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Mauritius Weather in June, Mauritius

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    76 mm

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What's The Weather Like in Mauritius in June?

The cold season in Mauritius lasts from 15 June until 21 September with an average daily high temperature below 25°C.

How Hot Is Mauritius In June?

The month of June is characterized by gradually decreasing daily high temperatures, with daily highs staying around 25°C throughout the month and exceeding 27°C or dropping below 23°C only one day in ten.

Sunshine Hours In June

There are an average of eight sunshine hours a day in June.

Does It Rain In Mauritius In June?

June is one of the driest months of the year with an average of only 76mm of rainfall throughout the month, compared to February which sees on average 228mm of rainfall.

How Humid Is Mauritius In June?

In June the relative humidity typically ranges from a mildly humid 62% to a very humid 94% over the course of a typical June, rarely dropping below a mildly humid 52%. 

Is It WIndy In Mauritius In June?

Over the course of a typical June, the wind speeds vary from 1 m/s to 7 m/s, which is considered as a light to moderate breeze, rarely ever exceeding 9 m/s. 

Is The Sea Warm In Mauritius In June?

Even though June is in winter the sea temperature is still positively warm at 25°C that's only 3°C cooler compared to February where sea temperatures can reach 28°C. Mauritius offers a wide variety of water sport activities including parasailing, sea kayaking and water skiing.

Hotels for Mauritius in June

Coin de Mire Attitude

Coin de Mire Attitude is a beautiful three-star hotel located in Bain Boeuf. This tropical paradise offers a number of modern, air-conditioned rooms all with private bathrooms and private terraces overlooking the spacious garden. A fresh buffet breakfast is provided everyday, there is also an a la carte restaurant and buffet options including a delicious lobster dinner.

Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel

However, if you're looking for a hotel for a romantic getaway or maybe even a wedding or honeymoon the five-star Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel might be just what you are looking for. This exclusive hotel features four restaurants and a wealth of activities such as water skiing, tennis, pedal boats, kayaks and an outdoor swimming pool.

Tamassa Hotel

Another popular option worth considering is the Tamassa Hotel Produced by LUX*. This four-star hotel also offers a number of facilities including an outdoor swimming pool, beach volleyball, tennis, a fitness centre and even a golf course. For the little ones there is also a babysitting and child care service as well as a kids club.

Beaches for June for Mauritius

Ile Plate

Cap Malheureux Beach is located next to a small fishing village in the north of Mauritius. This beach offers breathtaking views over the islands of Ile Plate, Ile Ronde and Coine De Mire. There are also a number of hotels within close proximity such as Veranda Paul & Virginie and Coin de Mire Hotel. Cap Malheureux actually means 'unhappy Cape' after the many ships that sunk in its coral reefs, Cap Malheureux is the ideal spot for those wanting to go wreck diving.

Choisy Beach

Mont Choisy Beach is a beautiful soft, white sandy beach boasting crystal clear turquoise waters. This beach is particularly popular with both locals and visitors as the beach stretches for almost 3 kilometers. A hotel close to this beach is the Casuarina Resort & Spa.

Tamarin Bay

Tamarin Bay is a popular beach for local surfers as this is one of the best surfing spots on the island, due to its guaranteed large waves all year round. This beach is located on the west coast of the island, just at the mouth of the Tamarin River.


However, if you're looking for a family friendly beach you must try Trou-aux-Biches Beach, located in the north of Mauritius. This beach is superb for families as the water is shallow, allowing children and nervous swimmers to enjoy the warm water.

Restaurants and Bars for Mauritius in June

Le Chateau de Bel Ombre

If you're here in Mauritius for a honeymoon you should definitely try Le Chateau de Bel Ombre for an authentic Mauritian experience in a romantic setting. This elegant, candlelit restaurant offers silver service and is one of the most popular spots on the island for weddings.

Chez Tante Athalie

However, if you're looking for somewhere which is unique but also affordable at the same time you may want to try Chez Tante Athalie in Pamplemousses. This restaurant offers a Creole menu and an a la carte grill. What's unusual about this place is its collection of vintage cars including an Austin 16, Winston Churchill's car and a Wolseley police car.

La Vida

Party the night away at La Vida, located in the west of Mauritius in Flic en Flac. This popular club offers views out onto the Indian Ocean and the sugar cane fields from the outdoor covered dance floor. Officially this is a European-style restaurant, bar and lounge, which also offers a shisha bar and VIP lounge.

Red Cat Beach Lounge

The Red Cat Beach Lounge is a 1950s beach house located at the end of the cove of Pereybere. This is now a spacious lounge bar and restaurant which is famous across the island for its live sports coverage. The restaurant also serves a fusion of Japanese and Chinese cuisine, prepared by a professional chef from Shanghai.

Things to Do in Mauritius in June

Mauritius Attractions

Why not make the most of Mauritius' great weather and spend the day sea kayaking off Ile D'Ambre Island. Mauritius Attractions offers a full day excursion, where you will head off to Ile D'Ambre Island with a professional guide, who will educate you about Mauritius' fascinating plant life and the history of the area. The tour also includes a picnic lunch on the island of Bernache.

Nature Trails

Nature Trails offer a number of excursions through the islands lush countryside. A local guide will share their knowledge about the local flora, fauna and history of Mauritius and will take you to some of Mauritius' most beautiful natural sites including the scenic Tamarin Waterfalls and the Massif Central. This is the perfect day out for all nature lovers, just don't forget to bring along appropriate shoes.

Centre Equestre De Riambel

The weather in June is also perfect for activities such as horse riding. The Centre Equestre De Riambel is based in the south of the island in Riambel and provides many different horse riding tours along Mauritius' deserted beaches, as well as the possibility of even swimming with the horses! Whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider, the dedicated team will make sure you feel safe and comfortable while horse riding in Mauritius.

Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes

Furthermore, the "Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes" is a nature park located in the south of Mauritius in Riviere Des Anguilles. The park takes care of a variety of reptiles, fish and animals including the Nile crocodile, Iguanas, Caimans, giant tortoises, monkeys, bats, carps and much more. Other attractions include the restaurant "Le Crocodile Affame", a gift shop, native plant nursery and a conservation centre, which aims to keep the number up of certain threatened species on the island including the giant tortoise. This attraction is perfect for any animal lover!

Dates for the diary

June is a relatively quiet month in terms of events. The Mauritius Marathon is an annual event which starts in Tamarin and finishes in Saint Felix. In total the race is 26.2 miles long and passes through a number of traditional coastal villages and some of the most beautiful lagoons on the island. The Mauritius Marathon is the perfect event for marathon enthusiasts, however make sure to check beforehand when the event is taking place as the dates often change every year.