Port el kantaoui Weather June Averages, Tunisia

    Port el kantaoui Weather for June 2021

    What's the weather like in Port El Kantaoui in June


    June is where things really start to heat up in Port el Kantaoui, with an average temperature of 25 °C making every day a beach day. What's more, June represents a summer month where the temperatures never become truly uncomfortable. So if you like the idea of hot weather but don't want to be subject to average highs in excess of 30°C, now is the time to visit.

    For a more detailed look at June, the month starts off with a comfortable daily average temperature of 20.5°C, climbing steeply to 24.3°C halfway through the month, before creeping again to 26.8°C. You can really see how the temperatures climb as July draws near.

    June's daytimes highs push into the 30°C area for the first time following the winter, with night-time averages bringing minimum temperatures down to around 19°C. Highs of 30°C give June some serious bragging rights and you're guaranteed some great beach weather.

    Let's take a quick look at some extremes for the month, the highest recent temperature in June reached 47°C on 30 June 2003, with a lowest recorded temperature of 13°C on 3 June 2007. As mentioned, these are truly extreme figures and lowly temperatures of 9°C are far from the norm.


    You won't need to worry about rain too much throughout June, with a mere 2 days of rain fall experienced over the month. Over June, Port el Kantaoui receives an average of 8 mm (0.3 inches) of rainfall.

    Average Sunshine Hours

    In June Port el Kantaoui benefits from a luxurious amount of sunshine, with thirteen hours of sun, so there's no excuse for not planning a day trip beyond the confines of the Port.


    You'll be presented with an average humidity level of around 66%, for some clarity, January, is the most humid month of the year at 74%. A humidity level of 66% will leave you feeling slightly uncomfortable, but with the Mediterranean influence on the climate, it's to be expected. Fortunately the Ports facilities are well prepared for this, with air-conditioning a relative standard. 


    Talking wind speeds, June comes in at 16 km/h, equivalent to about 10 mph, or 9 knots (classed as a 'gentle breeze' on the Beaufort wind force scale), so don't expect to be too wind beaten. Overall, the maximum sustained wind speed in recent years has reached 85 km/h, that's equivalent to roughly 53 mph, or 46 knots (classed as a storm or a 'strong gale' on the Beaufort wind force scale).

    Average Sea Temperature

    The sea temperature averages around 23°C, so the ocean is really starting to catch up with the increasing air temperatures. At 23°C there really is little excuse for not taking a dip!

    Port El Kantaoui Hotels in June

    Wonder Golf Hotel is located beside the grounds of the Kantaoui Golf Course. In-house water sports (local charge) are available at the beach (800 metres) such as jet skiing, motor boats and pedal boats, water skiing and banana boats. Additionally, there is a Spa centre (local charge), which has a hammam, a sauna and offers a range of spa and massage treatments

    Golf Residence in Port el Kantaoui has 233 rooms and was renovated as recently as 2009. The hotel is located 500 m from the beach. To make your stay more comfortable air conditioning, shops, a lounge, a conference room, a mini market, a hairdresser, a reception, a lobby and a kiosk are all on offer.

    The Abou Sofiane in Port el Kantaoui is a modern hotel boasting enviable sea views and a selection of quality activities for all ages. The hotel has a range of facilities on offer, including an outdoor rectangular swimming pool, an indoor rectangular swimming pool and a sun terrace.

    Port El Kantaoui Beach for June

    June is a true summer month, with blistering highs of 30°C making a beach day a priority.

    Port El Kantaoui beach is split into two sections, each one as jaw dropping as the other. The north stretch boasts a line of luxurious hotel fronts, complete with designated private beach spots and restaurants. To the south you have a more relaxed and open stretch of beach, offering all the usual water sport activities you'd expect. Keep an eye out for the RIU hotels, they offer all the usual water sports opportunities you'd expect.

    For something a bit different we recommend heading south to Sousse, where you can enjoy the same white sand beaches but with a historic and more authentic medina. Sousse's Bou Jaafar beach or Monastir's are an ideal place mix with the locals. If you spot signs saying "La Plage" ("the beach" in French) they generally point you in the direction of the cities beaches.

    Bars and Restaurants

    La Nafoura situated by the circle fountain, this restaurant is noted for good service and generous portions. Mixed grill, steaks, kebabs and local beers all feature on the menu, not to be avoided.

    L'Opera is again situated in the fountain area, it offers great value breakfasts and unassuming service.

    Mio Mondo in Sousse has rave reviews, apparently the ice cream and milkshakes are to die for and the staff are noted as being extremely welcoming and polite.

    Things to do in Port El Kantaoui in June

    If you've got young children, why not take a trip to nearby Hammamet for a day at the Carthage Land amusement park. The park provides its visitors with over 20 attractions and rides, most notably merry-go-rounds aimed at families with young children. The amusement park also houses a much larger water park called Aqualand, ideal for cooling off during the June highs.

    Once you've explored the Ports marina and beaches, take a 15 minute trip down to Sousse and check out the ornate octagonal stone minaret belonging to the 17th-century Zaouia Zakkak. This minaret is the medina's best demonstration of Ottoman architecture in the area. Unfortunately Non-Muslims are limited to admiring from street level, but the eye catching blue-green stone and tile work is far more authentic than anything you'll find in Port El Kantaoui.

    Whilst in Sousse, take time to breathe in even more history and check out the Kasbah. Originally constructed in AD 859 on top of the former Byzantine fortress, the Kasbah is one of Sousse's most prestigious historical monuments. It features a 30 meter Khalef el Fata tower (named after its architect) and takes its place as one of the oldest towers still standing in North Africa. The Kasbah's upper-most platform is some 50 meters above that of the Sousse Ribat, making it the optimal view point to look out over the Medina. Post-construction, the Kasbah took over the military role of the Ribat and the Khalef el Fata tower still operates as a working lighthouse.

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