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  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Sea Temperature
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    34 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    3 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    6 hours

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April daily averages


April daily averages for Icmeler

  • 1st
    15 59
  • 2nd
    16 61
  • 3rd
    15 59
  • 4th
    15 59
  • 5th
    16 61
  • 6th
    16 61
  • 7th
    17 63
  • 8th
    16 61
  • 9th
    14 57
  • 10th
    15 59
  • 11th
    16 61
  • 12th
    17 63
  • 13th
    18 64
  • 14th
    18 64
  • 15th
    18 64
  • 16th
    18 64
  • 17th
    18 64
  • 18th
    17 63
  • 19th
    17 63
  • 20th
    18 64
  • 21st
    18 64
  • 22nd
    16 61
  • 23rd
    15 59
  • 24th
    17 63
  • 25th
    18 64
  • 26th
    18 64
  • 27th
    19 66
  • 28th
    20 68
  • 29th
    20 68
  • 30th
    20 68

What's the Weather like in Icmeler in April


In April the temperatures keep rising and the skies keep clearing up in Icmeler. The average daily temperature is now 11°C, a three-degree increase since March. The average high temperature is 15°C and the daily low temperature is 7°C in April, both also significant rises compared to the previous winter months. Spring is really kicking in now. April is characterised by gradually rising temperatures in the course of the month. The difference between temperatures in the beginning and at the end of the month can be as much as four degrees Celsius.

Sea Temperature

The temperature of the sea water is 17°C, which is one degree more than the yearly minimum sea temperature of 16°C in February and March.


The length of the days in April increases as well. April 1 is the shortest day of the year with 12.37 hours of daylight and by April 30 that has increased to 13.40 hours of daylight, a total increase of 1.03 hours in the course of the month. This means that every day in April sees 2.1 minutes of daylight more than the day before. In terms of actual sunshine, there is a significant rise too. Now, a typical April day experiences six hours of sunshine, a two-hour increase compared to the two previous months and double the amount of December and January. However, the sun still only shines for less than half of the amount of daylight in April.


This is due to the percentage of cloud cover, which, although decreasing, is still relatively high in April. April 1 is by far the cloudiest day of the month with 62% of cloud cover. The clearest day is April 30 with 53% of cloud cover. April 15, a representative day, is overcast for 26% of the time, clear for 23% of the time and partly cloudy for 17% of the time. The rest of the time is divided between all other types of cloud cover.


As cloud cover decreases, so does the amount of rainfall. There is in fact a huge decrease in rainfall in April when compared to the wet winter months. April receives a monthly total of 34mm of precipitation. The likelihood of experiencing rain lessens in the course of the month. April 1 is generally the wettest day of the month with a 35% chance of precipitation, while April 30 has a 28% chance of rainfall. The three most common types of precipitation are thunderstorms, light rain and moderate, occurring respectively on 51%, 33% and 15% of the days with rainfall. April is the sixth-driest month of the year or, if you will, the seventh-wettest.

While it may not yet be time to hit the beach, the clearing skies and rising temperatures do make April a month to go outside and do some outdoor activities.

Icmeler Hotels in April

Munamar Beach Hotel

The all-inclusive four-star Munamar Beach Hotel is located sixty metres from the beach in the resort. It is situated in the southern part of town, at the doorstep of the surrounding hills and mountains. There are three room types: Standard Rooms, Suite Room and King Suites. All rooms have a balcony, satellite TV, private bathroom, air-conditioning and a mini-bar. The hotel lies close to the resort's shops, restaurant and bars and to various water sports. A pathway leads right to the beach, which is located on front of the hotel. Amenities include an outdoor and indoor pool, a gym, a spa, nightclub, pool bar and restaurants.

Hotel Cettia Beach Resort

Hotel Cettia Beach Resort is a four-star hotel located in Marmaris, Icmeler's big brother. It lies right at the beach of Marmaris Bay on the road between the two resorts. The fantastic promenade passes by the hotel and allows you to walk to both towns along the beach. This hotel has 103 rooms, all equipped with modern comforts, such as a flat-screen TV, balcony, bathroom with shower, etcetera. Additional amenities are an outdoor pool, a jetty, a spa and fitness centre, beauty salon, two restaurants and a bar.

Bars and Restaurants

Chef Restaurants

A suggested place to go for dinner is one of the Chef Restaurants. There are two Chef Restaurants, both located in the heart of the resort. These restaurants were opened by two brothers and have extensive menus consisting of a wide range of food. There is a large selection of soups, salads and cold and warm starters, followed by vegetarian meals, a pasta and pizza menu, more than a dozen chicken dishes, about fifteen seafood dish and twenty different steaks. The Turkish menu includes lamb dishes, casseroles, meatballs and mixed grills. They even serve aphrodisiac meals! Desserts include ice cream, pancakes, tiramisu, fruit salads, etcetera. The drink section of the menu takes up an entire page and consists of soft drinks, local and imported beers, liqueurs, a selection of coffees and teas, and spirits.

Things to do in Icmeler in April

Lycian Way

Adventure-minded people can go hiking in the surrounding mountains and along the coastline. The ultimate hiking journey in Turkey, however, is the Lycian Way. This long-distance (510 kilometres) walking trail runs between Fethiye and Antalya and essentially follows the spectacular coastline of Lycia. The trail consists mostly of old footpaths and mule trails and is only suitable for walking. The two cities at either end of the trail are easily reached by public transport, as are the towns on the way. Spring and autumn are the best times to undertake this 25-day journey, mainly because of the mild temperatures.

Rhodes Island

The Greek island of Rhodes is a very popular destination in the region. This town/island is less than an hour away by boat from Icmeler and makes for a perfect day trip. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attractions include the Street of the Knights, the Palace of the Grand Masters, the Archaeological Museum, the Temple of Aphrodite and the Mountain Smit. The island is made up of picturesque harbours, the stunning cobblestone Old Quarter with its boutiques and cafés, sandy beaches, and ancient ruins and medieval architecture. Rhodes is ranked as one of the Wonders of the Ancient World.

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