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    Munich Weather for December 2021

    What's the Weather Like in Munich in December


    In December, average daily temperatures dip below the zero point on the Celsius scale, introducing the 3-month period of low temperatures in Munich. Air temperatures during the month usually remain between -3C (26.6F) and 4C (39.2F). However, deviations from these values, down to -10C (14F) and up to 11C (51.8F) in general, are possible. In regard to daily averages, Munich, Germany, is noticeably colder than Venice, Italy, during the last month of year.

    Travelers to this destination in December should expect daily lows between -1C (30.2F) and - 3C (26.6F). Except on certain occasions, daily highs constantly remain around 3C (37.4F). In general, days are cold in this destination, with freezing periods taking place from 10 pm to 10 am most of December.

    Sunshine Hours

    December is a pretty gray month in the capital of Bavaria, with only 2 sunshine hours per day on average. The possibility of cloudy weather is constantly high, with chances varying between 65% and 62%. Fog is also a common occurrence. On December 1, the likelihood of cloud cover over the city is 64%. That percentage rises to 65% until mid-December, when it starts decreasing toward the end of the month. According to observations, December 6 is the cloudiest day throughout the year here.


    Albeit the sky over Munich, the capital city of Bavaria, features cloud cover most of the time, December is an introductory month of the dry season here. On average, this city in Southern Germany receives up to 60 mm/2.36 in of rainfall and snowfall combined during the month. The number of rainy and snowy days ranges, in general, between 11 and 15.

    Rain is the most frequent form of precipitation in the destination this time of year. Chances that any day in December will receive rainfall are constantly at 21%. Mixed rain and snow are 4% likely, while the probability of snow alone is 3% throughout the month. Hence, the chance that you will have a day with precipitation in the city of Munich is around 28% in the course of December.

    The highest possibility of rainfall/snowfall during the day is late at night. In this regard, daytime is comparatively less likely to receive rainfall or snowfall. The latter often comes in the forms of light snow and sleet. Still, it tends to be plentiful sometimes.

    Wind Speed

    The speed of wind increases at a slow, yet steady pace from the beginning of December toward its end. Initially, the average wind speed is 3 m/s (December 1). The last day of the year features the average speed of wind of 3.4 m/s. In general, just past midday is the windiest time of the day, while mid-afternoon, between 3 pm and 4 pm, is the calmest.


    The average relative humidity levels remain around 86% in Munich, the capital of Bavaria throughout this period, which feels dry. The chances of comfortable, muggy or oppressive conditions are 0%.

    Sunrise and Sunset

    December features the shortest daylight in the city of all other months. The duration of daylight decreases until December 21, when it begins to increase at a slow rate. On December 1, daybreak takes place at 7:42 am while sundown occurs at 4:22 pm (8:40 hours of daylight). On December 21, sunrise takes place at 8:01 am while sunset occurs at 4:22 pm (8:21 hours of daylight). On December 31, the sun rises at 8:04 am and sets at 4:29 pm, which gives 8:25 hours of daylight.

    Extraordinary Weather Occurances

    Albeit daily highs remain above the point of freezing, cold air masses from Russia tend to reverse that. If eastern influences reach the Bavarian capital this time of year, air temperatures might remain deeply below 0C (32F) for a prolonged period.

    On the other hand, warm and dry Föhn winds increase daily averages. These winds usually appear during autumn, but they also arrive in the city in winter sometimes. With them, even nightly temperatures tend to exceed 10C (50F) this time of year. Winds blowing from the west also raise temperatures, but not to an extent that matches Föhn winds.

    Munich Hotels in December

    December is the beginning of the low tourist season in Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. Therefore, it is an ideal time of year for budget travelers to come here since hotel rates are low. However, this situation changes dramatically, yet temporarily, with the approach of the New Year.

    Hotel Chalét Zum Kurfürst is a 2-star property, located in the Oberschleiheim municipality. Chalets of the complex dispose of private bathrooms, safes and free wireless internet, while some of them feature minibars. Guests of the property benefit of free use of nearby swimming pool and Finnish sauna. The distance to the downtown is around 12 km/7.5 mi while the airport is 19.5 km/12.1 mi away. S-Bahn provides fast transfers (around 20 minutes) to both. On-site parking is free of charge.

    Super 8 Munich City West is a 3-star hotel, located a few kilometers/miles from downtown Munich, Germany. S-Bahn trains provide fast transfers to the city center. Accommodation units feature soundproofed windows, TVs with flat screens, floor-heating and air-conditioning. Free toiletries and wireless internet are additional amenities. Parking is available for a fee. Munich Airport is 31 kilometers (19.3 miles) away.

    H'Otello / B'01 München is a 4-star establishment located within a walking distance to the majority of top attractions of Munich, the capital of Bavaria. Transport connections to other parts of the city are good. The hotel's accommodation units feature free Wi-Fi and minibar. There is a bar with lounge music on-site.

    Hotel München Palace is a 5-star complex, located approx. 2 kilometers/1.24 miles from the city center and most attractions. The luxury hotel's rooms combine various amenities, including free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, Sky Sport channels and marble bathrooms. A restaurant, sauna, gym and a steam room are complimentary facilities. Plus, bikes are free of charge. The hotel disposes of a parking lot, which is available for an additional fee. Munich International Airport is 27.5 km/17.1 mi away.

    Bars and Restaurants

    The capital of Bavaria is a renowned culinary destination with great gastronomic specialties, both local and international. Besides extraordinary cuisine, you will enjoy Christmas and New Year's decoration of dining venues and the city's street. Albeit it could easily happen to be chilly outside, don't miss the chance to warm yourself with the mulled wine at Christmas Market And to taste a Bavarian sausage, of course. Finally, pay a visit to a reputable restaurant for a premium dining experience in a festive ambiance. And bring cash since many restaurants in Munich don't accept cards.

    Wuid Barwirtschaft is a bar located within a walking distance from the city core. The house serves beer and burgers, but many former patrons are satisfied with their Gin Tonic in particular. Tuesday is a "Gintasting" day, so stop by on that day if you are a fan of gins. Wuid Barwirtschaft is open daily, except on Sunday, from 5 pm onward.

    Wirtshaus Görreshof is a reputable restaurant serving local specialties. If you are a gourmand, you will have a sweet pleasure to decide among various Bavarian specialties, such as schnitzel, strudel and soups. The restaurant has a vegetarian menu, too. Görreshof's opening hours are from 11 am to midnight on a daily basis. 

    Shami is an Asian-style restaurant that excels in Vietnamese cuisine. In its menu, you will find soups, starters, wok dishes and much more. If you are sensitive to spiced food, don't hesitate to mention it to the staff, which is forthcoming and friendly. Opening hours vary depending on the day of the week, but you can enjoy lunch (except on Saturday) and dinner in Shami.

    Halali, located near English Garden, is a Michelin-starred restaurant, serving specialties of Bavarian cuisine. Some specialties you will find in its menu are eel, venison and lamb dishes. Halali also has an extensive wine list. The restaurant is open from noon to 3 pm (Mon-Fri) and between 6 pm and midnight (Mon-Sat). The restaurant is closed on Sunday and public holidays.

    Things to do in Munich in December

    Karlsplatz, also known as Stachus, is one of the main squares and transportation hubs of the city of Munich. Some of the square's centerpieces are the Karlstor an arch resembling a fortress, and a fountain. The Old Palace of Justice (Justizpalast) flanks Stachus. In addition, a shopping area is nearby. This time of year, Karlsplatz transforms itself into a popular skate rink

    The Bavarian capital becomes especially enchanting and worth exploring around Christmas. Beautiful decoration and Xmas markets sprout everywhere, from the city's squares and streets to parks and ecclesiastical structures. In cathedrals and churches, you can attend classical concerts and other performances. In the Christmas Village, examine nativity scenes, carvings and gold objects, and entertain yourself at a stage. In short, Munich celebrates Christmas everywhere. Even in the airport, where you can benefit of an ice rink and Winter Market

    Christmas shopping in Munich, Germany, is most enjoyable at themed markets, true. Yet, shops that compete whose window is decorated most beautiful will tempt you to pay them a visit, as well. Hence, benefit of examining various decorations that adorn shops and tourist attractions throughout the city during this holiday

    English Garden (Englischer Garten) is one of the most favorite leisure areas in the city. And it is an expansive one, larger than Central Park in New York. You can walk by the River Isar, which flanks the garden. Also, there are other bodies of water (brooks, lakes), spanned by around a hundred bridges, ideal for a stroll. In winter, after a snowfall, the area becomes a magnificent winter fairy tale land. Snow "decorates" the Greek temple and the Chinese pagoda, the two top landmarks in the par.

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