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    Nassau Weather for July 2021

    What's the Weather Like in Nassau in July

    July is certainly a month with a lot of weather activity, and anyone who enjoys heat in abundance will love their summer break in Nassau at this time of year.

    This is the month with the highest temperatures, the best sea temperature, but also the most rain. The great news about this higher rainfall level is that conditions are fresher after a downpour, despite the fact that downpours can be harsh and heavy at the time it's always best to stay indoors during these times, in fact why not head to the nearest bar?!


    The average temperature sits at around 28°C, however this rises rapidly to around 32°C as an average high during the hottest part of the day. Evenings don't bring much in the way of relief, only falling to 24°C as an average low temperature. Again, air conditioning will give you ideal conditions to sleep and rest.


    July, the rainiest month of the year, brings around 220mm of rainfall across the month, which falls over 17 days in total. This may sound a lot, but again, this is unlikely to mean your holiday is a washout by any means.

    Sunshine Hours

    Of course, sunshine is plentiful no matter what month of the year, and you can expect a huge 10 hours of sunshine per day on average to enjoy.

    Sea Temperature

    The sea is beautifully temperate too, with an average sea temperature of around 29°C this is also the month with the best water temperature, which means beaches are packed; there is a lot of coastline in and around the city to enjoy however, so you won't struggle to find a spot, regardless of how busy it is, and hotels will generally have large pools for relaxing also. 

    Nassau Hotels in July

    One and Only Ocean Club

    To wake up on an idyllic white sand beach head to One and Only Ocean Club. This is a four star establishment which is decorated in a very elegant manner, although still having that famous Caribbean laid-back atmosphere. The hotel is set within stunning manicured lawns and gardens, with swaying coconut palms and colonial architecture.

    Coral Harbour Beach House and Villas

    If you want something a little less upmarket, head to Coral Harbour Beach House and Villas. This is a two star choice and the 14 air conditioned rooms are comfortable and functional. All rooms have flat screen TVs and Wi-Fi. There is also a large pool, and a private stretch of beach.

    Harborside Resort at Atlantis

    The Atlantis resort is famous in Nassau and has several off-shoot hotels; one of those hotels is Harborside Resort at Atlantis, which is literally located on the harbour. The views from the balconies are amazing, and as this is a room only package, you can head out and enjoy the restaurants around the city. The large on-site spa is also a big bonus. 

    Nassau Beaches in July

    Goodman's Bay Beach

    If Cable Beach seems a little packed, then Goodman's Bay Beach is a good alternative, and a great one for larger groups, as it's quieter and there will be more space. The sand here is more golden in colour, compared to the blinding white of the nearby stretches of sand, but that shouldn't be a negative, as the sea is translucent, and the large amount of space means you can stretch right out. 

    Bars and Restaurants

    Large cities have many different restaurants and nightlife options on offer, however because Nassau is quite a laid-back affair, this is reflected in where you can eat and party. The Bahamas are a musical and fun place to visit, and nightlife is certainly vibrant. Now we are into the hottest part of the year, when crowds are plentiful, you won't struggle to find a party on every corner.

    Bimini Road

    Bimini Road is a great place to head to fuel up before you head out for a night of partying and cocktails, and here they serve many different American and Caribbean dishes, as well as delicious Bahamian seafood. Try the seafood tacos, washed down with a mojito, as these are very popular picks.

    Twisted Lime Sports Bar and Grill

    Alternatively, Twisted Lime Sports Bar and Grill is another popular place to head, with many different international dishes on the menu. Firecracker shrimp is one of the most popular dishes on offer, and this is a great place to head to watch large sporting events too.

    Wok n Roll Chinese Restaurant

    If you fancy some delicious Asian food, Wok n Roll Chinese Restaurant and Bar is the place to go. This is a restaurant with an authentic design and a huge menu of traditional Chinese dishes. 

    Things to Do in Nassau in July

    Christ Church Cathedral

    There is plenty of history in Nassau, and it's certainly not all about beach time and shopping! The old colonial architecture in general will thrill history fans, and the Christ Church Cathedral is certainly one to visit for an hour or so. If you can, head to the 9am mass, as this is reputed to be stunningly beautiful. The architecture is very pretty, and inside is decorated in typical opulent style. The people who work in the church are also very friendly and will be happy to answer any questions you have about the building itself.

    National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

    Of course, museums are great for when the weather is boiling hot or it decides to rain, and now the temperatures are at their peak, head inside to the air conditioned National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. As with the previous pick, the architecture is stunning, grand, and typically colonial, but inside you will discover many secrets of the art world by local and international artists. Bahamian art is very important within the region, and you can learn more about it here. This is also located very centrally, just a few streets back from the main city centre and port, so it's very easy to reach when temperatures are high.

    The Cloisters Nassau

    Before the major heat of the day, be sure to head to The Cloisters Nassau. Here you will find more history and many old ruins and pretty gardens to explore. There are lily ponds, stone steps, picturesque walking areas, and lots of shaded sections from the overhanging trees. 

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