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    Ko Lipe Weather for July 2020

    What's the weather like in Ko Lipe in July?

    Koh Lipe, as it is also spelled sometimes, is an island that's about both the environment and development aimed at tourist comfort. Shopping is possible at local markets, but emphasis is placed on diving, snorkelling and nature hikes. This tropical destination is often warm with only a few degrees change in air and sea temperature throughout the year. There are two seasons, a wet and a dry, and July falls within the wet monsoon season.


    During July, Ko LipeThailand, remains as wet as it has been in May and June. The monthly rainfall total is 233mm, which is slightly more than the previous month, slightly less than August and much less than September and October, which are by far the wettest months of the year.

    The probability of experiencing a rain shower or thunderstorm varies throughout the month. July 1 has the highest chance of rainfall (67%), while July 19 has the lowest (62%). July 31 has a 63% chance of rainfall. The most common type of precipitation in July is thunderstorms. They occur on 66% of the days with precipitation. Light rain occurs on 23% of those days and moderate rain on 9% of the days with rainfall. July falls smack-bang in the middle of the monsoon season, which means that precipitation should be expected pretty much every dayost rain falls in the afternoonhile temperatures are still very high.


    Daily air temperature averages 27°C, a one-degree drop in temperature compared to June. 27°C is the lowest average temperature of the entire year, which shows how tropical the climate in Ko Lipe actually is. The daytime high temperature now ranges around 31°C and the nighttime low temperature is 23°C, both temperatures that are as low as they get in the entire year.

    The high and low temperatures don't change at all in the course of the month. The sea temperature in July is still 30°C, the same as it has been for three months. This is another number that doesn't change much throughout the year. The annual low sea temperature is 29°C, which is observed from October through March, incidentally the dry season in Ko Lipe.

    Sunshine Hours

    The length of the days decreases by about 5 minutes in the course of the month. July 1 is the longest day with 12.28 hours of daylight and July 31 is the shortest with 12.23 daylight hours. Cloud cover is extremely constant as well. The annual average is 90% and this percentage is also observed in July. This means that, in July, the sky in Ko Lipe is mostly cloudy.

    Even despite this rather high percentage of cloud cover, there's still a lot of sunshine piercing the clouds. Every day in July has 8 hours of sunshine on average, which is not bad at all, considering it's the monsoon season. 8 sunshine hours per day is the annual average.

    Hotels in Ko Lipe in July

    Lipe Beach Resort

    Lipe Beach Resort is located at the northern end of Sunrise Beach, which is often regarded as the beach that's the nicest all-year round. Sunset Beach is situated a short walk away and is a place that should definitely be visited as wellhe sunsets, as the beach's name suggests, are spectacular. Walking Street with all its restaurants, bars, activities and attractions also lies nearby, only 10 minutes on foot. The resort is home to 41 wooden bungalows, from premium beachfront bungalows to basic garden bungalows. Facilities include a restaurant, spa and kayak rental service. Yoga classes and diving and snorkelling trips are on offer as well.

    Chawlay Resort

    Located in the middle of the island, close to Walking Street and no more than 100 metres from Sunrise Beach, Chawlay Resort is a three-star bungalow resort that offers quiet and comfortable accommodation in a great location. There are 15 different rooms, all of a different type and with a variety of facilities. It's set amid relaxing natural gardens and is a wonderful place to stay if you're after a revitalising beach vacation.

    Beaches in Ko Lipe in July

    Karma Beach

    Karma Beach is a small beach located at the very northern tip of the island. It consists of bright sand that juts out into the warm Andaman Sea, while palm trees and lush vegetation fringe the beach on the inland side. It's truly a picture-perfect beachnd it's located right next to Sunrise Beach and within easy walking distance from the centre of the island and its restaurants, accommodations and bars.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Rainforest - The Gallery Bar

    If you're in the mood for a fun night out with friends or family, it's recommended to go and take a look at the Rainforest the Gallery Bar, a restaurant/bar/shop/art gallery. Owned by a local artist, this is a wonderful place to meet with people. You can go for dinner and drinks, or for an afternoon cup of coffee, or go and buy clothes and souvenirs.

    Ko Lipe

    Ko Lipe is dotted with other restaurants, cafés, bars and ice cream parlourshere are too many to visit in the timeframe of the average vacation, really. Any time you get hungry, simply head over to Walking Street, the island's main street, and you'll be overwhelmed by the number of eateries.

    Things to do in Ko Lipe in July

    Asahna Pja Day

    Asahna Pja Day and Buddhist Lent Day are two holiday festivals to celebrate during the month of July. Asahna Pja Day commemorates the first sermon (Buddha). The commemoration happens in Deer Park in Benares. It is also the day to celebrate the founding of Buddhist sangha. Lent Day or Wan Khao Phansa begins Buddhist lent. The monks retire to their temples to await new life springing forth.

    Yong Ha Shipwreck

    Yong Ha Shipwreck is a diving site that has become a natural coral reef over time. In 1996, a fish factory ship was anchored on the western side of Ko Lipe. It caught fire, which caused the boat to sink to the bottom of the sea. The top of the wreck is about 26 metres, while the hull sits at 40 metres. It is one of the only shipwrecks to dive in this area.

    The current can be strong, so it is best for advanced divers. A few examples of companies that offer dive courses and dive trips around Ko Lipe are Ocean Pro DiversDavy Jones' Locker Diving and Ko Lipe Diving. People who do not dive might consider sailing. Sailing throughout the Butang Group of islands provides gorgeous views of the different islands. Time can also be spent in Ko Tarutao National Marine Park.


    Another sea-based activity that you might want to do is fishing. Ko Lipe is the home of the so-called Sea Gypsies or Chao Ley, who have lived on the island for hundreds of years and earn their living with fishing. Some of those fishermen offer fishing trips on their boats and like to share their traditions and knowledge. Going on a fishing trip with locals is surely to be a memorable travel experience. It's good to remember that most of the waters are protected, though, so you will most likely not to be to keep the fish you catch.

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