Naples Weather October Averages, Italy

    Naples Weather for October 2022

    What's the weather like in Naples in October

    Naples experiences four distinct seasons, and October is firmly in the land of autumn. The major difference between summer and autumn isn't so much the temperatures, although these do begin to drop, but the level of rain you can expect.


    During October, Naples experiences around 130mm of rain, which can affect an average of 11 days throughout the month again, simply take an umbrella, just in case!


    October brings an average temperature of around 18°C, which can reach a high of a very pleasant 22°C.

    Evenings can drop to chilly levels in October, so a jacket is advisable, with an average low of around 13°C.

    Sea Temperature

    The Mediterranean Sea is still at a very warm 23°C, so there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the city and beach when you visit Naples during October, with around 6 hours of sunshine per day on average.

    Despite the slight decline in weather quality, Naples has plenty to offer during the first month of autumn.

    Naples Hotels for October

    Correra 241 Hotel

    The great thing about the range of accommodation available in Naples is that most of it sets itself apart; that could be through art or architecture in itself, but you won't find many 'normal' B&Bs around this city! Correra 241 Hotel is a modern hotel, a former factory and antique block of flats, which is a great choice as a base when you are exploring the city, due to its central location and proximity to public transport links.

    San Pietro Hotel

    Equally as interesting, and close to everything, is San Pietro Hotel, with its modern elegance and style. This is a popular choice for business stays as well as those on holiday, with a laid-back atmosphere to boot.

    Romeo Hotel

    Romeo Hotel may not have a specific balcony for Juliet, but it certainly has plenty to keep visitors happy, with a charming blend of old and new design. You will find modern amenities within the hotel, but an antique feel to the building itself. The sushi bar, restaurant and 9th floor swimming pool are definite bonuses.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Trattoria del Golfo

    Seafood has to be done properly in order for it to be top quality, and luckily Naples has plenty of restaurants which offer just that. Trattoria del Golfo boasts traditional Neapolitan food, both seafood dishes and non-seafood, however their choice of seafood dishes is large, including mussels and octopus to name just two. 


    Barolino is another popular seafood restaurant, family-run, and one where you can choose your own fish to be cooked.


    If however you want to stick with authentic and enjoy a delicious Italian meal, then head to Flego. Here you will find traditional food with an innovative twist, as well as fantastic presentation. Situated on Piazza Gabriele 'Annunzio, this is certainly one you should be trying to find whilst visiting Naples.

    Things to do in Naples in October

    Despite the increased rain during October, it's still a good time to get out and about around Naples, and enjoy the beautiful scenery this part of the country has on offer. Remember a raincoat and umbrella, just in case, and throw on a pair of comfortable walking shoes, as Naples and the Amalfi Coast have some stunning walks you should be taking part in.

    The Path of Gods

    The Path of Gods is a famous hiking trail around the Amalfi Coast, and for those who are in good health, this is one you should be checking out. If you prefer to go a little easier however, then Walk of Gradillo is for you, and certainly a good choice for anyone who enjoys nature and stunning scenic views. If you want to stay out in nature for a few nights, perhaps sleeping under the stars, then why not go camping for a few nights? Camping Residence Nettuno is very close to the city, and is an ideal way to experience the quiet and serenity of Naples, away from the city hustle and bustle which can sometimes get too much if you're constantly dashing from one sight to another.

    Mount Vesuvius

    One of the major tourist attractions and hiking possibilities around Naples is of course the mighty Mount Vesuvius. Taking a tour to the foot of the volcano and hiking up is a great way to get a breath of fresh air, as well as taking in the sheer might of this stunning piece of nature. As the only active volcano on mainland Europe, you can expect crowds, however the view from the top is more than worth it, and the kudos of saying you actually went there and hiked it yourself.

    Campi Flegrei

    Continuing with nature, and in-keeping with the volcanic vibe, Campi Flegrei, or Fiery Fields, is a great place to visit too. This is a fantastic choice for nature and geology fans, although a little off the beaten track, so perhaps hiring a car is a good option here. This is basically the remnants of a dormant volcano which erupted centuries ago, however it still shows signs of steaming and popping. There is plenty of history here too, as the Romans called it the Entrance to Hades, and it is said to be the home of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.

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