Mallorca Weather June Averages, Spain

    Mallorca Weather for June 2023

    June is a particularly beautiful month in Mallorca, Spain. Some of the typical beach attractions tourists expect can be found on its plentiful beaches.

    These include, but are not limited to, sailing, wind surfing, diving, swimming, water skiing and snorkelling.

    Beachgoers can either find their sun on the northern coast on beaches like Formentor beach. Those on the southern side of the island may visit a beach there. Es Trenc is a popular one. In addition, there are many coves along the entire coast that give visitors a more private, secluded beach experience.

    In addition, there are several sailing competitions in the warm waters surrounding the island throughout the summer beginning in June. 

    Sailing competitions Mallorca

    Sailing competitions in Mallorca.

    Spanish bull fights are in full swing at this time of year for those looking to take in a part of the culture of the area.

    In mid-June, Mallora pays tribute to equestrian culture with their celebration of San Antonio de Jani.

    Also in June, Mallorca celebrates its own version of thanksgiving with the Sun Dance Festival. This is a time of giving thanks for the many blessings in the lives of the local people but can be appreciated and observed by anyone visiting the island during this time.

    Finally, the Sant Pere Festival comes at the end of the month. Naturally, the Mallorcan citizens feel a great debt of gratitude to St. Peter, the patron saint of the sea.

    The average temperature during June is 71°F (21.7°C).

    The average low temperature comes during the night time hours at 59°F (15°C).

    The average high temperature is definitely summer at 82°F (28°C).

    The average sea temperature, 66.92°F (19.4°C), is warm enough for swimming.

    The average precipitation is low, only 0.54" (13.8 mm).

    The average number of days per month with precipitation is only 2.

    The average hours of sunlight daily are 11, making June a very sunny month.

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