historically significant place to visit in this part of Puglia is Barletta. This ancient town on the Adriatic coast a quick drive from Andria is a well-known art cityhe Palazzo della Marra houses more than 200 paintings by local Impressionist painter Giuseppe De Nittis. Additionally, Barletta is home to several amazing historic sites, from the imposing Castle and the Cathedral to the Canne della Battaglia archaeological site and the Tavern of the Challenge.

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