Port el kantaoui Weather December Averages, Tunisia

    Port el kantaoui Weather for December 2020

    What's the Weather Like in Port El Kantaoui in December


    December sees average temperatures in the Port plummet to 14 °C as winter sets in. Although the temperatures aren't great, cut-price travel deals and limited crowds make a festive trip to the port an attractive proposition.

    Taking things further, December starts off with a relatively low daily average temperature of 14.8°C, gently reducing to 14°C midway through the month, before dropping again to 13°C. As you will notice, the temperatures continue to drop towards January, which is the coldest month of the year to visit the port.

    December's daytimes highs are still surprisingly warm, coming it at 19°C, with night-time averages mercifully bringing minimum temperatures down to a chilly 8°C. Those highs of 19°C make a stroll along the beach a less daunting proposition, although packing cold weather gear is essential for a December visit.

    Going back through the years, the highest recent temperature in December reached 30°C on 30 December 2009, with a lowest recorded temperature of 2°C on 18 December 2007. Naturally these temperatures are far from the norm, so please don't write into complain if you don't experience 30°C beach weather!


    December is one of the wettest months in the port, with 6 days of rainfall to be expected over the month. Across December, Port el Kantaoui receives an average of 46 mm (1.8 inches) of rainfall.

    Average Sunshine Hours

    By the ports high standards, December is a bit disappointing in terms of the average amount of sunshine, with just seven hours of sun. So if you're planning a day trip, make sure you take into account the limited hours of day light.


    December doesn't fair too well in terms of humidity either, at 71%. This is a paltry improvement from January, which is the most humid month of the year at 74%. You'll feel a degree of discomfort at 71%, however the resorts bars, restaurants and hotels are almost all air-conditioned.


    In terms of wind, December comes in at 15 km/h, equivalent to about 9 mph, or 8 knots (classed as a 'gentle breeze' on the Beaufort wind force scale) so you won't be chasing your parasol down the beach too much. Overall, the maximum sustained wind speed in recent years has reached 89 km/h, that's equivalent to roughly 55 mph, or 48 knots (classed as a storm or a 'whole gale' on the Beaufort wind force scale).

    Average Sea Temperature

    Surprisingly the sea temperature remains fairly mild, with an average of 22°C. This means that should you decide to take a dip in the 19°C highs, you won't be regretting it too much.

    Port El Kantaoui Hotels in December

    El Kantaoui Center is located 150 metres from Port El Kantaoui's beach and marina. El Kantaoui Center offers 4-star accommodation and a view of the Mediterranean sea. It is just 25 km from Monastir International Airport.

    All rooms feature satellite TV, telephone, minibar, air conditioning and a balcony or terrace. They are complete with an en suite bathroom and a safety deposit box, available at a supplement.

    The Les Maisons De La Mer is situated around the first garden haven of the Mediterranean, Port El Kantaoui. All rooms are furnished in a contemporary style and equipped with bathrooms, full kitchen, telephone, TV and balcony or terrace. The hotel amenities include a beach club, numerous shops, restaurants, bars, coffee places alongside pedestrian alleys, three outdoor swimming pools for adults and children, a diving centre, tennis courts, a fitness centre, an art gallery and two attraction theme parks.

    Port El Kantaoui Beach for December

    Undoubtedly December is far from the picture postcard beach month; however you still won't want to miss out on taking a stroll along the Ports sandy shore. The Ports beach is split into two sections, either side of the marina. Looking south you have a relatively quiet stretch of sandy beach, dotted with parasols and loungers, to the north you have a stretch of beach lined with luxury hotels. The north of the beach is largely divided into private sections of beach, each of which belong to the various hotels that line the shore.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Caruso Cafe Bar can be found at Avenue Hedi Chaker, Sousse. Noted for its excellent service, enviable location and varied mix of diners. The café has the atmosphere of a high-end European bar, a place where you can look out and watch people stroll along the wide Corniche boulevard.

    Dell'Arte, Pasta Bar is a little gem in Sousse, found opposite the railway station. It's been open for business just over a year but has received a good deal of praise. Noted as a good choice for a spot of lunch or a full dinner, it offers various types of freshly cooked pasta.

    Things to do in Port El Kantaoui in December

    The port is relatively limited, so we recommend taking a trip south to Monastir in the Sahel area. Once a fishing port, Monastir has become a go-to tourist destination, with ancient heritage dating from Phonecian times.

    While in Monastir take a trip to the Bourguiba mosque (entry for public restricted on Fridays). Built in 1963 the mosque is traditionally styled, with ornate and decorative features. You'll you're your way in through nineteen carved teak doors, imported from Kairouan. Inside you'll find an expansive prayer hall with eighty six pillars built from marble, capable of housing 1000 worshippers. There is an octagonal minaret, reminiscent of Ottoman architecture, crowned by a modestly sized gallery.

    Monastir's Medina (Old Town) is a great place to explore if the beach weather isn't particularly great. You'll have an abundance of shopping opportunities, with endless amounts of handmade ceramics, hand carved woodwork pieces, silverware and leather work. The shopkeepers love to haggle and the initial prices are north of the norm, so be prepared to barter.

    Kairouan city is the capital of Kairouan governorate and is located roughly an hours drive west of the port. Its literally translates as "military/civilian camp" or "resting place". Its large mosques and cultural history make it safely onto the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    Zaouia Sidi Sahab Northwest of the medina is tiled in luminescent colours referred to as the 'barber mosque', because it houses the mausoleum of one of the Prophet's confidants, Abu Zama el-Belaoui, famed for carrying around three hairs from the Prophet's beard.

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