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    Ko Lipe Weather for May 2020

    What's the weather like in Ko Lipe in May?


    Ko LipeThailand, in May is 28°C on average, a one degree drop since FebruaryMarch and April. This 28°C average temperature is also the annual average. The afternoons are 32°C warm, while nights are a comfortable 24°C, which is the highest average low temperature of the year. Both high and low temperatures are virtually constant throughout the monthhere's barely any observable decrease or increase.

    Sea Temperature

    The sea temperature is warmer than the air temperature and averages 30°C. This is as warm as the Andaman Sea ever gets around Ko Lipe.


    The total amount of rainfall in May is 256mm, a clear sign that the rainy season is now in full swing. The warm weather however, ensures warm rain, which makes getting caught in a downpour more fun than unpleasant. May is the third-wettest month of the year, after September and October. The chance of rainfall is high all throughout the month and doesn't vary much. The average probability of rainfall on any given day in May is 70%. The most severe type of precipitation is thunderstormshey occur on 75% of the days with rainfall. Light rain happens on 18% of the rainy days and moderate rain is observed on 6% of those days.

    Sunshine Hours

    Just like any other month in Ko Lipe, April has days that are essentially equally as long. May 1 is the shortest day of the month with 12.21 hours of daylight, while May 31 has 12.28 daylight hours and is the longest day difference of only 7 minutes. Cloud cover also remains pretty much constant all-year round and is at 90% in May, the annual average. This means that the sky is mostly cloudy on any given May day. The average amount of sunshine per day is 9 hours, the annual maximum, which is also observed in March, April and June.

    Hotels in Ko Lipe in May

    Forra Dive Resort

    Forra Dive Resort offers both diving and accommodation. The 28 bungalows are made from bamboo, and have a treehouse quality that will no doubt appeal to any kids in tow. 13 bungalows are located on Sunrise Beach, incidentally one of the best places to enjoy the sunrise in Thailand, while the other 15 are found on Pattaya Beach, the island's most popular beach. These eco-friendly lodges are the perfect place to base yourself during a diving-oriented vacation. The resort has its own dive centre and three boats that are used for diving trips and marine safaris.

    Cafe Lipe

    Another place that offers accommodation in the form of bungalows is Café Lipe. Their basic bungalows are almost entirely made of natural materials, mostly bamboo, and are equipped with a sleeping room, terrace, shower and bathroom. Additionally, Café Lipe is a wonderful place to go for a cup of coffee, afternoon tea, sandwiches, snacks, fresh juices, etcetera.

    Beaches in Ko Lipe in May

    Tarutao National Marine Park

    The island's three main beachesunrise Beach, Sunset Beach and Pattaya Beachre certainly not to be missed. However, you may also want to take a boat trip to one (or a couple) of the surrounding uninhabited islands. There are several of them in the area, located somewhere between 15 minutes and an hour away by boat. Two large and popular islands are Ko Adang and Ko Rawi, both located within the stunning Tarutao National Marine Park and home to a ranger station and campsites. Lined with pristine white beaches and with a lush rainforest interior, these islands are as close as you will ever get to paradise.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Elephant Books & Coffee

    Located on Walking Street, near Pattaya Beach, Elephant Books & Coffee is a wonderful place to go and grab a cup of coffee, a slice of cake or other baked goods. They also serve sandwiches, burgers, salads, smoothies and breakfasts. It's a hugely popular breakfast place, but it's also quite busy in the afternoon. Its artsy décor and walls filled with books add to the sophisticated atmosphere of this unique café. Additionally, they also sell, buy and trade books.

    Longtail Bar

    For a fun night out, you're advised to head to Longtail Bar, which is run by the same people as Elephant Books & Coffee. This lively bar and restaurant serves classic pub food, such as burgers, steaks and sandwiches, but also Thai dishes. It's a great place to kick back after an activity-filled day and enjoy a drink and some live music. You're encouraged to sing alonghe bar's motto is "if you're in the bar, you're in the band".

    Things to do in Ko Lipe in May

    Ko Kra Diving

    Ko Kra is a nearby island just opposite Sunset Beach, and offers some of the best diving off Ko Lipe. Beautiful coral reefs and a wide variety of marine life will ensure some unforgettable diving, and for those not certified to dive, Ko Lipe Divers offers diving courses for everyone, from beginners to advanced divers. If you prefer to keep your head above water, simply enjoy a boat trip to Ko Kra. Ko Kra is on the whole an unspoilt island, with mangroves and an idyllic secluded beach for the boat to anchor aterfect for a spot of private sunbathing.

    Thailands Labour Day

    Thailand Labour Day and Royal Ploughing Ceremony are two events that occur in the month of May. Sundays and Mondays usually mark Thailand Labour Day celebrations. The Royal Ploughing Ceremony takes place in the second week of May. This ancient ritual of the royal rite is a fascinating cultural sight and marks the beginning of rice growing season.

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