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Osaka Weather in July, Japan

Osaka Averages July


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    140 mm

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July Weather Averages

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What's the Weather Like in Osaka in July


Average temperatures are on the constant rise in Osaka, the capital of the Osaka Prefecture, in July. Daily lows tend to fluctuate between 20C (68F) and 27C (80.6F), even more on rare occasions. Maximum daily temperatures, in general, fluctuate between 25C (77F) and 35C (95F). Yet, average daily temperatures usually remain in the range from 24C (75.2F) to 31C (87.8F) during this period. In July, Osaka, Japan, features similar temperatures to the autonomous territory of Hong Kong, in southeast China.

This Japanese metropolis usually experiences warm temperatures during the day this time of year. Yet, the city features hot temperatures (over 29C/84.2F, for example) during afternoon starting from the 2nd week of July. Initially, this interval lasts approx. from 2 pm to 4pm. But, by the end of the month, the duration of the hot interval lasts roughly from 11 am to 7:30 pm.


The cloud cover over Osaka is dissipating at a rapid pace throughout July, resulting in a significant increase in sunshine hours. At the beginning of the month, the chance of overcast or mostly cloudy weather is 73%. By the end of July, this probability is 57%. With such tendencies, the destination features over 6 hours of sunlight per day on average, which is around 50% of daylight hours.


The likelihood of a wet day rapidly decreases throughout July in this Japanese metropolis. At the beginning of the period, the probability of rain is 53%. At the end of July, the possibility of a rainy day is 35%. Furthermore, the later rain occurs in the course of the month, the city receives the lesser amount of precipitation. On average, the port city of Osaka receives around 150 mm/5.9 in of rainfall during 10 or 11 rainy days in July.

Still, days feature bigger chances of rain than nights. Statistically, noon is the most likely time of day for the rain to fall. Rainy conditions are least possible to happen around 11 pm.

Wind speed

In the course of July, the speed of the wind is slowly decreasing from 2.9 m/s to 2.7 m/s. Days usually feature gentle breeze (up to 3.7 m/s) while light breeze (down to 2.3 m/s) substitutes the stronger wind during nights.


The humidity levels are on the significant rise in the Japanese port city of Osaka in July. The average relative humidity is around 71%, which feels very humid for the most part. At the beginning of the month, muggy, oppressive and miserable conditions are 72% likely to occur. By the end of this period, this probability increases up to 95%.

Sunrise and sunset

The duration of the daylight shortens in the destination during the month of July. On July 1, daylight lasts 14:27 hours, from 4:48 am to 7:15 pm. On July 31, daybreak occurs at 5:06 am while sundown takes place at 7:01 pm, granting the city 13:55 hours of daylight.

Average sea temperature

In July, the sea temperature around the port city approaches its annual maximum. It ranges between 24C (75.2F) and 28C (82.4F) this time of year, usually remaining around 26C (78.8F).

Extraordinary weather occurrences

The city of Osaka is deeply in the typhoon season during midsummer. However, July isn't the month when these tropical storms are violent the most. Plus, the location of the city provides certain shelter from typhoons.

Earthquakes and tsunamis are natural hazards that may affect the destination year-round. Because of the nearness of 4 tectonic plates (North American, Eurasian, Philippine and Pacific), earthquakes may happen anywhere and anytime all over Japan. But, most of them are weak tremors or slightly more than that.

Tsunamis take a form of a series of waves hitting the coast. In the open sea, they are far less dangerous, even barely noticeable, than along the shore. That is because the size of the waves amplifies before hitting the coastline. When the tsunami alarm sounds, you should go inland if there is enough time, or enter a safe building or take a nearby high ground.

Floods are other occurrences you might need to cope with in this destination, which are the outcome of typhoons and tsunamis.

Osaka Hotels in July

In July, Osaka, Japan, isn't especially crowded with tourists. Hence, finding a suitable accommodation shouldn't be particularly demanding. In general, hotel deals are decent. Also note that the convenient subway and Japanese Railway (JR) network covers all points of interest efficiently.

Hotel Mikado

Hotel Mikado is a property catering to travelers with a limited budget. The hotel disposes of basic accommodation units consisting of rooms and dormitories with shared bathrooms and free internet. Parking is available on site for a surcharge.

Arietta Hotel

Arietta Hotel is a 3-star property featuring single and twin rooms ranging in size from 14 m2 to 28 m2. They feature TVs with flat screens, free internet access, toiletries and refrigerators. Breakfast is served in the lobby.

Namba Oriental Hotel

4-star Namba Oriental Hotel disposes of air-conditioned rooms with the free Wi-Fi access. Other in-room amenities are mini refrigerators, kettles and air purifiers. Accommodation units range in size from 23 m2 to 56 m2. A patio and a few bars are additional facilities of Namba Oriental Hotel.

Hotel New Otani Osaka

Hotel New Otani Osaka is an exclusive, 5-star property. Accommodation units range from single rooms to superior suites, some of which feature views of the Osaka Castle. Some in-room amenities are large windows, LCD TVs, minibars and free wireless internet. Complimentary facilities of the hotel are a fitness club, meeting rooms and several dining venues. Paid parking is also available.

Osaka Beaches for July

With water temperatures comfortably above 20C (68F), the bathing season is in full swing around Osaka.

Tannowa Beach

Tannowa Beach, located on the southern side of the Osaka Bay, is famous for its white sand and water featuring green and blue hues. It is open in July and August during the day. Parasol rentals and water sports are some amenities of Tannowa Beach. Lifeguards keep watch on weekends in July and every day in August.

Awajishima Island Beaches

Located on the opposite side of the Osaka Bay from the city, Awajishima Island features various small beaches. The island is accessible via Kobe. If you visit Awajishima, make sure to include Goshiki-hama Beach, famous for its pebbles in various colors, in the itinerary.

Suma Beach

Suma Beach is a great destination for party people. Besides regular parties, DJ shows also take place here. Suma is a maintained beach featuring showers and food and drink vendors among other facilities.

Bars and Restaurants

Osaka, the capital of the Osaka Prefecture, is an exciting destination for dining. It features eateries serving popular Japanese dishes and specialties of worldwide-famous cuisines (French, Chinese). Also, budget options are widespread as well as fine dining venues. Furthermore, you are highly unlikely to stay hungry because most eateries operate until late. Many restaurants and bars accept credit cards, but not all of them. Hence, having some cash is always a good backup plan.

Garage 39

Garage 39 is a bar and a restaurant serving craft beers, salads and various dishes based on seafood and meat. The place is pleasant, the only potential downside is that smoking is allowed everywhere in the restaurant. Garage 39 is open from 5 pm to midnight every day except on Sunday.


Hanadako is an affordable eatery located next to Osaka Station. The place excels in Takoyaki, a popular Japanese dish based on octopus dumplings. In all probability, there will be a line in front of Hanadako, but don't let yourself be put away. The queue moves fast. The restaurant is open daily from 10 am to 11 pm.

Harukoma honten

Harukoma honten is a mid-range restaurant and one of the most popular places in the port city of Osaka for eating sushi. Depending on the time of day you arrive, you might need to wait a bit to enter, but it should be worth the effort. In addition to sushi platters, the restaurant serves various fish and seafood dishes, including those based on urchins, crabs and tunas. Opening hours of Harukoma honten are from around 11 am to 9:30 pm every day.


Pierre is an award-winning and a Michelin-starred dining venue, located in Intercontinental Osaka Hotel. In the restaurant's menu, you will find seafood, meat and vegetable dishes. Also, Pierre has a wide selection of first-class wines on offer. Opening hours are from 11:30 am to 2 pm, and from 6 pm to 9:30 pm.

Things to do in Osaka in July


Dotonbori is a popular commercial area in the downtown of the Japanese port city of Osaka. Both locals and foreigners come to this area to enjoy attractive shopping and premium dining. Besides browsing stores and enjoying a stroll, you can join a river cruise along the Dotonborigawa River. During the night, the neighborhood features a spectacular illumination provided by countless neon lights and flashing signboards.

Abeno Harukas

Abeno Harukas is the tallest skyscraper in Japan. It outstrips the second-tallest building, Yokohama Landmark Tower, for 4 meters (13 feet). From the top of the structure, you can admire panoramic views of the city of Osaka and the surrounding area. While in the Abeno Harukas, pay a visit to the largest department store and the Art Museum. The latter stages temporary exhibitions elaborating Buddhist and Western art. Besides traditional Shinto, Buddhism is the main religion of the Japanese. 

Tenjin Matsuri

Translated as "The Festival of Gods," the Tenjin Matsuri is one of the three most popular public events in Japan. The festival always takes place on July 24 and 25. The festive atmosphere, processions and lavish costumes are the main features of the event. Dancing performances, drumming and boating are other hallmarks of the Tenjin Matsouri. The highlight of the celebration commences at 3:30 pm on the second day, when lion dancers, umbrella dancers and costumed characters parade through the city streets.