Guardalavaca Weather February Averages, Cuba

    Guardalavaca Weather for February 2023

    What's the weather like in Guardalavaca in February

    February sees temperatures on a daily average basis rising up to 22°C, just a little bit warmer than January and definitely getting on towards what you might call spring.


    There is still a bit of milder weather to get through first, however, with temperatures ranging from average highs of 26°C to average lows of 17°C.

    Sunshine Hours

    If you are feeling a little bit cold, the best policy might just be to go and jump in the sea. It will be warmer than the land temperature at a steady 26°C, so a bit of a swim will most definitely warm you up. 8 hours of sunshine beam down every day here in Guardalavaca, giving you plenty of time to explore as well as ensuring the area warm up very nicely.


    The dry season is also here, with only one month seeing less rainfall than this one. An average of just 47mm will, covering 6 days, so you might actually find that you end up with a totally dry holiday if luck is on your side. In terms of comparing this resort to other potential locations in Cuba, you will find that just along the coast in Puerto Padre is a much drier climate. They only see 15mm of rain during this month over there, but you should bear in mind that this does not necessarily make it a better holiday destination. There are plenty of other factors to consider!

    While you are here, it's important to remember the sun is still fierce. The climate here does not vary much year-round, so the summer temperatures are only a few degrees higher. That means that you should pack accordingly and be sure to top up on suntan lotion every few hours to avoid getting sunburn. Hats and sunglasses will also be a holiday essential at this time.

    Guardalavaca Hotels for February

    February is a great time to travel with a loved one, and in celebration of romance, you can find a house to stay in where your host will provide you with breakfast and a view of local customs. The Villa Solymar is one such house with air conditioning, a great atmosphere, and hosts who know when to let you have some space and privacy.

    You can also try the Club Amigo Atlantico. It's suitable for couples, but families will love it too. The most exciting feature of this hotel has to be the huge pool, with central islands and bridges crossing over from side to side. There's also the fact that you can walk right out of the hotel and onto the beach, so the views from the rooms are stunning.

    For a little more luxury, why not the Paradisus Rio de Oro Resort & Spa? They actually have an all-inclusive package designed for single adult travellers, so if you are looking for love, this is the place. Luxury is a little bit of an understatement: here you will find a botanical garden, architecture that blends with the natural environment, personalised service, a VIP pool area, a spa, restaurants, bars, and so much more.

    Guardalavaca Beaches in February

    Blanca Playa translates to White Beach, and that is exactly what you will find at this location. The gorgeous white sands shine in the sunlight, and the water has real appeal. An average temperature of 26°C will mean that dipping your toes is an essential, and may well lead to a long swim in warm waves. This beach is close to Cayo Bariay, the point where Christopher Columbus first set foot on land in Cuba! Take a moment to imagine what he would have seen and felt as he stepped onto dry shore from the ship.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Balcones Del Rey is a seafood restaurant with a difference: the view. You can see out across the town from the balconies of this eatery, and all of it comes at a very low price. Fantastic food is served along with cocktails, and you can also arrange transport to and from your hotel at no extra charge.

    The Patio-Parillada is a very small restaurant tucked out of the way, with tables set up on a patio area and in a small room. The low lighting makes this a very romantic spot, and the discrete waiters will let you enjoy the night to yourself. The high quality food includes Cuban delicacies, pizzas, and more.

    The Restaurante Calle Cuba is easy to find, because it is located on the street of the same name! Here you can get a big lunch if you are hungry after exploring, or a quiet dinner unlike many restaurants in Cuba, there is no music playing, so you can enjoy some peace. Locals come here often, which is a mark of great Cuban food.

    Things to do in Guardalavaca in February

    February is of course a month for romance, and since the weather is not so bad either, it's a great time to go for a long stroll on the beach. Walk hand-in-hand across the white sands and dip your toes into the surf. It's a great way to experience Cuba, especially at night time when most other tourists have gone back to their hotels.

    If you want to get cultural, how about Spanish lessons? Many hotels, such at the Brisas, will offer them as an optional part of your stay, and if not, you can find schools in the town. This is a great way to get more out of your stay as well, because you will have something new to take back with you. Even if you just take one lesson, it can be a lot of fun!

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