Osaka Weather March Averages, Japan

    Osaka Weather for March 2023

    What's the Weather Like in Osaka in March?


    Air temperatures are on the moderate rise in the introductory month of spring in Osaka, the capital of the Osaka Prefecture. Average daily temperatures vary between 5C (41F) and 13C (55.4F), but they tend to breach these limits. When this happens, daily lows might even fall below the freezing point (down to -1C/30.2F) while daily high temperatures rise up to 20C/68F. More extreme variations are very rare. The comparison of average minimum and maximum temperatures between Osaka, Japan, and Shanghai, China, reveals that these cities feature similar temperatures in March.

    Average temperatures are on the gradual rise in the course of the month. They are for a few degrees lower at the beginning of the March than at the end on the Celsius scale. Also cool temperatures (over 13C/55.4F) substitute cold temperatures during the day starting from mid-March. The interval featuring these moderate temperatures is from around 1:30 pm to 5 pm in the 3rd week of March. By the end of the month, it lasts approximately from 11 am to 8 pm.

    Sunshine Hours

    The duration of sunlight is somewhat longer in the city of Osaka in March than in February. On average, the city features between 5 and 5:40 sunshine hours on a daily basis this time of year. From the statistical point of view, the sky over the second largest Japanese city is cloudy insignificantly longer. Furthermore, the chances of overcast or mostly cloudy weather are at a slight increase in the course of the first month of the spring season.


    The accumulation of rainfall is on the rise during March in this destination. The city receives bigger amounts of precipitation in this month than in February for around 40%. The approximate rainfall measures between 100 mm/3.94 in and 110 mm/4.33 in during the entire month. Furthermore, the number of rainy days is on the significant increase, too. In general, Osaka has 11 wet days in March.

    The possibility of a day with rain is constant at 32% throughout the month, in general. Yet, this Japanese city receives increasing amounts of precipitation with the passage of days. The highest likelihood of rainy weather is past noon while the smallest probability of such a weather is around midnight.

    Wind speed

    The wind speed is on a slight decline in the course of March. The month begins with the average speed of the wind of 4.2 m/s and ends with 4 m/s. Days are windier than nights, when winds develop the speed of up to 5.4 m/s past midday.


    The relative humidity is around 61% on average in the port city of Osaka during this period, which feels dry. The possibility of comfortable conditions is very low while the chances of humid weather are even lower.

    Sunrise and sunset

    This destination experiences longer daylight with every passing day in March. On March 1, the duration of daylight is 11:25 hours, with the sun rising at 6:28 am and setting at 5:53 pm. March 31 has the longest daylight during the month 12:30 hours. On that day, sunrise takes place at 5:47 am while sunset occurs at 6:17 pm.

    Average sea temperature

    The sea temperature is virtually unchanged in March from the previous month, being around 14C (57.2F) on average.

    Extraordinary weather occurrences

    The Japanese port city of Osaka had to deal with floods, earthquakes and tsunamis in its history.

    Japan's islands lie in the area that is prone to earthquakes due to the nearness of the meeting points of 4 tectonic plates. In that regard, earthquakes take place all over the country very often, but most of them aren't catastrophic.

    Tsunamis, which are direct consequences of earthquakes happening under the surface of the sea, are other natural hazards that tend to hit the 2nd largest Japanese city. These bring huge amounts of water at high speed, so always have a plan what to do if the tsunami alarm sounds. The best option is to put as much space between you and the shore. If this isn't possible, take some high vantage point (secured building, for example) in the vicinity.

    Since the typhoon season is still far off, tsunamis are the major cause of floods in the city in this period. 

    Osaka Hotels in March

    If you plan to go to Osaka, the capital of the Osaka Prefecture, in March, you shouldn't have trouble finding a room. Not many tourists visit the city in this month. The only exception is the final week of March, when domestic tourists arrive. In general, hotel deals are reasonable this time of year.

    Five Court Umeda

    Five Court Umeda is a 2-star hotel in the center of Osaka, Japan, located within a close proximity to the Osaka main station. This budget hotel has rooms with complimentary wireless internet, private bathrooms, TVs with flat screens and desks. Some units dispose of kitchenettes.

    Remm Shin Hotel

    Remm Shin Hotel is a 3-star property, located north of Osaka Station with direct and quick access to this transportation hub. It disposes of single and twin rooms equipped with massage chairs, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, air-conditioners and safes. Laundry services are a complimentary amenity. A restaurant is also available in Remm Shin Hotel.

    Hotel Granvia Osaka

    Hotel Granvia Osaka is a 4-star establishment located next to Osaka (Train) Station. Hence, the hotel is well connected to other parts of the port city of Osaka. Single, double and twin rooms are available in the hotel. They feature Wi-Fi free of charge, fridges, TVs and minibars. Hotel Granvia Osaka also disposes of a few restaurants, a bar and a wellness facility.

    Swissotel Nankai Osaka

    Swissotel Nankai Osaka is a 5-star hotel located in the Namba district. The hotel is well connected to the main train station and Kansai Airport. It disposes of rooms and suites featuring air-conditioners, free internet access and LCD TVs, while some units add smartphones and Nespresso machines. Other facilities of the hotel are an indoor pool, spa, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi and several restaurants. Paid parking is also available.

    Bars and restaurants

    Japanese cuisine abounds with tasty specialties. And Osaka, one of the culinary capitals of Japan, is among the best destinations in the country for enjoying them. Since the second largest city of Japan is also a port city, fish and seafood play a big role in the local diet. However, don't forget to treat yourself with other extraordinary specialties, such as Takoyaki, Sushi, Yakiniku and Miso Soup.

    Pizza Bar Fullhouse

    Pizza Bar Fullhouse is an affordable eatery specializing in pizzas. Whether you like vegetarian or gourmet pizzas, you will find a fitting solution here. SpicyChille Pizza should be a great choice for people willing to try something different in the pizza realm. Pizza Bar Fullhouse is open from 4 pm until 12:30 am.

    Rock Café Bar USAGI

    Rock Café Bar USAGI is a mid-range bar you would like to visit if you happen to be a fan of Elvis Presley. Besides the collection of related memorabilia, the place serves Elvis-themed drinks. Rock Café Bar USAGI is open daily from late afternoon to 1 am.

    GYOZAOH! Dotonbori Store

    GYOZAOH! Dotonbori Store is a moderately-priced restaurant. The eatery serves dishes for gourmands, but caters to vegetarians, too. Some mouthwatering alternatives of the house are chicken meat, lobsters, vegetarian ramen, beef sushi and gyoza. Opening hours of the restaurant are between 5 pm and 1 am.

    The Lobby Lounge

    The Lobby Lounge of the Ritz Carlton Hotel is a premium venue for relaxing with the sounds of live jazz or classical music. Besides music, you can enjoy cocktails, Chinese and English teas, scallops, sandwiches and desserts here. Opening hours vary, but The Lobby Lounge is open from around noon to late evening either way.

    Things to do in Osaka in March

    Cycling in Osaka

    Albeit getting around in the Japanese port city of Osaka is most efficient by train, cycling also has its merits. The city is mostly flat and, hence, ideal for biking. Many locals of different ages share the city's boardwalks with pedestrians, and it is a completely ordinary thing here. Bike rental companies are available in the central districts, including HUBchari, which disposes of bike-sharing stations all over the metropolis.

    Universal Studios Japan

    Universal Studios Japan in Osaka is one of the top attractions in this destination. It consists of several entertaining zones featuring different themes. Hollywood, Jurassic World, Universal Wonderland and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter are some of them. And the World of Harry Potter is arguably the most popular. Just like other entertaining areas, this one features many great opportunities to enjoy yourself. Roller coaster rides, exhibitions and live shows will demonstrate how day is truly short.

    Osaka Castle

    Osaka Castle is another must-see tourist attraction of the city of Osaka. Built in the 16th century on the site of a destroyed temple, it was the largest fortification in Japan back then. Moats filled with water surround the Osaka Castle, which is accessible via bridges. As you get around, you will see turrets and citadels (fortifications designed for the last stand) among other formations. Don't miss to visit Nishinomaru Garden, full of cherry trees that blossom this time of year. Also, the castle tower houses a museum elaborating the history of the Osaka Castle.

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