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    Jandia Weather for November 2022

    By November autumn is in full swing in the popular town of Jandia, on Fuerteventura's south coast. If you can call it autumn, that is, for the weather conditions are basically very enjoyable throughout the whole year. The island of Fuerteventura is one of the Spain's Canary Islands, an archipelago situated off the northwestern coast of Africa location that explains that nearly perfect climate.

    The cooling down process in autumn, as well as the warming up process in spring, is slow because of the moderation of the surrounding sea. The average afternoon high temperature during November in Jandia is a balmy 23°C, which is quite warm for that time of the year. At night, the average temperature usually doesn't fall below 18°C, which is quite comfortable indeed. Those high and low temperatures do decrease in the course of the month, though, both by approximately two degrees. The overall average temperature is now 21°C, which is superbly high considering that it's almost "winter." This temperature is comparable to that in Junell the months in between are even warmer. November weather is usually sunny and dry, allowing for all kinds of outdoor activities.

    November rainfall is minimal, averaging about 21mm in total. This actually makes November the second wettest month of the whole year, together with December which has similar rainfall conditions and after February, the year's wettest month. This rainfall totals are extremely low, though. November has merely 3 days with some kind of precipitation. That means that there are 27 days without any precipitation whatsoevernd that during the second wettest month of the year. The possibility that you will experience rainfall on any given day this month ranges around 15%, which is very low by all accounts. If rainfall does occur, it will most likely happen as drizzle, which is recorded on 46% of the days with rainfall. Light rain and moderate each occur on 25% of those days. Downpours are pretty much non-existent on Fuerteventura. It is not uncommon for the month to go one or two weeks straight without any rainfall.

    Cloud cover averages 48% in November and doesn't vary all that mucht ranges between 47% and 50%. This means that it's generally partly cloudy in Jandia this time of year. An overcast sky is only seen on 14% of the time, while (mostly) clear skies can be enjoyed 25% of the time. This leaves plenty of room for sunshine!

    In November, each day typically has 9 hours of sunshine, which is a one-hour drop since October. This is mainly due to the shortening of the days throughout the month. November 1 is the longest day of the year with 11.03 hours of daylight; November 30 is the shortest day with 10.28 daylight hours.

    April is a great time to plan a holiday to Jandia or any of the Canary Islands. You will have plenty of sun, dry weather, warm water and great outdoor activities. The huge summer crowds are long gone now, so you'll have much more space for yourself.

    November is a great time to visit Jandia. The weather remains warm but it is not too hot for scenic walks. It really is one of the best times of the year to holiday in the area, especially if you're looking to partake in outdoor activities. Basically, the weather is pleasant for all kinds of activities as it is dry, sunny and warm.

    If you're interested in a detailed weather forecast for Jandia, you can see it on this page.

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    The Bungalows Garden Beach is a part of Esmeralda Resorts. This complex of 17 beautiful villas is located within easy walking distance from Jandia Beach and the centre of Morro Jable, the town's main tourist area. The well-equipped villas have an outdoor terrace, living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

    Jandia Beach runs from Costa Calma to Morro Jable and stretches out along the entire peninsula, reaching about 21 kilometres. An amazingly long beach, it is divided into many separate sectionshere are literally dozens of different beaches to choose from in the area, some busy and crowded, some virtually deserted and peaceful. Playa de Matorral is an ideal location for families with children and is the location of the lighthouse. The sand is fine and light coloured, and the sea is clear and shallow, making it an excellent location for enjoying the ocean and beach activities. With a water temperature that averages 21°C in November, you'll certainly want to jump into the ocean.

    If you're going on a road trip around Fuerteventura and hunger strikes, you might want to stop at Casa Toño, located in Puerto del Rosario on the east coast of the island. This fine restaurant focuses on Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine and is a popular eating venue among tourists and locals alike.

    Another recommended place to eat in Fuerteventura is Marabu Restaurant. There, you can enjoy excellent Mediterranean food on its outdoor garden terrace and simply kick back with a cold beer or a refreshing cocktail. The restaurant is open from Monday through Saturday.

    There are a variety of activities to choose from in Jandia and Fuerteventura in general. Pico de la Zarza, the highest mountain in Fuerteventura, provides stunning views of the island and several villages. It is about a five-hour walk, so food, drink and sun protection need to be taken along.

    Cofete is a relatively deserted and remote village and makes for a great visit. It is home to one of the wider beaches on the entire island beach that measures about 5 kilometres in length. The village offers magnificent views and historic sites.

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