Havana Weather April Averages, Cuba

    • Temperature Temperature 24°C 75°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 30°C 86°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 19°C 66°F
    • Day Temperature Day Temperature 27.8°C 82°F
    • Night Temperature Night Temperature 23.1°C 74°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 10 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 30 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 6 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 27°C 81°F

    Havana Weather for April 2023

    What's the weather like in Havana in April

    The days of April are glorious ones in HavanaCuba. The weather throughout the month is characterised by hot, sunny days, which become warmer as the month progresses. There is a slight increase in humidity, as the end of the dry season nears, but beachgoers hardly notice as they soak up the spring sun on Havana's beaches.

    In April most days in Havana are sunny, and there is very little precipitation. The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico lap against the city's white-sand beaches and it is difficult to imagine a more perfect place to holiday during this month.


    Throughout the summer months of March, April and May, the temperatures in Havana consistently rise. In April the average temperature settles at 25°C (77°F), for days that are hot without being unpleasant. Afternoons in April can be hotter, as the sun reaches its peak at midday, and the average high temperature rises to 30°C (86°F).

    Evening, overnight and early morning remains cooler throughout the month of April. Without the strong sunlight, the average low temperature drops to 19°C (66°F).


    The average amount of precipitation in April remains slight, particularly given Cuba's Caribbean location and sub-tropical climate. Visitors can expect an average 6 wet days throughout the month. However, the average precipitation is only 30 mm for the entire month.

    Sunshine Hours

    Like the other springs months of March and May, there is an abundance of daily sunlight throughout April. The month sees an average 10 hours of daily sunlight, and the large amount of sunshine will continue throughout June, July and August.

    Sea Temperature

    Visitors at any time of year, even in Havana's coldest month of January, can expect the Gulf of Mexico to be warm and inviting. This is particularly true of April, as the average sea temperature rises to 27°C (81°F), which is perfect for swimming and water activities.

    Havana Hotels for April

    In 1997 the Cuban government first allowed residents of Havana and other Cuban cities to rent out rooms to tourists in their private homes, and ever since the casa particular, which is Cuba's version of the bed and breakfast, has been a staple of travel to Havana. Today, many visitors are still choosing to stay in casa particulares, or casas for short.

    Like all accommodation the cost of a casa particular usually indicates the level of amenities, size of the space and level of luxury provided. Solo travelers or couples will find that La Casita Longina is an ideal option at a great price. This casa is a private room, which includes a small kitchen and seating area. The rooftop terrace is a wonderful place to pass the time. However, the real star of this casa particular is its owner, Paula, who makes every guest feel right at home. Another option for those wanting to stay in a casa particular is Casa de Lourdes & José, where the wonderful owners transport their guests back to the early days of casas and private accommodation in Cuba.

    While many people choose to stay in a casa particular for the personal and local experience, others want more space and privacy and opt for one of Havana's many hotels. A great hotel option is Hotel Inglaterra. Housed in a historic and gorgeous building, Hotel Inglarterra offers a wonderful experience for its guests. There is a beautiful restaurant for dining, a trendy rooftop terrace for sipping cocktails, and 45 guest rooms that are spacious for Cuban standards, comfortable and clean.

    Havana Beaches in April

    Located on the Playas del Este, aptly named because the beaches are situated just east of Havana, is the small beach named Playa Mégano. The beach is popular with locals and there are not as many tourists as nearby Santa María del Mar. Playa Mégano does have all the services and amenities for a great day on the sand including a bit of shade and vendors that will deliver grilled seafood and saoco (Cuban rum concoction) to you on the beach.

    Bars and Restaurants

    The word palador in Cuba simply indicates a privately owned restaurant or bar. Across Havana there are traditional, old-world, and contemporary paladores that serve up delicious food to residents and visitors. Typically, a palador will serve Cuban or Caribbean cuisine. Restaurant Palador La Fontana opened in 1995, and the seafood at this adorable restaurant is still some of the best in the city. There is both indoor and outdoor seating, making it a great option to dine al fresco on an April evening.

    Many visitors choose to indulge in traditional Cuban and Caribbean cuisine while in Havana, but a blossoming culinary scene means that all types of food are available in the capital city. The Italian restaurant, Restaurant Europa Havana, is a wonderful way to mix up your dining experience in Havana. Located on one of Havana's main streets, it is easy to locate and the food is delicious.

    Past visitors to El Chanchullero de Tapas rave about everything from the mojitos, to the food, to the atmosphere, and with good reason. This small tapas bar certainly looks like a hole in the wall from the outside, but inside the exposed brick and stylish bar welcome Cubans and tourists. For many, a stop at El Chanchullero de Tapas is the culinary highlight of their trip.

    Things to do in Havana in April

    The National Botanical Gardens in Havana is a 600-hectare property that is home to greenhouses and outdoor botanical arrangements. The National Botanical Gardens are a reprieve from the busy streets of Havana, and a great way to pass a warm April morning. Don't miss the Japanese Garden that is located near the middle.

    For festivals in Havana in April, be sure to check out La Huella de Espana in late April, which is the festival of Spanish dance and will take place at venues across the city. Festivals such as La Huella de Espana are important to the locals of Havana and across Cuba because they keep the culture and history of Cuba alive.

    Also, occurring for the entirety of April, is the Festival Havana Biennial. As the name indicates, the festival is held every other year. If you are so lucky as to be present in Havana on one of the years when this festival is held, it's an interesting event to attend. Contemporary international artists arrive in Havana to display their artwork in galleries across the city.

    Partake in a Havana Vintage Car Tour, a family owned company specializing in private tours. There is no better way to discover the secrets of Havana than in an American Classic Convertible Car. Conveniently, this company come and pick you up from your door, this can be a hotel, airbnb or any kind of apartment you're staying in. Explore amazing Havana with a guided tour and find out the best kept secrets of the city from locals. 

    Generally wondering around Havana is exciting and great fun. Spend some time meandering through Plaza Vieja and stop at the National Capitol. There are plenty of famous buildings and architectural wonders to see, but there is also the reminder of Hurricane Ike, which hit Old Havana in 2008 and destroyed a number of historic buildings.

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