Ko Lipe Weather February Averages, Thailand

    Ko Lipe Weather for February 2021

    What's the weather like in Ko Lipe in February?

    February is a warm month in Ko LipeThailand, with an average daily temperature of 29°C and low rainfall making this a great time to visit the island.


    That average temperature of 29°C is, in fact, the highest daily average of the yearn annual high that's shared with the months of March and April. That's not to say that other months are much colder though. The annual low is only two degree less, at 27°C, and is observed in JulySeptember and October. The daytime high temperature in February is 34°C, also an annual high, while the nighttime low ranges around a very comfortable 23°C. Both highs and lows don't vary at all in the course of the month. Historically, the hottest day of the year is February 11.

    Sea Temperature

    The temperature of the Andaman Sea averages 29°C in February, which is as "cold" as the water around Ko Lipe ever gets.

    Sunshine Hours

    Another thing that doesn't change much throughout the month is the length of the days. There is an increase of only 8 minutes in day length from the first day of the month (11.51 daylight hours) to the last (11.59 daylight hours). The average day in February receives 8 hours of sunshine, which is the annual average.


    Cloud cover is extremely constant (and high) as well throughout the montht ranges around 90% every day, a percentage that's also the annual average. The February skies are almost never completely cloud-free, but are partly cloudy 9% of the time and mostly cloudy or overcast 81% of the time.


    While February 1 is among the driest days of the year, February 28 already receives much more rainfall. The probability that precipitation occurs increases from 20% to 38%, almost double, in the course of the month. The total amount of rainfall, however, is only 47mm, which is the annual low. January has about the same amount, a total of 50mm, but all other months get much more rainfall. The most common type of precipitation in February is thunderstorms. They happen on 51% of all rainy days. Light rain is also quite likely, occurring on 34% of the days with rainfall.

    Hotels in Ko Lipe in February

    Daya Resort

    Daya Resort offers beachfront bungalows on Pattaya Beach and although this accommodation is certainly not luxurious, if you stay here you will benefit from one of the island's best beaches, as well as the rather lovely option of slipping right out of your bungalow and into the sea for an invigorating morning dip. These budget rooms are usually available to book on the spot, although you can call and reserve if you prefer.

    Bundhaya Villas

    For something a bit plusher, Bundhaya Villas has everything you need for a relaxing beach vacation. It is situated on a secluded beach, within walking distance of the three main beaches of the island (see below). This four-star resort offers a wide range of luxurious accommodations, from rooms to suites and beach bungalows. Amenities are plenty and include a spa, restaurants, outdoor pool and bar.

    Beaches in Ko Lipe in February

    Sunset and Pattaya

    Sunrise Beach is one of three main beaches. Sunset and Pattaya are the other two on this small island that is perfect for swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling. For snorkelling, Ko Kra and Ko Usen, two tiny islands just off the beaches, are the main hotspots. Swimmers can also enjoy the underwater coral reefs (with a good pair of goggles) as the tropical fish are pretty friendly and abundant. For those who prefer to stay on land, beach volleyball games take place on Sunrise Beach.

    Bars and Restaurants

    La Luna

    Located on a side street of Walking Street, Ko Lipe's main street, La Luna is the place to be for Italian food. Open all-year round, this nice restaurant also has some accommodation available. The menu consists of Italian classics, such as spaghetti, lasagna and pizza, but also includes traditional Thai food and other Western dishes, such as steaks and hamburgers. There's a bakery as well, which sells bread sticks, cookies, baguettes and so on.

    Idyllic Resort

    The Cove Bistro is an upscale restaurant, located on one of the most peaceful sections of Sunrise Beach. It is part of the five-star Idyllic Resort and offers a fine-dining experience unlike any other. There's an amazing wine list, a great selection of cocktails, an offer of Thai specialties, fusion food, lobster barbecue and western dishes. The perfect beach setting completes the picture.

    Things to do in Ko Lipe in February

    Chinese Lunar New Year

    February marks the Chinese Lunar New Year. This celebration often starts on the first Thursday of the month and carries on through the weekend. Businesses often close for the day and throughout the weekend, although it is not considered a national holiday.

    According to Ko Lipe Hotel's list of public holidays and festivals, Chinese Lunar New Year is celebrated in every city throughout Thailand; however, the information states it is in cities that have "Chinatowns." It may not be celebrated in Ko Lipe, but there is a possibility of taking a ferry or flight to one of the major cities near Ko Lipe to see this fun February celebration.

    Beach and Nightlife

    Ko Lipe is very much a beach holiday destination and a great place for diving and snorkelling, not to mention stuffing yourself with Thai cuisineo Lipe has plenty of food stalls, cafés and restaurants to choose from.

    Ko Lipe is part of the Butang Island Group, which separates you from the main landmass of Thailand. If you wish to take an overnight trip with more nightlife and entertainment, consider Bangkok, one of the world's most vibrant and most visited cities. A flight to Bangkok from Hat Yai Airport is an option, once you take a ferry from Ko Lipe to Hat Yai. In the capital city of Thailand, you can visit attractions, such as the Grand Palace, or see Thai art at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

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