Ko phi phi Weather February Averages, Thailand

    Ko phi phi Weather for February 2021

    What's the Weather like in Phi Phi in February 

    Koh Phi Phi in February is high season and regarded as some as one of the best times to visit. This is because of the small amounts of rain and heat of the dry season with the added benefit of a lesser volume of tourists from Christmas and New Years Eve. The average temperature around this time is 28 C (82 F) which is about medium ranged in annual averages for Koh Phi Phi. The mild temperature change from January is due to the dissipation of the breezes that start around November and end in January.

    February is ushered in with high temperatures of 32.9 C (91.2 F) and low temperatures of 23 C (73.4 F) which is the lowest temperature average throughout the month and has the lowest chance of rainfall throughout the year. As the month progresses towards the middle highs and lows reach 33 C (91.4 F) and 23.3 C (74 F) with rainfall rising from its low point to around 25% chance of rain. Towards the end of February highs continue to climb up to 33.8 C (92.8 F) along with the lows that climb up to 24 C (75 F) with rainfall continuing its upward trajectory into March at 30% chances.  The end of February is the start of the hottest weather in Koh Phi Phi with the least amount of rain, so be sure to bring sun block, sun glasses, and stay hydrated.

    Although the weather gets a bit hotter, the sea temperature stays the same as the peak season months of December and January. The sea temperature is around 28 C (82 F) and is the lowest you will find in Koh Phi Phi throughout the year. The good thing is that since the northern breezes are starting to dissipate the surface of the water begins to get clearer as the month progresses, which makes for good diving and snorkeling.

    If you love sunshine and little rain then February is the best time to visit Koh Phi Phi since it has the lowest amount of rainfall compared to the other months at 25 mm divided unevenly throughout 4 days of the month. It is occasional to encounter rain in any part of the dry season, but more so in February as it has 23mm less rain than even January which is the second lowest rainfall month. If it does rain, expect it to be tropical such as heavy rainfall in short spurts of time, so it will not heavily impact your vacation. As for sunshine, one of the sunniest months in Koh Phi Phi is February which has 9 hours of sunshine daily making it a perfect destination for a tropical paradise in the winter.

    Phi Phi Hotels in February 

    To start with, on Valentine's Day you can request a private Valentine's Day dinner on the beach for two. Most resorts are known to do this, but one that has a bit of information on their site about it is the Holiday inn Resort. This resort also comes with spa treatment, a variety of in house restaurants, bars, and leisure activities.

    Another type of beach resort is the Phi Phi Paradise Pearl Resort which is located on beautiful Long Beach. They have regular rooms and beach front bungalows for those who want a closer view of the beach. Facilities and services include sightseeing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and a spa Thai massage on the beach.

    If you are looking for a beautiful tropical villa style resort, then you will find Phi Phi the Beach Resort to be perfect. This resort is situated on Long Beach and has its own beach restaurant, beach bar, and swimming pool. All rooms are villas with some being on the beach front and others on high hills with a private balcony overlooking the sea so you can catch that sunrise at the perfect moment.

    Phi Phi Beach for February 

    A great beach to enjoy is Bamboo Island which is a beautiful beach with white sands and clear turquoise colored water. The water is so clear here that you can see down to the colorful fishes and coral which give the beach a vibrant feeling of life. There is not much more to do at Bamboo Island other than enjoy the natural beauty of the beach, so it is more for those who are looking for a spot to relax away from the island party life of Koh Phi Phi.

    For another stunning tropical beach location you can try Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi Le which is the location of the blockbuster film "The Beach". You can expect many tourists to be there, especially in high season, but the sheer beauty of the beach outweighs any concerns you may have about the crowds. There are some workarounds though, as you can go later in the afternoon to avoid the crowds and with the weather in dry season, it will still be warm. Other things to do at Maya Bay include following the routes of the movie "The Beach" and snorkeling in its clear waters.

    Bars and Restaurants 

    With February being high season, there is a bunch of places to choose from for dining out and night life. Koh Phi Phi is also a great place for those who are planning their trip for Valentine's Day with a wide array of romantic spots.

    Those who love Italian food will love the Italiano Bar and Restaurant which is located right in the heart of Koh Phi Phi Don near the pier. It has an open indoor atmosphere with wicker chairs and couches for comfortable seating. The menu consists of a range of Thai food to Italian and anything in between making it a great spot for a romantic dinner on a night out.

    Nightlife during the month of February is booming since this month has some of the warmest nights throughout the year. There are many parties going on during Valentine's Day and one such place that has one is Stones Bar Dorm Rooms and Restaurant which stays open 24 hours on that night. Do not let the fact that this bar has dorm rooms fool you, it is right on the beach with a wide dance floor, live performances, and boasts some of the best music on the island.

    Things to do in Phi Phi in February 

    There are plenty of things to do in Koh Phi Phi during the high season. If you are there to see the island and all of its beauty why not try the Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint. It is an attraction which offers two different viewpoints of the whole island for a small fee. Things you will want to bring are your camera and a flashlight or flashlight app on your phone after dark.

    If you have ever wanted to try rock climbing Koh Phi Phi's beautiful scenery is a great place to start. Spidermonkey Climbing is a great service which focuses on safety and has routes along Tonsai Tower, a nice rock formation with outstanding views. If you are afraid of heights, do not worry, as the guides make sure to quiz you and check on all your gear while providing personal guidance to assure you a safe and fun experience.

    People looking for something more interactive can check out the XD Theater, Phi Phi Pirate Adventures. This interactive 4D themed attraction opened in 2012 and includes an indoor shooting range, four 4D Western themed rides, and a haunted house that uses state of the art sound effects and engineering to scare you.

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