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    Hua hin Weather for February 2022

    What's the weather like in Hua Hin in February

    February marks the end of the cool and dry season specific to this part of Thailand, bringing with it a bit more humidity and just an extra droplet of rain.


    The average temperature is a superb 28°C (82°F), a bit more than its predecessor, January. The nights are warm but more than tolerable at 23°C, comfortable for windows wide open to let the sea breeze in. The hot days are expected to reach 32°C on average, so make sure you get plenty of water in order to stay hydrated.

    Sunshine Hours

    You'll get up to 9 hours of sunshine per day, and chances of sunny days are even higher than in the previous month, at 83% on average. 


    Rainfall is substantially reduced compared to the summer months, as expected for the cool season, with maybe 30mm spread over a total of 1 day in the entire month. Chances of rainy days are equally superb, at 1% on average. Chances of cloudy days are also extremely low, at just 3%, and humidity is comfortable at 72%, also on average.

    So basically you'll be getting sunshine galore, bright blue skies with fluffy white wisps, and plenty of pleasant heat to go with your holiday here in Hua Hin. In fact, to further enforce the almost perfect weather, wind speeds are friendly at 2.5m/s and chances of windy days are non-existent, so expect nothing but superb tropical breezes and warm waters to fit the picture.

    In fact, the Gulf of Thailand's sea temperature is a splendid 28°C (82°F), so all kinds of swimming and water sports are in order. If you're a westerner accustomed to four continental seasons, of which none include sunbathing and swimming in February, you're certainly in for quite the treat this time of the year, as the water begins to experience some of the warm southern currents and moderate tides.

    Hua Hin Hotels in February

    Banyan Resort

    The Banyan Resort in Hua Hin is a 4-star delight for anyone looking for good bargains during what is considered one of the best times to visit Thailand, and thus peak season for local tourism. Their one bedroom villas with Jacuzzi included go for just £74 per night for couples, and feature a sumptuous living room, flat screen TV, and some of them even have their own private swimming pools.

    This accommodation is only a 5-minute drive from the breath-taking Khao Takiab Beach, and boasts gorgeous landscaped gardens and modern Thai décor. The Splash Pool Bar offers light meals and tropical cocktails, while the Lemongrass Restaurant serves a wonderful Thai and international cuisine for its guests. On top of it all, the Banyan Golf Course is connected to the resort via a private road and it's an 18-hole marvel.

    Sailom Hotel

    Another wonderful 4-star option is the Sailom Hotel Hua Hin, only a 3-hour drive from Bangkok and complete with a restaurant and outdoor swimming pool. Its air conditioned rooms go for £53 per night, and come fitted with fridge, tea/coffee maker, private bathroom and a flat screen TV. The Sailom Seafood Restaurant offers delicious local Asian and Western dishes, featuring superb views of the sea. The Beachside Barbecue is an added bonus to your stay at the Sailom, offering grilled seafood with live music entertainment. You can also spoil yourself with a traditional Thai massage or a session at the hotel's beauty/barber shop.

    Ayrest Hua Hin Hotel

    A third and equally great choice would probably be the Ayrest Hua Hin Hotel, a 4-star accommodation offering rooms for just £35 per night for couples, most of these superior doubles or twin rooms. This is a splendid resort, with beautifully decorated suites, and a stunning outdoor pool framed by lush tropical gardens. Its comfy rooms feature a private balcony, air conditioning, fully fitted bathroom and a flat screen TV. If you book at least 4-5 months in advance, you might even get a chance to enjoy one of the rooms which come with a Jacuzzi.

    Hua Hin Beaches in February

    The west coast of the Gulf of Thailand is well known for its wind surfing and kite boarding opportunities, due to strong north-eastern winds. The water in-shore is ridiculously clean and clear, and the absence of water scooters and jet skis on this side of the Gulf is just an added bonus. The waters are mostly shallow and thus not excellent for snorkelling or deep diving, but specialized tours are still available to take you further down the coast for a genuine diving experience.

    Khao Takiab Beach

    On the same side as the beautiful hotels mentioned above, you will find the stunning Khao Takiab Beach, one of Hua Hin's most famous beaches. The Chopstick Peaks, as is their translated name, are visible to the south down this gorgeous beach, including the 20m tall figure of Buddha at the base of the hills. A walk along this beach could easily qualify as a trekking session, due to the soft sand and variation of relief down the coastline.

    Wat Khoa Lad Temple

    If you reach the Wat Khao Lad temple, you can see almost 800m offshore atop the hill, as well as the lovely Singtoh Island. Do be careful of the monkeys living around the lower grounds of the temple they're not aggressive but they love snatching sunglasses and pens.

    There are also a huge number of boutique hotels, guesthouses, resorts and stylish restaurants beading this immense stretch of white sand and azure water, the perfect complement to any sunbathing and swimming session.

    Bars and Restaurants

    La Terrasse

    When in Hua Hin, you most certainly have to try and find the most authentic Thai cuisine experience possible, and we have a feeling that the sumptuous La Terrasse may fit your needs. This central venue boasts a beautiful and magically simple décor with local artistic design influences, which encompass both traditional and modern Thai cuisine, along with fresh seafood sourced locally.

    Hua Hin 99 Cafe

    The Hua Hin 99 Café serves a delicious bundle of Thai, British and Mediterranean food, complete with a classy cod fish and chips recipe that is simply out of this world. Mind you, the dips are fit for any dish and the staff is friendly and most welcoming. For an evening extravaganza you can certainly try the Moon Smile & Platoo, a lovely restaurant and bar which specializes in noodles, surrounding Asian specialties and the original Thai recipes that have made this country insanely famous worldwide.

    Blue Angel Caberet

    You probably know by now that Thailand takes its culture of lady boys very seriously, particularly because of their wonderful talents in the entertainment industry. This is a very fascinating country from this particular point of view, and you can only expect some wickedly good drag shows and variety performances at places like the Blue Angel Cabaret. Its local stars are truly entertaining divas and the cocktails that come out of that bar are simply to die for.

    Things to do in Hua Hin in February

    Night Market

    One of the absolute musts on your to-do list while in Hua Hin is the Night Market, spread in the town centre between Petchkasem Road and the railway line. It encompasses one street and it comes to life from 6.30pm onwards.

    Traders line the street with their stalls, selling all kinds of merchandise and street food it's a typical Thai market and its night time availability is what makes it such a big attraction, as its bustling rhythm contributes to the city's charm. A great  selection of seafood restaurants flank both sides of the same street, so you have plenty of fresh dinner options to pick from if you're out and about through the market and suddenly get peckish.

    Santorini Park

    Santorini Park Cha-Am brings a slice of postcard-worthy Greece to this far-eastern city. The detailing of whitewashed buildings, painted windows, paved paths and classically domed towers brings to life European architecture in Thailand. You'll find an impressive line-up of shops, restaurants and even an amusement park, all offering the promise of a great time.

    Venezia Hua Hin

    The Venezia Hua Hin is another great experience, and the newest theme shopping and attraction village in this area, part of a booming trend of mall extravaganza all across Thailand. It certainly follows in the footsteps of similar successes of weekend retreat options particularly in Bangkok. It's most likely that the Palio in Kao Yai kick-started this phenomenon, followed by the Santorini and now the superb Asiatique in Bangkok. Venezia stays true to its name, with an Italian style and an array of high end fashion stores and boutiques, as well as fine dining options and interactive venues.

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