Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Weather March Averages, Canary Islands

    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Weather for March 2022

    Weather Lowdown:

    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has beautiful, warm temperatures throughout the year. Located off Northwestern Africa, this Spanish island city has an average daily temperature of 20°C  during March, with the lows dropping down to 16°C during the evening and highs reaching around 23°C during the day. Compared to the rest of Spain, the weather here is much warmer and features more sunshine, making it a great destination for tourists looking to escape winter.

    Though temperatures remain steady through most of the year, March is the beginning of spring in Las Palmas and the weather starts warming up. Neither the warmest nor coldest, the springtime weather is very moderate in the area. March is also a low travel season for Las Palmas, which can make it an excellent time to visit for budget-minded travelers or those who prefer to avoid the crowds.

    The chance of rain starts to decrease after winter, with the monthly average rainfall in March being only 14mm, occurring over approximately 7 days of rain throughout the month. Overall, there is a 13% chance of encountering rain on any given day in March. With less rain, there is of course more sunshine. March days average about 9 hours of sunshine and a 53% chance of a sunny day, which gives visitors plenty of daylight to explore the city and all of its outdoor activities.

    The sea temperature stays chilly in March, as it hasn't had time to warm up yet. At 18°C, the water will be cool but still warm enough for swimming. There's a 64% chance of a windy day in March, which can affect some beach activities such as parasailing and it's important to check the forecast. With proper planning, tourists can enjoy all sorts of beach activities, such as sailing, surfing and jet skiing, thanks to light wind and a warm sun.

    Where to Stay:

    Opened in 2013, the Bed and Chic Hotel is located just off the Santa Catalina park and very close to the popular Playa de las Canteras, placing it in an excellent location for seeing some of the main attractions within walking distance. Part hotel and part resort, Bed and Chic offers typical amenities such as free Wi-Fi plus extras like a private terrace lounge, a library, and a welcome gift for visitors who book through their website. 

    Casa Mozart is located in the residential district of Cuidad Jarden of Las Palmas. With only five rooms and a small staff, you'll feel right at home. The homey feel is extended to visitors with a healthy, freshly prepared breakfast and staff that can help you plan your time in Las Palmas to see the best sites. The rooms have a clean, luxurious feeling with pops of bright colors throughout.

    Located in the San Telmos Park, Hotel Parque has all of the modern amenities, including air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, televisions, and a variety of room styles to suite your personal and family needs. There is a fitness center and computer room available for guests. You can also choose extras such as bicycle rentals, guided tours and welcome packs in your room to add a luxurious touch.

    Things to Do:

    If you're interested in shopping or just seeing the city, the Vegueta neighborhood is one of the older neighborhoods in Las Palmas and is a charming place to visit on a clear day. Sights include the Plaza Santa Ana with its entrance guarded by bronze statues of dogs. Classic buildings such as the Casa Regental, a 17th century building that served as the resident of the president of Gran Canaria's High Court of Law, is just one of the beautiful buildings you'll spot in the area.

    To take a peek into Spanish and Canarian history, head to Casa Museo de Colon. The museum documents Columbus' voyages and features exhibits on the Canary Islands' historic role as a staging post for transatlantic shipping. There is a model galleon on the ground floor and a crucifix said to have come from Columbus' ship. The museum also has an art gallery showing Las Palmas over the last few centuries. People of all ages will enjoy visiting this fun and fascinating museum.

    Eating and Drinking Out:

    La Dolce Vita offers a slice of Italian in the midst of this Spanish city. Located near the Santa Ana Cathedral and the Central Atlantic Art Museum, the homemade pasta is perfect after a day of exploring the city. Decadent sauces feature caviar and black truffles, while gluten free options are also available. The decor showcases Italian film posters and a small shop sells Italian goods.

    Located near the Santa Catalina Park and Playa de las Canteras, El Cid Casa Pablo is a perfect place to finish up a busy day with dinner. The old restaurant has a knight in armor over the front door, welcoming visitors into the Spanish-themed restaurant that features traditional cuisine especially seafood. 

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