Madeira Weather February Averages, Madeira Islands

    Madeira Weather for February 2023

    What's The Weather like in Madeira in February?

    February in Madeira is the coldest month for the island but it's warm and sunny compared with other destinations in the UK and northern Europe.

    How Hot Is February In Madeira?

    February's average daytime temperatures are expected to be around 16ºC with highs of 18ºC in the middle of the day and lows of 14ºC at night.

    How Warm Is The Sea In February?

    The sea maintains its warmth thanks to hot currents coming from North Africa that keep the island warm all year round. The average temperature of the sea stays at a comfortable 18ºC 

    Average Sunshine Hours In February

    The skies are almost always dotted with white clouds that may partially block out the sun that shines for an average of eight hours every day.

    Is Madeira Windy In February?

    Typical wind speeds fluctuate between light to moderate breezes. Rain is expected on 10 days of the month reaching an average of 80mm across the islands. 

    Madeira Hotels for February

    Funchal's most extravagant hotel, Reid's Palace, is thought to be one of the best choices of accommodation for tourists who aren't shy of paying a bit extra for excellence. Reid's Palace is just sublime, with amazing services, incredible on-site facilities, breathtaking vistas, a fully equipped spa and lots of other attractive features.

    The Hotel Orquidea in Funchal is the perfect resort for tourists looking for some peace and quiet while enjoying some of the best views over Madeira; the sundeck perched high upon the hotel's roof gives a commanding view over the island. Great service and facilities.

    The Jardins d'Ajuda Suite Hotel in Funchl has 4 star apartments and suites complex with swimming pools and restaurants that offers bargain prices throughout the year, making it ideal for families and couples on a budget.

    The Residencial Parque hotel is a fantastic budget hotel in the heart of Funchal, ideal for all who wish to explore Madeira's capital without overspending. The hotel has a spacious terrace with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. If you are looking to visit Fuchal old town, it's just 550 yeards from this hotel. 

    The Canico de Baixo is a high quality and hospitable 3 star hotel on the island of Canico. The hotel is built as a small oasis on the remote island and offers relaxing accommodation to families visiting with children, as well as to elderly tourists seeking peace and quiet.

    Madeira Beach for February 

    The beach of Porto Santo is the jewel in the crown of the Madeiran archipelago. Located on the eponymous island of Porto Santo, the beach is divided into several small beaches that span nine kilometers of golden sand. Snack bars, shades and showers make a day long trip to the beach an ideal option. The sand here is considered to have therapeutic properties that help alleviate rheumatic pains and also helps fractures heal faster.

    The beach at Ribeira Brava features black and extremely fine clean sand and clear azure waters. A jetty juts a good way into the water and creates an area that is protected from huge waves, making the beach ideal for children and the jetty itself a perfect spot for swimming.

    Bars and Restaurants

    The Restaurante Armazém do Sal is a popular restaurant in Funchal that offers traditional, local cuisine. Located at the gates of the city, the restaurant is famous for its exquisite Madeiran and Portuguese dishes, as well as for its fine decor, which perfectly preserves the authentic look and feel of the historic building.

    In the old town of Funchal, Restaurante O Tapassol offers outdoor balcony seating and is a great place to unwind. The restaurant is famous for the fresh fish dishes and fantastic local delicacies served there. Bring friends here to chat and enjoy delicious food. 

    Vespas Club is one of the most popular night clubs in Funchal, it attracts high profile, energetic crowds. The drinks are plentiful and the music is a blend of international beat hits and local sounds that excites the ear and gets those feet moving.

    The Copacabana is an ultra-popular nightclub located inside the famous Casino. Live music events and grand shows are held at the Copacabana on a daily basis, with themes ranging from the usual to the outrageous. This is the epitome of classy entertainment in Madeira.

    Things to do in Madeira in February

    For visitors who want to enjoy the island's wonderful weather away from the beach, the Palheiro Golf Course in Funchal is ranked among Europe's most beautiful courses and at 500 metres above sea level, the views are amazing. This 18-hole, par 72 Championship golf course trails through a pristine natural environment of pine forests, botanical woodlands, seaside vistas and sub-tropical vegetation.

    Animal lovers may want to visit the Quinta Do Riacho in Funchal. These horse riding stables are located in the mountains and overlook the island's capital. Riders of all skill levels are welcome and catered for. Whether you choose to go on a walk through the surrounding countryside or take riding lessons on site, there is a friendly horse with your name on it.

    Pico Ruivo being the highest mountain in Madeira is a wonderful viewpoint. A steep but safe road leads up to a car park and enables you to see the exceptional views and for brave explorers walk right to the top of the 1862 meter mountain. The weather can change very fast here so prepare for strong winds.

    Walk from Funchal to the stunning Santo Serra, a little village with a park worth visiting (Blandy Park). The paths are lined with blooming camellias and lots of wildlife. It's definitely an area of Madeira that kids would enjoy exploring. There is a golf course near by and on weekends you can find locals selling food and goods from village stalls. 

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