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    Puglia Weather for December 2020

    What's The Weather Like In Puglia In December

    The winter season starts in Puglia in December. Luckily, that "winter" season is nothing like the winters in northern Europe. Down in Puglia, situated in southeastern Italy, this time of year is quite mild. It hardly even freezes and snowfall is exceptionally rare. The temperatures are rather comfortable and the weather is good enough to do some sightseeing and enjoy the outdoors. You can find a detailed weather forecast for Puglia on this page.


    The afternoon temperature averages 14°C this month, which is definitely not bad at all. At night, the mercury drops to an average low of 6°C. Those two temperatures tend to decrease a bit in the course of the monthhe high temperature from 15°C to 12°C and the low temperature from 7°C to 5°C. The average day temperature is 10°C, one degree above the annual minimum of 9°C that is recorded in January and February.

    Sunshine Hours

    December is the "shortest" month of the year in terms of day length. December 21 is the shortest day of the whole year with its 9.17 hours of daylight. The other days this month are only slightly longer.

    Cloud cover reaches its annual high this month9%. It doesn't vary at all, really, remaining this high, which is relative, all throughout December and through February.

    It is this shortness of the days and the high percentage of cloud cover that result in the low number of sunshine hours this time of year. There are 3 hours of sunshine per day on average, the lowest of the year.


    The high percentage of cloud cover also correlates with the high total of rainfall this month. Puglia receives 92mm of rainfall in December, which is the second wettest month of them all, a close second after November. There are 13 days with rainfall. The likelihood that you will experience any type of rain reaches its annual high of 44% in the beginning of December. It drops slightly in the course of the month, to 41% at the end. Basically the only type of rainfall that can be expected is moderate rain, which occurs on 55% of the days with rainfall. Other far less likely types are light rain, thunderstorms and drizzle, respectively recorded on 17%, 8% and 11% of those wet days. Snowfall is extremely rare in Puglia in December.

    Puglia Hotels In December

    Hotel President

    When visiting Lecce in December, stay at the four-star Hotel President, located in the middle of the city's commercial district. This makes it an ideal place to stay for both business travellers and tourists. It boasts a huge Congress Centre, which is spread out over various floors and comprises nine meeting rooms. Extra facilities include restaurants and a bar, and massage rooms.

    Hotel Zenit Salento

    Another viable option is the three-star Hotel Zenit Salento. Located just outside of the historic city centre, this suggested accommodation has several room types, such as family, business, romantic and even wine-delight rooms. In the morning, guests can fuel up at the breakfast buffet; in the evening, they can enjoy local cuisine at the restaurant. Other facilities are conference rooms, car parking, and Wi-Fi.

    Masseria & Spa Luciagiovanni

    Masseria & Spa Luciagiovanni is a luxurious Moorish-style hotel located just outside Lecce. This unique resort is renowned for its exquisite medical spa, offering beauty treatments, relaxing wellness rituals and other therapies. Guests can also use the gym, swimming pool and tennis courts. Other facilities are an excellent restaurant and meeting rooms. Services include wine tours, cooking lessons, artisan workshops, bicycle tours, art guides and personal trainers.

    Bars And Restaurants 


    Brindisi is not only home to many great landmarks; it is also dotted with great eateriest's a southern Italian city, after all. Consider the exquisite seafood restaurant Iaccato, situated near the Brindisi port. Founded by a fisherman, the restaurant gets its name from a particular fishing style known locally as "iacca", for which the founder was famous. If you're in the mood for prawns, shellfish, lobster or fish, this is a strongly recommended place to visit.

    L'Araba Fenice

    Another excellent restaurant in the city is L'Araba Fenice, a modern fusion restaurant that serves local dishes with a surprising twist in an inviting and cosy setting.

    Ristorante Penny

    Housed in a 13th-century listed building, Ristorante Penny is in the heart of Brindisi. This renowned establishment is well-known for its service, atmosphere and delicious foodts menu consists of international dishes, local specialties, a wide variety of wines, and a selection of mouthwatering pastries.

    Things to Do In Puglia In December

    Those who want to escape the winter weather in northern Europe can head down to Puglia and still enjoy quite pleasant temperaturesp to 14°C in the afternoon. The region has plenty of things to offer, from national parks and islands to spectacular coastal towns and impressive castles.


    A city that is strongly recommended visiting is Brindisi. Known as the "gateway to the east", Brindisi has been an important port city since Roman times, when it became a main port for the Roman army. Later on, it was an important trading port for Venetian merchants. Nowadays, Brindisi is still a busy port city, now mainly ferrying travellers between the city and other Italian coastal towns as well as cities across the Adriatic Sea.

    Brindisi's Old Town is dotted with interesting historic sites and attractions, including two castlesorte a Mare and Castello Svevond Roman columns that used to mark the end of the renowned Appian Way. Another main highlight is the Piazza Duomo, situated in the heart of the old town and boasting attractions such as the Palazzo Balsamo loggia and the Provincial Archaeological Museum.

    Make sure to take the time to stroll along the gorgeous Regina Margherita seafront. Surrounding Brindisi, you will find everything from nice sand beaches, more castles and the ecologically important and beautiful Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve.

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