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    Puglia Weather for April 2021

    What's The Temperature Like In Puglia In April

    The weather in Puglia improves significantly in the course of April, which is a typical spring month. While there might be the occasional April rain showers, in general, the weather is quite delightful this time of year. Puglia, which is located in and to the north of the "heel" of Italy's "boot", is characterised by a year-round great climate, which is similar to other regions in southern Italy, such as the Amalfi Coast, and neighbouring countries, such as Greece, which lies just across the narrow Adriatic Sea.


    April in Puglia, as in many other regions in Europe, is subject to occasional downpours. Luckily, these rain showers generally don't last longhis is the beauty of this particular part of Europe; there's always sunshine after rain. April is by no means exceptionally wet. The total amount of rainfall is no more than 69mm and there are 10 days with rainfall on average.

    The likelihood of experiencing rainfall even decreases slightly in the course of the month, from 38% to 35%. Moderate rain is the dominating type of precipitation, occurring on no less than 52% of the days with rainfall. Light rain and thunderstorms occasionally occur as well, but are much less common, being observed respectively on 19% and 16% of those rainy days.

    Sunshine Hours

    There are 7 sunshine hours to be enjoyed every day on average, two hours more than the previous month. This is due to the 1.15-hour increase in day length in the course of the month and a drop in cloud cover from 53% to 46%.


    In April, the temperature begins getting very comfortable, to the point that it's possible to walk around in t-shirts in the afternoon. The average high temperature is 18°C. At night, the mercury doesn't drop below an average low of 9°C. Those two average temperatures tend to increase rapidly in the course of the month, particularly at the end. The average high temperature rises from 17°C in the beginning to 20°C at the end of the month, while the average low climbs from 8°C to 11°C. The overall average temperature in Puglia in April is a pleasant 14°C.

    Sea Temperature

    The sea temperature is one degree higher than the air temperature this time of year5°C. While it may be quite comfortable on dry land, the water is still much too chilly to go for dips in the Adriatic or Ionian Seas, unless you are unusually brave

    Puglia Hotels In April

    Hotel Ramapendula

    Any visit to Puglia, whether it's in April or any other month, should include a trip to Alberobello, the heart of the trulli area. A wonderful and affordable place to stay in town would be Hotel Ramapendula. This three-star hotel has plenty of facilities to use and enjoy, including an outdoor pool with solarium, a restaurant, games for children, free Wi-Fi and a bar.

    Hotel Astoria

    A four-star hotel right in the heart of the town, Hotel Astoria offers its guests all comforts and conveniences they might be looking for. There is a bar, a restaurant, a reading room, a sun terrace, a rooftop garden, a breakfast room, a TV room and parking. Its location is nothing less than fantastic, right in the historic core of Alberobello, surrounded by the iconic trulli.

    Grand Hotel La Chiusa Di Chietri

    Arguably one of the greatest accommodations in the Alberobello area is the Grand Hotel La Chiusa di Chietri, a four-star spa hotel set in an unforgettable location. This is the perfect place for a relaxing and revitalising holiday, its spa and wellness centre offering all kinds of treatments imaginable. Additional services and facilities are a bar and restaurant, fitness centre, indoor and outdoor pools, bicycle rentals, conference rooms and wedding services.

    Bars And Restaurants

    Osteria Antichi Sapori

    If you happen to visit Andriand you should; it's home to Castel del Monteake sure to also visit a local restaurant or two. Osteria Antichi Sapori is a particularly recommended place to eat, located in the hills and farmlands of the Murgia region. Its menu exhibits this rural location, ingredients include things such as cheeses, onions, wild herbs and other locally grown produce or locally made products.

    Umami Ristorante

    Also in Andria, Umami Ristorante is another suggestion for a dining venue. Housed in a renovated villa and with its very own vegetable garden, this modern yet traditional restaurant is only two years old, but already has its first Michelin star.

    Il Turracciolo

    Wine lovers might want to head to Il Turracciolo, a wine bar with a cellar stocking more than 350 labels of every possible variety. They organise regular wine pairings with local gourmet foods, as well as occasional live music nights.

    Things to Do In Puglia In April

    Murgia National Park

    April, with its comfortable temperatures, may be one of the best times of year to visit Puglia and enjoy its scenery and landscapes. One exceptionally great place to do just that is Murgia National Park. This ancient landscape became a protected national park in 2004t consists of the Gravina canyon, the Pulo and Pulicchio dolines and rolling hills and old farmlands. Six different itineraries have been set up for visitors who would like to explore the area in greater detail. All those itineraries are with a local guide and involve some car travel and walking. Independent visits are, of course, possible as well.

    Gargano National Park

    Puglia's second national park is Gargano National Park, which occupies the prominent peninsula in the north of the region. It's the largest national park in Italy, comprising the peninsula, the gorgeous Tremiti Islands, Umbra Forest and a number of coastal lakes. This park offers visitors the chance to go hiking, wildlife and bird watching, swimming, boating, fishing, cycling and sightseeingnd there are several historic sites found in the area.

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