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    Munich Weather for March 2022

    What's the Weather like in Munich in March


    Daily temperatures in the city of Munich are on the rise in March. Average low temperatures are around 0C (32F) or slightly below, while average daily highs reach 9C (48.2F). With these averages, the largest city in southern Germany tends to be less cold than Prague, in the Czech Republic. However, variations to a smaller or a larger extent are possible. In that regard, morning temperatures may fluctuate from -9C (15.8F) to 6C (42.8F), even more in certain, rare occasions. High temperatures may vary between -1C (30.2F) and 18C (64.4F).

    In general, freezing temperatures occur only during morning hours in the 1st week of March. The rest of the period features higher temperatures, ranging from 0C (32F) to 18C (64.4F). From mid-March onward, cool temperatures start to prevail over cold temperatures between 12 pm and 8 pm.

    Sunshine Hours

    The capital of Bavaria sees between 4 and 5 sunshine hours per day on average in March. Almost every day during the month has the 41% chance to be clear, mostly clear or partially cloudy. The chance of overcast or mostly cloudy sky is the lowest in the introductory days of March around 58%.


    The probability of a rainy day increases in the course of the month. According to statistics, March 1 is 24% likely to be a rainy or snowy day. Around mid-March, the possibility of the same weather is around 28%. On March 31, the probability of precipitation is 32%.

    The amount of rainfall increases in accordance with this tendency. If rain falls on March 1, the average received precipitation is 34 mm/1.3 in. With 49 mm (1.93 in) of fallen rainfall on average, March 31 is the rainiest day throughout the month. Unlike rainfall, the amount of snowfall decreases as time passes. The likely amount of snowfall is 6 mm (0.23 in) at the beginning of March while the same parameter is 2 mm (0.08 in) by the month's end.

    On average, Munich, the capital city of Bavaria, receives up to 60 mm/2.4 in of rainfall and snowfall combined during this month. The likely number of days with precipitation is between 11 and 16. The possibility of wet weather is the highest during the night and in early morning, except by the end of the month. During the final days of March, the highest likelihood of the precipitation is around noon. The chances of rainfall and snowfall are the lowest past mid-afternoon. The most common forms of precipitation during the spring season are drizzle, short shower and light snowfall.


    The average speed of wind is constant during the month, measuring around 3.3 m/s. In general, the windiest time of the day is around 1 pm or 2 pm, when the wind speed rises up to 4 m/s. Late afternoon, between 5 pm and 6 pm, is windy the least, with the speed of wind lowering to 2.8 m/s.


    The relative humidity in Munich, Germany, is constantly around 77% in March, which is a few percent lower than in February. Hence, it feels a bit dry in the course of the month, with the possibility of a muggy day next to non-existent.

    Sunrise and Sunset

    The duration of daylight is on a constant rise in the course of March. The first day of the month features 11:02 hours of daylight, while the last day has 12:48 hours of daylight in total. On March 1, the sun rises at 6:55 am and sets at 5:57 pm. On March 31, the sunrise takes place at 6:54 am while the sunset occurs at 7:42 pm.

    Extraordinary Weather Occurances

    Although many people regard March as a spring month, mornings still tend to be freezing during this period in Munich. If cold currents manage to reach Bavaria from Russia, the situation gets even worse. The appearance of snowfall and frosty weather in this city isn't unheard of in March, even later.

    Yet, Föhn winds, which might occur this time of year, increase daily temperatures to the point of mildness, even during night. Hence, you should prepare outfit both for cold winter and mild spring if you come to the Bavarian capital in March.

    Munich Hotels in March

    March is at the beginning of the period that rates the best for a visit to Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. Temperatures are on the rise while tourist crowds are far away. Also, hotel rates are still affordable this time of year.

    Ibis Muenchen City Arnuffpark

    Ibis Muenchen City Arnulfpark is a 2-star hotel, located around 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) away from downtown Munich. The property features rooms with private bathrooms and TVs with flat screens. Wi-Fi is free and available throughout the hotel while parking is a subject to additional fee. Business travelers have a business center at disposal. Munich airport is 30 km/18.6 mi away.

    Laimer Hof

    Laimer Hof is a 3-star hotel, located within a walking distance from the Baroque Nymphenburg (Nymph's) Palace. Other popular attractions of the Bavarian capital, such as the Rathaus and the Frauenkirche, are around 5 kilometers/3.1 miles away. Tram and S-Bahn stops are near the hotel. Unlike most other properties in the city, Laimer Hof provides free parking for its guests. Rooms dispose of satellite TVs and free internet access. Munich airport is 31 km/19.3 mi away.

    Marc Munchen

    Marc München is a hotel with 4 stars, which is near most top tourist points of interest in the city. The Frauenkirche and Marienplatz are 1 km/0.62 mi away while the Bavarian State Opera and the Old Pinakothek are barely farther. Soundproof rooms of Marc München feature air-conditioners, free wireless internet, flat-screen TVs and minibars. The property has a bar, too. Parking is available for a surcharge. The distance to Munich airport is 29.5 kilometers (18.3 miles).

    Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski

    Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski is a 5-star hotel that features a great location in regard to top points of interest in Munich. Marienplatz is half a kilometer away while the Deutsches Museum is less than 1 km/0.62 mi distant. Rooms have air-conditioners, tea and coffee makers, flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi. Complimentary amenities are a spa center, bar, restaurant, terrace and fitness facilities. The hotel also has a paid parking. Distance to the airport is 28.5 kilometers (17.7 miles).

    Bars and Restaurants

    The city of Munich is one of the leading destinations in Germany in many things, including dietary options. It features everything between budget to fine dining opportunities. Another certain thing is that you can't be hungry here, regardless of your dietary habits. This city in South Germany has options for gourmands, vegans, vegetarians and everyone else.


    Ringlers is a well-reputed eatery where you can grab affordable bites. It is within a walking distance from Marienplatz, near the Asamkirche (Asam's Church). The restaurant serves German barbecue and fast food dishes. Ringlers is open daily except on Sunday and public holidays. Working hours are from 8 am (10 am on Saturday) to 6 pm.

    Longgrain Thai Cuisine

    Longgrain Thai Cuisine is a mid-range restaurant that serves excellent food. It may be a bit sidelined from main tourist areas, but is worth the invested time and effort. Suffice to say that it is rated as the finest Thai restaurant in the capital of Bavaria. Longgrain serves an authentic Thai cuisine, and the staff is ready to help about any dietary requirement. Opening hours are from 5:30 pm to 11 pm on a daily basis, and from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm from Thursday to Sunday. Sunday is a day off.


    Augustinerbrau is a Bavarian-style restaurant. If you wish to experience the authentic atmosphere of a beer hall, make sure to visit this venue. Besides a selection of beers, Augustinerbrau serves dishes for gourmands and vegetarians, Bavarian salads and delicacies. The beer hall operates daily from 10 am to midnight.

    Little London Grill

    Little London Bar & Grill is an upscale dining venue, a few minutes away from Marienplatz. The restaurant specializes in full-flavored steaks and has an extensive list of great wines. You may also wish to check out their bar, which serves many outstanding cocktails, beers and whiskeys. Little London Bar & Grill is open daily from 5 pm (noon on Saturday) to 1 am (2 am on Friday).

    Things to do in Munich in March

    Auer Dult

    Auer Dult is a traditional fair that takes place three times a year in spring, summer and autumn. It is a place where you can entertain yourself, buy nice-looking stuff and have tasty delicacies. Among other things, you can find old books, products for skin care, kitchen appliances and various curiosities. Allocate some time to browse through goods on offer, you might find extraordinary things.

    Old Town Hall

    Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus) is a Gothic-era building, located at Marienplatz, the city's main square. The building is a masterpiece of medieval architecture, which is strikingly visible once you enter the building. The structure's beautiful tower, which is visible from various points in the city, is one of the main landmarks of Munich. The Altes Rathaus houses the Toy Museum.

    Max Joseph Platz

    Max Joseph Platz, named after the first king of Bavaria, is one of the most beautiful squares in Munich, Germany. The Renaissance Residenz Palace, Italian-style Palais an der Oper and the neoclassical Nationaltheater flank the square. The king's statue is its centerpiece.


    Munich is a very bike-friendly destination. Not only can you get between points of interest within the city limits, but you can explore a surrounding countryside, as well. Cycling routes are available in every possible direction, so benefit of this popular means of transport when the weather is right. If you are uncertain about where to go, you can join an organized bike tour.

    Nymphenburg Palace

    The Nymphenburg Palace is one of the top attractions of Munich. It boasts a beautiful exterior, well-manicured gardens and an impressive interior. The palace's premises feature opulent decoration, which consists of Baroque and Rococo elements for the most part. The Nymph's Palace houses the Museum of Man and Nature, the Porcelain Museum and the Carriage Museum (Marstallmuseum).

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