flag Lloret de Mar, Average Weather April

  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    73 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    11 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    9 hours

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April daily averages

Lloret de Mar

April daily averages for Lloret de Mar

  • 1st
    10 50
  • 2nd
    9 48
  • 3rd
    11 52
  • 4th
    12 54
  • 5th
    12 54
  • 6th
    11 52
  • 7th
    11 52
  • 8th
    10 50
  • 9th
    10 50
  • 10th
    10 50
  • 11th
    11 52
  • 12th
    11 52
  • 13th
    12 54
  • 14th
    13 55
  • 15th
    14 57
  • 16th
    14 57
  • 17th
    14 57
  • 18th
    15 59
  • 19th
    13 55
  • 20th
    12 54
  • 21st
    13 55
  • 22nd
    12 54
  • 23rd
    13 55
  • 24th
    14 57
  • 25th
    15 59
  • 26th
    15 59
  • 27th
    12 54
  • 28th
    11 52
  • 29th
    11 52
  • 30th
    12 54

What's the Weather like in Lloret De Mar in April


Temperatures begin to rise in April as summer is just around the corner. You can expect to enjoy pleasant temperatures of around 19°C during the day, which is ideal for a stroll around Lloret de Mar. The nights still get quite chilly though, with temperatures dropping to around 7°C, so be prepared and pack a jacket if you want to go out in the evenings. The temperatures rise in the course of the month. While the average daily high and low temperatures are respectively 17°C and 6°C on April 1st , they rise to 20°C and 8°C by April 30th . The average daily temperature in April is 13°C, which is a two-degree increase since March, but still a full ten degrees below the annual maximum daily average of 23°C in July and August. The temperature of the Mediterranean Sea is now 15°C, still too cold to swim, but it is slowly rising!

Cloud cover doesn't vary significantly in the course of the month. However, a small rise is observed. The first days of the month are the least cloudy with about 42% of cloud cover. The maximum amount of cloud cover in the month and also in the entire year occurs on April 24th. That day cloud cover is 45%. After April 24th the skies will get clearer until July 23rd, which is the clearest day of the year.


Even though the amount of cloud cover doesn't vary much, the consistency of those clouds does seem to change. Lloret de Mar is much wetter in April than it was in March. Now, the total amount of rainfall is 73mm, compared to a total of 54mm in the previous month. April is the fourth-wettest month of the year. April has no less than eleven days with precipitation, the highest number of rainy days of all months. Only May has that same maximum number of rainy days. The likelihood of experiencing rainfall varies in the course of April. April 1st has generally the lowest chance of rainfall, at 36%. That percentage rises steadily until April 28th, which has a 42% of precipitation. This is the day with the highest chance of rainfall in the whole year. There are four main types of precipitation observed in April. These are moderate rain, drizzle, thunderstorms and light rain, occurring respectively on 35%, 22%, 22% and 15% of the days with rainfall.

Sunshine Hours 

Just like February and March, April sees a one-hour rise of sunshine hours compared to the previous month. Now, there are ten sunny hours per day. This means that you are able to enjoy loads of sunshine on an average day in April.

As April goes on, the length of the days increases. The shortest day of the month, with 12.43 daylight hours, is April 1st. April 30th is the longest day with 14 hours of daylight. This increase of 1.17 hours implies that every April day is 2.6 minutes shorter than the next one.

Lloret De Mar Hotels in April

Astoria Park is a fabulous four-star hotel located in the centre of the resort, just a few minutes away from the beach, the city centre, sports facilities and shopping and nightlife. This modern hotel boasts great facilities such as several restaurants, bars and a rooftop heated swimming pool. All 128 rooms come with balconies, air-conditioning, safety boxes and flat-screen satellite TVs. 33 of those rooms also have a Jacuzzi.

Located in a quiet and wooded area at the edge of the resort, Hotel Eugenia offers its guests a peaceful and relaxing stay. The hotel has an artsy feel with sculptures and paintings in every hallway and room. In the main hall you will find a games room, TV room, lounge with fireplace and a reading corner and Internet access. Other amenities are two dining rooms, a bar and a wellness centre.

Bars and Restaurants 

El Reno Pizzeria and Restaurant is open all day and all night. This fine restaurant has been around for 25 years and is located between Lloret and Blanes. It is easily reached from both towns and has complimentary parking. The restaurant offers typically Mediterranean food, such as specialty meats, pastas and pizzas, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Carmen's Café is a hugely popular place for food and snacks during the day and for drinks in the evening. It consists of a cafeteria, a restaurant, a terrace and a cocktail bar. The cafeteria is classy and made up of soft stylish couches and seats, beautiful tables and serves hot and cold drinks, as well as snacks. The restaurant serves all kinds of Mediterranean dishes, while the cocktail bar is the place to be for alcoholic beverages.

Things to do in Lloret De Mar in April 

If you fancy a leisurely, yet competitive outdoor activity, golfing may be an excellent option. Lloret de Mar is home to one of the very best golf courses in Catalonia. Pitch & Putt is an 18-hole course, located at the outskirts of the resort. You can hire your own set of clubs, a bag and a cart. The grounds also have a great restaurant, a bar and a swimming pool. Prices range between 15 and 25 euros, depending on our age, the day of the week and the time of year. Every year Pitch & Putt hosts the Catalan Open golf events and the European Pitch & Putt Championship.

At first thought, visiting a cemetery may not exactly be what you want to do on a holiday. However, the Modernist Cemetery is not just a cemetery. It's a place of cultural history as well, as it preserves traces of the indiano culture from the late 19th century and the early 20th century. It is a gorgeous place, with graves looking like houses, with ornaments, sculptures and great detail. This is where members of the wealthy indiano families, people who had become rich in the New World, were buried. When they arrived back home, they built elaborate houses and mausoleums where they wanted to be buried. This historic site is open from 8am until 6pm in winter, and from 8am until 8pm in summer.

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