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    Nassau Weather for November 2021

    What's the Weather Like in Nassau in November

    The latter part of the year is a popular time to head to The Bahamas, and you will find countless Caribbean cruises which are heading in this direction this time of year. Nassau is a popular drop off spot because it is the capital, and because there is so much to see and do. As mentioned previously that the city is sheltered somewhat from the brunt of the worst Atlantic storms, and this certainly adds to its appeal too.


    November brings slightly lower temperatures, but also much reduced rainfall, which is a definite perk to visiting at this time of year. You can expect an average temperature of around 25°C during this particular month, which during the hottest parts of the month can reach up to 28°C; certainly reduced compared to the previous few months, and much fresher as a result. Evenings are also thankfully more comfortable, with an evening low of around 21°C to be expected across the month.

    Sunshine Hours

    Despite the slight reduction in temperature, the amount of sunshine you can expect holds relatively firm, with around 8 hours of sunshine per day on average across the month.


    This means that exploring the capital city can be done much more easily than when rainfall is more likely and temperatures are higher, which makes this particular month a popular one. Speaking of rainfall, you can expect around 100mm of precipitation across the month in total, which falls on around 11 days again, this is a drastic drop compared to the previous few months. Rain can never be ruled out at any time on a tropical island, but this time of year is much less likely to be torrential, especially as the hurricane season is now drawing to a close for another year.

    Sea Temperature

    The beaches are still busy, as they are at any time of the year, with the average sea temperature warmer than the average air temperature! The glittering waters are at around 27°C at this time. 

    Nassau Hotels in November

    Arawak Inn

    Later in the year is a very popular time to visit Nassau, and if you are staying here for a longer period of time, or you want to enjoy homely comforts, then Arawak Inn is a good choice. This is a small establishment with a studio apartment, almost like a home away from home bungalow. Centrally located, but in a residential area, you can cook for yourself if you like, or you can head out and sample the nightlife and restaurants if you prefer.

    Sun Fun Resort

    Sun Fun Resort is exactly what it says on the tin fun! This is a great place to stay for families, with a large outdoor swimming pool and private beach area. All rooms are large, have Wi-Fi, and air conditioning, and the private balconies have wonderful views. This is a good budget option too, located just out of the main street, so a quieter atmosphere overall. Similarly, Luxor Condos offer the same quiet, homely place to stay, with a large outdoor pool, and kitchenettes in every room. 

    Nassau Beaches in November

    Go Slow Bay

    A beach with a charming name, Go Slow Bay, certainly sums up the laid back, slow nature of this particular beach. Small and hidden away, you will find this area just a few minutes' walk from the much busier Cable Beach. This is not as big, but that doesn't make it a bad thing, the waves here are quite large,   great for surfing not so great for children. 

    Bars and Restaurants


    If you are looking for some good old fashioned Italian nosh then it has to be Carmine's. This is a bright, fun, and laid-back restaurant with a huge menu of delicious Italian dishes. The pasta here comes in massive portions, so do keep this in mind when ordering, but they also offer French and other European specialities too, as well as seafood.


    Continuing with the international vibe, check out Nobu for Japanese dining at its best. This is a very modern and busy restaurant, so you might need to book your table, particularly at weekends. Or, if you're going for something more authentic, then Andros The Fish Fry gives you delicious fresh seafood to try, all in a laid-back beach shack building.

    Things to Do in Nassau in November

    One&Only Ocean Club Golf Club

    The Bahamas is certainly known for its top class golf courses, set in stunning surroundings, the One&Only Ocean Club Golf Club is a must visit. The course overlooks the sea, which is blinding blue, with the white and green of the course in stark contrast. Enjoy the facilities of the hotel resort if you are staying there, and you can head inside for a day pass to simply enjoy the golf course too. If you want to head somewhere a little less exclusive, Paradise Island Golf Course is a similarly fantastic choice.

    Wellness Spa Bahamas

    Once you've had your time on the green, or the beach, head off for a few treatments in one of the many spas around the city. Wellness Spa Bahamas offers a huge range of treatments, including professional massages, candle therapy, music therapy, hot towels, and other holistic treatments. This is an affordable but luxurious place to go, and there are shoot-off branches in many of the large hotels too.

    Spa of Eden at Pishon

    The Spa of Eden at Pishon is as luxurious as it sounds, with many treatments again on offer, but also many different services too, such as hair counselling, make up and skin care. Enjoy one of the top quality Swedish massages and feel every single care melt right away.

    Nature Hiking Trails

    Getting out into nature is just as therapeutic of course, and there are many nature hiking trails around Nassau and the surrounding region. You will need some comfortable walking shoes, sensible clothing, sun-cream, and refreshments for a tour at any time of the year, however the temperature at this time has abated slightly, so conditions should be a little more comfortable. You will see countless species of wildlife, including iguanas, Caribbean parrots, and many different types of plant. You can do overnight tours if you prefer, and one of the most popular tours is The Bimini Nature Hiking Trail. 

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