Mombasa Weather August Averages, Kenya

    Mombasa Weather for August 2021

    Whta's The Weather Like In Mombasa In August

    Conditions in Mombasa during August are very similar to what they were in July. The only real difference is another small drop in average monthly precipitation as well as another slight decrease in sea surface temperatures. By this time of the year, sea surface temperatures are as 'cold' as they will get across the year. While still fairly warm, it may be just cool enough to keep a few souls out of the water, especially on a rainy day.

    Sea Temperature

    The average water temperature for this time of the year is 25°C (77°F), the annual low. After this month, sea surface temperatures will once again rise.


    On land, temperatures are nearly identical to the previous month. The average overnight low of 20°C (68°F) is cool enough for vacationers to need a light jacket. However, shorts and short sleeves can still be worn later in the day as average afternoon highs climb to 27°C (81°F). Overall, the average daily temperature is 24°C (74°F) warmer than some destinations receive even during their summer months!


    Once again the amount of precipitation declines for the third month in a row. 70mm of precipitation is expected for the month falling across an average of 12 days. The overall chance of rain is 32 percent, so visitors will want to consult a forecast before leaving home in order to prepare for any inclement weather.

    Sunshine Hours

    The chance of a sunny day is 21 percent, but overall, visitors can also expect to see an average of 7 hours of sunshine.  Wind also diminishes greatly during this time of the year with the chance of seeing a windy day standing at only 7 percent. Visitors may want to see how the region compares to others for this time of the year and also keep in mind that winter is wrapping up in this part of the Southern Hemisphere during this month.

    Mombasa Hotels In August

    Nyali International Beach Hotel and Spa

    Those planning an August vacation will want to look into the Nyali International Beach Hotel and Spa. Perfect for couples or those with families, this resort offers just about anything that guests could want. The resort features a total of five restaurants and four bars, a spa for relaxation, two swimming pools, one kid's pool, motorized and non-motorized water sports, beautiful grounds and numerous styles of hotel rooms to choose from.

    Northcoast Beach Hotel

    Located about 27 kilometers north of Mombasa is the Northcoast Beach Hotel. The hotel has a total of 123 rooms of varying sizes and prices and all come with a private bath, air conditioning, satellite TV and sea or garden views. The hotel offers a large swimming pool as well as a fitness center and other activities both on land and at sea.

    Mombasa Beaches For August

    Diani Beach

    One of the most popular and lovely beaches in Kenya is Diani Beach. With a location just south of Mombasa, it is easy to get to and offers a wide array of water sports to participate in. With only 70mm of precipitation expected in the month, August is a perfect time to hit the beach and catch some rays.  With lush surroundings as well as numerous coral reefs, sandbars, there is something for everyone to enjoy.  This is the perfect spot for swimming, scuba diving, sunbathing, or just relaxing on the sand with a good book.

    Bars And Restaurants

    Safari Inn Bar and Restaurant

    Guests looking for a little music with their dinner will enjoy Safari Inn Bar and Restaurant. Conveniently located near many of the major hotels, the food is good and the music is live. All in all, this is a very enjoyable spot for some good food at a reasonable price and in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

    Blue Room Restaurant

    Blue Room Restaurant is a great place to cool off in and enjoy a great ice cream snack or to feast upon some of the other many snacks to choose from. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is a great meeting place for both locals and tourists. Always one of the more popular places in the city, this is a must visit.


    One of the most unique nightspots is Bob's. Located in the mall parking lot, the area transforms into an all-out club complete with local bands early in the evening and then a DJ spinning the latest tunes well into the night. With cool drinks and a very unique atmosphere, this is a must visit. 

    Things To Do In Mombasa In August

    Mombasa Go-Kart

    Adrenaline junkies will enjoy an afternoon of go-kart racing at some of the various sites around town. Mombasa Go-Kart is one facility that can make anyone feel like a racecar driver. This is a great way to spend an afternoon with family and as a bonus this particular company also has a paintball course for even more fun.

    Kite Surf

    With 7 hours of sunshine each day, vacationers can take advantage of the sun and learn how to kite surf. Be prepared to spend the better part of a day learning the ropes of this sport, but before you know it, you'll be up and gliding along the waves like a pro. This is one adventure that vacationers will not be able to wait to tell their friends about back home.

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