Krakow Weather August Averages, Poland

    Krakow Weather for August 2020

    What's The Weather Like In Krakow In August


    The warm temperatures continue into August in Krakow after reaching the highest point in July. This is the second hottest month of the year in this area of Poland, with an average daily temperature of 18°C (around 64°F). The highs still reach up to a nice and pleasant 24°C (about 75°F) and the lows drop down to 12°C (about 54°F), cool but not too cold to enjoy all the city has to offer in terms of culture, arts and history.

    As you're packing your suitcase for your trip to the area this month, you would be safe packing summer clothing like short-sleeve shirts, light-weight pants and shorts. You'll want to bring along a hat or a pair of sunglasses as well to protect your eyes from the sun's rays.

    Sunshine Hours

    The city still gets 6 hours of sunshine during the day, plenty of time to get out and about and visit outdoor attractions. In the evening hours, the temperatures do drop, so bring along a light-weight jacket or sweater, especially if you'll be outdoors at night after the sun goes down.


    The average rainfall starts to taper off this month, with 45 mm of rain falling over 14 days. Bring along that umbrella or raincoat so that you're prepared no matter what weather you get during your stay. The chance of rain on any given day during this month is 50 percent, with a 33 percent chance for both a windy day and a cloudy day. Even though it's not hot here, it's smart to also bring along sunscreen to protect yourself as the sun can still give you sunburn.

    If you're here later in the month, you may get to witness the changing season into autumn, one of the most beautiful times in the country with leaves changing color and the weather turning more moderate.

    Krakow Hotels In August

    Kossak Hotel

    Kossak Hotel is a modern boutique hotel with 60 rooms and three restaurants. It enjoys a convenient location on the Vistula River and is only steps from the Krakow Market. Boasting double and twin Rooms as well as five suites, Kossak Hotel can fit any budget and any taste. The suites include a living room, toilet, bedroom and en-suite, and all rooms have air-conditioning, bathroom and reading area. 

    Hotel Benefis

    The Hotel Benefis is located in the Debniki district of Krakow, providing a quiet place to call home during your visit to the city in August. The reception desk is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can answer all your questions about the attractions in Krakow. Choose from the single or double room configuration with workspaces, separate bathrooms with showers, and television. Some rooms have balconies and others have a sofa bed for extra sleeping space.

    Hotel Copernicus

    Hotel Copernicus invites guest to enjoy Renaissance accommodations on one of the oldest streets in Krakow. The 29 guest rooms include single, double, standard and luxury suites. The rooms at the top floor of the building provide sweeping views of the city from the wide windows. Hotel amenities include a 24-hour reception desk and concierge, laundry services, on-site restaurant and a unique wellness center in the hotel's cellar.

    Bars And Restaurants

    Bianca Restaurant

    Bianca Restaurant sits on the Market Square in Krakow and offers diners a quaint and quiet atmosphere to enjoy a meal. The menu changes about once a month based on the freshest seasonal ingredients available during that time. The chefs prepare the natural and preservative-free dishes to give you a healthy and delicious meal. The menu even includes gluten-free options for those with a gluten-sensitivity or allergy.

    La Grande Mamma

    Along with delicious Italian and pizza dishes, diners at La Grande Mamma are treated to the beautiful architecture of the 17th century building that houses the restaurant. The restaurant is located in the Market Square neighborhood of Krakow and features of a menu of thin-crust, authentic Italian pizzas. Other menu items include soups, salads, appetizers, pastas, meat dishes and dessert.


    A New Zealand-style burger house, Moaburger enjoys a convenient location in central Krakow and is open for lunch and dinner daily. From the classic hamburger to specialty burgers like the surf and turf and BBQ, this is just the place to quell your burger craving. The menu also includes kids' burgers, nuts and olives for appetizers, and yummy milkshakes to enjoy for dessert or a quick snack. 

    Things to Do In Krakow In August

    Krakow Town Hall

    During your stay, check out the historic Krakow Town Hall, which has a long history and is the current home to the city government and the mayoral office.  The Town Hall's Tower is a focal point of the Main Market Square in the Old Town area of the city. The hall also houses a basement theater space and a photography exhibit part of the Historical Museum of Krakow. It is open extended hours during the summer months.

    Krakow City Zoo

    While in Krakow in August it would also be worth taking advantage of the warm weather and visiting the Krakow City Zoo, which was founded in 1917. Located in a forest setting, the zoo sits on 50 acres and boasts over 260 species and 1,500 animals, including exotic birds, pygmy hippos, wild cats, sea lions, chimps and various endangered species. The zoo is open year-round, with extended hours during the summer months.

    Planty Park

    Surrounding the old center of the city, Planty Park provides greenspace in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. Check out the park, which includes parts of the city's old moat and walls, to escape from the craziness of the touristy areas and still get a taste of Krakow and its history. The park has several trails to walk and enjoy the warm August weather and you can also sit and enjoy the scenery on one of the many park benches.

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