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    Ko phi phi Weather for November 2020

    What's the Weather like in Phi Phi in November 

    November is the coolest month of the year in Koh Phi Phi as the highs reach their lowest point and the cloud coverage remains the same as in October. The great thing is that the rain decreases drastically from October as November produces the lowest amount of rain during the wet season at 230 mm divided into 17 days of the month.

    The beginning of November continues the low point of highs at 29.8 C (85.6 F) from the previous month making November 1st one of the coolest days throughout the year. The lows come in at around 23.8 C (74.8 F), so if you are trying to avoid the dominant Koh Phi Phi heat, this is a great time to visit. Chances of rain begin to fall throughout the month, but come in at 57% to start, so if visiting at the beginning of November you will likely run into more rain.

    The highs and lows during the middle of the month are 30 C (86 F) and 24 C (75 F) as they begin rising slightly during the 15th through the 20th and then begin falling slightly towards the end of November. Rainfall has another dramatic drop to 49% which are great odds and the first time it falls below 50% chance since July, so try to visit mid-month if you are looking to enjoy less rainy days.

    Towards the last week of November the highs are around 29.9 C (85.8 F) having fluctuated lightly throughout the month, while the lows follow the same pattern falling to 23.7 C (74.6 F). Rainfall at this time of month fights its way back up above 50% chance and then finally commences its final drop into December ending the month at 48% chance of rainfall.

    The average temperature in November is 27 C (80.6 F) making it one of the cooler months of the calendar year. This is most likely due to the drop in temperature and the mostly cloudy skies which block out sunshine. The average sea temperature remains at its five month constant of 29 C (84.2 F) which is a mid-range temperature for Koh Phi Phi's oceans.

    The average daily hours of sunshine is 6 hours daily matching the average of the summer months. This is mostly due to the cloud coverage remaining around its peak of the year at above 80% (mostly cloudy) throughout the month with a minor drop into December at the end. You can expect cloudy afternoons with a nice early morning sunshine and sporadic shining throughout the day as the clouds shift.

    Phi Phi Hotels for November 

    Plenty of hotels are open in November as it is still the wet season. Prices will be lower, but begin to rise towards the end of the month as December closes in and peak season is around the corner. You can expect to find villas, bungalows, standard rooms, suites, and hillside rooms available. Remember that it is important to find the right location according to how far you want to be from Tonsai Village.

    For those who like exotic locations, a beach bungalow at Phi Phi Long Beach Bungalow might be your best option. The sheer simplicity of these bungalows is what makes them so appealing and it helps that there are lively fire show parties on the beach at night. There are a few bars and restaurants near to it as well so that you will not have to venture far to find a lively crowd.

    Sleep in a wide assortment of bungalows ranging from simple bamboo styles to A/C implemented suites at the Tohko Beach Resort. Enjoy the billiards table and the freshly cooked food in the restaurant or take a stroll along the beautiful beach which is mostly untouched by construction development and party litter.

    Bars and Restaurants 

    November is a great time to visit Koh Phi Phi as the rain dies down while people are starting to arrive as the high season is just around the corner. Enjoy fine dining, sports bars, bakeries, BBQ, or Noodles shops on a rainy or sunny day, either way Koh Phi Phi will still be awake.

    Craving Western food on your holiday? Head to Breakers Bar and Grill to watch your favorite sports on flat screen TVs and enjoy a fresh beer on tap. If you get hungry for a snack you can enjoy delicious appetizers like Buffalo wings or potato skins and if you get hungry for a complete meal you can enjoy a steak or a scrumptious burger.

    Eat some great Thai food at Jasmine Restaurant which is located on the secluded Laem Tong Beach in the northeastern part of the island. This restaurant not only is surrounded by beautiful scenery, but also serves some of the tastiest food on the island. Popular dishes include the catch of the day, Prawn Tempura and Satay Chicken Starters, or Thai curry.

    Things to do in Phi Phi in November 

    November is a good month to be in Koh Phi Phi with drier conditions than the rest of the wet season, but with the same effect of the season's lower prices. Whether you want to explore the island's beauty, enjoy a relaxing cruise, a raging party on the beach, or a unique shopping experience, Koh Phi Phi will have it all.

    Go shopping in the main Tonsai Village area of the island at Tonsai East Shopping Center. This hemisphere of the village has small stalls and shops with hundreds of unique holiday accessories such as sun glasses, t-shirts, sun block, beach balls, or just an ice cold soda on a warm day. Get yourself some new clothes and wear them to a lively beach party.

    Explore the abundance of reefs and caves with Sea Frog Diving Center. This authoritative dive shop has all the courses you need to become a certified diver and guided day and night trips for vacation fun. You can dive and explore wreck sites, colorful coral, hidden caves, and find exotic marine life such as small sharks and sea turtles.

    If you are looking to chill out and relax Sunflower Bar is a great place to do so. It is a passionately creative spot with a touching story as it was destroyed by the 2004 tsunami and rebuilt by reclaimed wood by the owner of the bar whom they call "the captain". Enjoy cozy beach hammocks in the shade, a game of billiards, or a delicious island cocktail during their famous happy hour.

    Watch the sun go down at Carpe Diem in its comfortable upstairs lounge while sharing the laid back island lifestyle with other vacationers. This place has great night parties with live music, fire shows on the beach, and dance parties that make you fall in love with the energetic vibe of this party island.

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