flag Playa de Fanabe, Average Weather July

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    2.2 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    1 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    10 hours

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July daily averages

Playa de Fanabe

July daily averages for Playa de Fanabe

  • 1st
    24 75
  • 2nd
    24 75
  • 3rd
    24 75
  • 4th
    23 73
  • 5th
    23 73
  • 6th
    23 73
  • 7th
    23 73
  • 8th
    23 73
  • 9th
    23 73
  • 10th
    24 75
  • 11th
    24 75
  • 12th
    24 75
  • 13th
    24 75
  • 14th
    24 75
  • 15th
    23 73
  • 16th
    24 75
  • 17th
    24 75
  • 18th
    24 75
  • 19th
    24 75
  • 20th
    24 75
  • 21st
    24 75
  • 22nd
    24 75
  • 23rd
    24 75
  • 24th
    24 75
  • 25th
    24 75
  • 26th
    24 75
  • 27th
    24 75
  • 28th
    25 77
  • 29th
    25 77
  • 30th
    26 79
  • 31st
    25 77

What's the weather like in Playa de Fanabe in July

As the second driest month of the year following June, July is a great time to visit Playa de Fanabe and enjoy sunshine as well as warm conditions. On the sea, temperatures are also warming to tolerable levels making all matter of outdoor activities available to visitors.


This month visitors will only see an average of 2mm of precipitation. This is if vacationers see any wet weather at all, as the precipitation comes all on 1 day making the month mostly sunny and dry. Additionally, the chance of seeing a cloudy day stands at a miniscule 2 percent.  Meanwhile, the chance of seeing a sunny day is a whopping 71%. As a result, visitors need to be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen for their vacation this time of the year.

Sunshine Hours

Sunshine is plentiful this time of the year with the region experiencing a full 10 hours of sunshine, this is the highest number of the year. The only downside is the wind that can be somewhat strong. The chance of experiencing a windy day is 65 percent but this will be good if you want to experience a refreshing breeze or partake in some watersports.


Temperatures are very pleasant during the middle of summer with an average temperature of 23°C (73°F). The average overnight low is a mild 19°C (66°F). This is still cool enough for some to need a light jacket, especially first thing in the morning. However, temperatures will quickly begin to warm with highs reaching 26°C (79°F) by late in the afternoon. For more detailed information, check out the extended forecast before leaving home.

Sea Temperature

Sea temperatures have finally reached tolerable levels during the mid to late summer months and as a result this is prime time to hit the beach. Sea temperatures average 22°C (72°F) during this time of the year. Visitors can take advantage of all the great water sports that the region has to offer as well as work on their tan at this time of the year.

Playa de Fanabe Hotels in July

Visitors who want to bask in a life of luxury while on vacation should look no further than the Iberostar Grand Hotel El Mirador. This boutique hotel offers 120 suites and is located across from some of the finest beaches in the world. This five-star deluxe hotel is designed for adults only and offers extensive gardens, a 3,300 square foot spa, swimming pools, sports facilities, and personal service that is second to none. A view at this hotel will not soon be forgotten.

Another great choice for a July vacation near Playa de Fanabe is the Iberostar Grand Hotel Salome. Located between Playa de Fanabe and Playa de Duque, this adults-only hotel offers high levels of attention to detail, comfort and the best in services, facilities, dining and drinks. There are five swimming pools to enjoy, a large swimming pool, large spa and numerous sports facilities.

Playa de Fanabe Beaches for July

With water temperatures climbing in July to 22°C (72°F) and mainly dry weather throughout the entire month, now is the best time to visit Playa de Las Americas located to the south of Playa de Fanabe. This area is perfect for visitors who are looking to party as the region has a very active nightlife in addition to being a wonderful beach. The area is known for its calm waters with a number of water sports available such as snorkeling and boat excursions. The area also has plenty of facilities when guests need to take a break and enjoy something to eat and drink.

Bars and Restaurants

Visitors looking for a great cocktail at a great price any time of the day, will want to visit La Cockteleria. Additionally, guests won't pay out the nose for a well mixed drink that also comes with attentive service in a friendly and fun atmosphere. This location is definitely worth a visit while on vacation.

Some of the best Italian cuisine on the island can be found at Antico Caffe. Because the restaurant is small, reservations are recommended, but guests can enjoy one of the popular mojitos while waiting on a table. With great food, excellent service and a welcoming atmosphere, the restaurant is not to be missed.

For the perfect after dinner drink in a laid back environment, visitors should check out Ohana Chill Out. As the name suggests, the bar offers a place where visitors can chill and enjoy an excellent cocktail and wrap up the evening with a decadent dessert. 

Things to do in Playa de Fanabe in July

A little fun in the sun can be had in other locations than the beach. July is the perfect time to take advantage of the dry conditions and experience the fun at Siam Park. The park offers numerous slides and other activities that will take your breath away. One of the biggest attractions is the largest wave pool in the world that features waves up to three meters in height. Visitors can also eat and shop on the property and enjoy a terrific day of fun and sun.

Visitors can enjoy more fun and rides at Aqualand.  This popular site offers numerous rides such as the twister racer, tornado, kamikazes, super salom and more. Vacationers can alos take a break from the rides and enjoy the daily dolphin show at Aqualand. The show has been named one of the best in the world and features bottlenose dolphins performing for the crowds. This is the perfect outing for families!

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