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What's the Weather like in Malta in March


Temperatures usually begin to rise in Malta in March, though the rate of warming in early spring is limited by the moderation from the surrounding seas, which are typically at their coldest in February and March.

During this month, the average temperature for ...

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    Malta Weather for March 2019

    What's the Weather like in Malta in March


    Temperatures usually begin to rise in Malta in March, though the rate of warming in early spring is limited by the moderation from the surrounding seas, which are typically at their coldest in February and March.

    During this month, the average temperature for the island is around 14°C, compared to April, which has an average temperature of around 16°C. Highs and lows for this month are around 18°C and 15°C respectively.

    Since 1987, the highest maximum temperature ever to be recorded in Malta in March is 33.5°C, which was registered in 2001. The lowest minimum temperature which has ever been recorded on the island during this month is 4.8°C, which was registered in 1993.

    Average Sea Temperature

    The average sea temperature for Malta in March is 16°C, which most people consider to be far too cold to go swimming. If you're determined to go for a dip during your holiday, you're best off sticking to indoor and heated swimming pools.


    In March, Malta is subject to an average of 33mm of rainfall which occurs on 11 days throughout the month. With precipitation occurring on almost 50% of days, it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll experience at least some kind of rainfall during your holiday.

    It's better to be safe than sorry, to make sure you pack an umbrella or some waterproof clothing. During March, the most common type of precipitation is moderate rain, followed by thunderstorms and then light rain.

    The probability of rainfall occurring at any point in Malta during March falls as the month progresses. Precipitation is most likely on March 1st, when it occurs in 46% of days. On the other hand, precipitation is least likely to occur on March 31st, when it falls on 38% of days.

    Deep rain-bearing low pressure systems are less likely to take a southerly track in March than in January and February. Despite this, rainfall amounts can vary considerably from one March to the next, depending on the position of the jet stream and the associated track of low pressure systems.

    Since 1985, the highest monthly rainfall ever to happen in Malta in March is 125mm, which was recorded in 1996. Malta received 14 rainy days during that month, making in the wettest March in almost three decades. The highest amount of precipitation ever to fall within 24 hours in Malta during this month is 63.4mm, which was also recorded in March 1996.

    Average Sunshine Hours

    Malta enjoys around nine hours of sunshine each day in March, which is much higher than many other places throughout central and northern Europe. Over the course of March, the length of the day is steadily increasing.

    Between March 1st and March 31st, the day lengthens by one hour and eight minutes. The shortest day of the month is March 1st, with 11 hours and 25 minutes of daylight and the longest day of the month is March 31st, with 12 hours and 34 minutes of daylight.


    Thanks to the surrounding sea, the average daily relative humidity for Malta in March is 76% which is quite high. This figure is made up of lows of 56% (mildly humid) and highs of 95% (very humid). The air is at its driest around March 31st, when the relative humidity drops to below 65%, whereas the air is usually at its most humid around March 25th, when the relative humidity rises above 92% three days out of every four.


    The average cloud coverage on any given day in Malta in March is 47% - that's relatively cloudy. This figure very gradually decreases as the month develops, falling from 49% down to 46%.


    Over the course of an average March in Malta, typical wind speeds vary from 1 m/s to 8 m/s – light air to moderate breeze. Wind speeds rarely go over 12 m/s – strong breeze. The highest average wind speed of 5 m/s (gentle breeze) tends to occur around March 31st, when the average daily maximum wind speed is 8 m/s.

    On the other hand, the lowest average wind speed of 5 m/s usually happens around March 10th, when the average daily maximum wind speed is 8 m/s. Since 1997, the highest wind gust ever recorded in Malta in March is 44 knots, which was registered in 2013.

    Weather Hazards

    Weather hazards are rare in Malta during March, although the hot, dry and dusty sirocco wind from northern Africa blows over occasionally, making for rather unpleasant conditions. Snow and frost are almost unheard of at this time of the year, but wet snow was observed in parts of the island in March 1949, although it failed to settle.

    You can check the weather forecast here.

    Malta Hotels in March

    InterContinental Malta

    The local economy in Malta is geared towards tourism, so you'll find a variety of accommodation options, all of which offer a high standard of service. Located in St. Julian's you'll find the InterContinental Malta, a high-calibre hotel which offers pristine suites and a bespoke fitness and wellness centre. This hotel also commands striking views over the nearby cliffs and coves of the rocky coastline.

    Park Lane Aparthotel

    A versatile option is the 4-star Park Lane Aparthotel, which is conveniently placed in St. Paul's Bay, with great access to nearby restaurants and bars. As its name suggests, visitors have the option between the full accommodation package, or to go self-catering with the benefit of inclusive breakfasts.

    Solana Hotel

    Whether you're planning a family holiday or a romantic getaway, Solana Hotel will cater to your needs. Located in Mellieha Bay, this fine hotel boasts a rooftop pool, indoor spa and play area for younger guests - not to mention its very own Italian restaurant. Guests are able to choose between self-catering and hotel accommodations. 

    Luna Holiday Complex

    Round the corner from Solana Hotel you'll find the Luna Holiday Complex. This hotel is cheaper than its counterpart, but still offers a range of amenities, giving you considerable value for money. The rooftop pool area is currently undergoing a refurbishment which will open to guests in 2018. 

    Encarto Holiday Apartment

    The Encarto Holiday Apartment is ideal for holidaymakers in search of straightforward self-catering accommodation. Each apartment can sleep up to six guests and is only a short walk away from the coast.

    Malta Beach for March

    The weather becomes more reliable in Malta as spring gets underway, but in March the weather is still often on the cool side for enjoying a day at the beach. Nonetheless, it is certainly possible to have an enjoyable relaxing time at the beach at this time of year, all the more so for the lack of crowds.

    Ghadira Bay

    Ghadira Bay at Mellieha Bay is the largest beach in the Maltese islands and has facilities for water skiing, parasailing and other activities such as pedalos and banana boat rides.

    Armier Bay and Little Armier

    Armier Bay and Little Armier are ideal for those who want to do little more than relax. These beaches are just a short walk away from some cafes, bars and restaurants, providing a handful of choices when it comes to lunch.

    Bars and Restaurants


    For primarily Asian cuisine, pop over to ZEST in St. Julian's, where East meets West. This modern restaurant pulls together a variety of Eastern cuisine; Thai dishes and sushi are some of the favourites among diners at this eatery.

    Caffe Berry

    Coffee lovers must pay a visit to Caffe Berry, one of the island's finest coffee houses. Situated in Valletta, this friendly establishment brews a variety of coffees along with its own range of artisanal teas. The cakes and pastries on offer are mouth-watering and make an excellent accompaniment to a hot drink of a late morning or afternoon.

    Ta Fra Ben Reggae Bar

    The Ta Fra Ben Reggae Bar in Qawra is a popular beachside bar which serves traditional pub food and drinks. This venue is also a great place to catch some entertainment in the form of live music, which is performed here regularly throughout the week.

    Incognito Nightclub

    Incognito Nightclub at Fliegu Street, Qawra, serves pub meals and drinks during the daytime. During evenings and nights, the club takes on a different atmosphere and offers various forms of musical entertainment, including karaoke.

    Things to do in Malta in March

    Eden Superbowl

    Malta has a lot to offer in the way of sporting entertainment. Visitors to the island can stop by Eden Superbowl at Saint Julian's. Here you'll find a ten pin bowling alley, made up of 20 alleys and an on-site cinema, making it a great place for couples and families to let off some steam. 

    Malta Segway Tours

    March is a great time of year to explore the island using unconventional transport. Malta Segway Tours offer tours of Dingli and Valetta on Segways, which are a safe, fast and fun way to explore the neighbourhoods of Malta.

    Dingli Funtastic

    Dingli Funtastic is a seaside tour, while Dingli Adventure Tour visits a wide range of attractions around Dingli, including Boschetto Gardens, Palazzo Gingenti, and Magdalena Chapel. There is also a two-hour tour of Valletta, which showcases the island's museums and historical and architectural sites.

    Grand Master's Palace

    On the more traditional side of things, you can explore the Grand Master's Palace in Valletta. This imposing building was constructed in the 16th century and was the seat of the Maltese Parliament until 2015. Nowadays, the residence has opened up to the public; the hallways and various suites won't fail to inspire wonder in visitors.

    Malta National Aquarium

    Another recently-opened attraction which promises a great family day out is the Malta National Aquarium. This compact sea life centre brings together a wealth of Mediterranean and exotic sea creatures, and boasts an impressive 12-metre tunnel which you can walk through as you admire the marine life swimming above. 

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