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    fuengirola Weather for June 2022

    What's the weather like in Fuengirola in June


    Although summer officially starts this month, June in Fuengirola is still not oppressively hot, making it a wise time to visit if you like the heat but not the stifling temperatures. The average temperature this month is 22°C (72°F), with the average low being 17°C (63°F), and the average high coming in at 27°C (81°F).

    The beginning of June brings very comfortable weather, as there is plenty of sun and a daily average temperature of 21°C (70°F), before increasing to 22.5°C (72.5°F) during the middle part of the month and a decrease in the chance of rain. The end of June is even warmer, with a daily average temperature of 24°C (75°F) with virtually no rain.

    Temperatures are coldest during the first week of May (around the 1st to the 5th), with an average high of 26°C (79°F) and a low of 16°C (61°F). The hottest days of the month are the last two days in May with an average high of 29°C (84°F) and a low of 19°C (66°F).

    Average Sunshine Hours

    The daily amount of sunshine in June is an impressive 13 hours, the second highest monthly average only to July. More sun generally means less rain, and this is the case as well in June.


    There is only 13mm (0.5 inches) of rain on average in June, occurring over just five days, or 2.6mm (0.1 inches) over this same time frame. Similar to May, if you see any rain at all in June, it will likely happen in one, short-lived storm.

    Average Sea Temperature

    Although the days may be warming up and the sun stays out longer, the sea temperature still takes a bit longer to heat up. The average sea temperature in June is 20°C (68°F), which is still on the cooler side for most. Although with air temperatures reaching the 30's°C (90's°F), the water will be refreshing, even if it's still too cold to spend a long time in.


    June in Fuengirola produces some of the lowest humidity levels on average for the year, with the average levels coming in at under 60%. This is quite comfortable and at times unnoticeable, making it feel cooler than it actually is.

    Fuengirola Hotels in June

    The THB Reserva del Higueron is a four-star hotel for adults only (ages 16 and up) that has 153 rooms. Every room comes with a terrace that looks out to the sea, as well as air-conditioning which can be needed this month. The hotel has two restaurants (as well as two bars), one serving local cuisine for lunch and dinner, and the other offering buffet style meals (with the food cooked in front of you after selecting what you want) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are three pools on site, one indoor, one outdoor, and an infinity pool on the top floor, offering panoramic views. The hotel is quite far from the city centre about a 90 minute walk but there is a free train that takes guests to the beaches and other destinations in the city, making it easy to get around.

    The Hotel Veramar is a three-star hotel with 130 apartment style rooms. Guests can choose between studios or "family" rooms, which can accommodate up to four people. All rooms come with a kitchen area that includes a refrigerator, microwave, and utensils, as well as balconies. Rooms are not equipped with air-conditioning, but a unit can be rented. Some rooms have sea-views, but they are obstructed by other buildings since the hotel is inland. The hotel has a restaurant with buffet-style cuisine, a café, two pools (one for adults one for children), and a snack bar by the pool. They are located about a five minute walk away from the city centre.

    Fuengirola Beach for June

    It is difficult to find a quiet beach during the summer months, but heading to Torreblanca Beach is worth a try, although it's not centrally located. It will take about 40-45 minutes walking to reach this beach from the city centre, meaning that driving or taking the bus is probably necessary. This beach is 1km (0.6 miles) long and 20 meters (66 feet) wide and has all the usual services and amenities, such as public toilets and showers, as well as sun bed and umbrella rentals. There are also plenty of activities available such as kayaking, windsurfing, and jet ski and boat rentals.

    There are plenty of restaurants close by, like Chiringuito Fuengirola, which is just off the beach. They specialize in seafood and also offer different paella options. They have outdoor and inside seating with both offering views of the sea.

    If you are looking for a great place for drinks, check out Bar Elements. They too are located just off the beach (just a minute or two walk away), and provide a combination of a laid-back beach vibe, with a London feel, as the owner lived there for ten years. They offer a full bar capable of satisfying anyone's needs. 

    Bars and Restaurants

    If you are in search of traditional Italian cuisine, look no further than Panormus Restaurante. This restaurant offers authentic Sicilian food, with options like spaghetti with mussels to pizzas with a variety of toppings. They also have a tasty dessert menu with Italian staples like cannoli. Panormus is located about a five minute walk from the city centre and is just off the sea, offering sea views from its outside terrace. They are open every day except Tuesdays, serving both lunch and dinner.

    Often described as a "hole in the wall" or "hidden", Churchill's Fun Pub is easy to miss, but if you are a fan of night life, it shouldn't be passed over. Located about 15-20 minutes walking from the city centre and down a side street, it is understandable why this bar is described as "hidden." Churchill's has a full bar and a small terrace for enjoying some fresh air outside. They also offer karaoke every night, adding to their charm.

    Things to do in Fuengirola in June

    The Fuengirola Bioparc is a must-see as it is fairly unique. Although the name refers to itself as a "bioparc," or what is typically called a zoo, it is unlike most zoos, in that it is designed as one habitat, with the animals living among each other as they would in nature. The bioparc has more of a "safari" feel than a zoo, as visitors can walk through this habitat. (Don't worry, you will still be separated from the animals by thick glass!) The bioparc is open every day from 10 AM to 6 PM during the week and 6:30 PM on Saturday and Sunday. It is located in the centre of Fuengirola, and just a five minute walk from the bus/train station.

    If you're looking for some adventure, Pirate Parasailing is the place to be. The boats can hold a maximum of 10 people at once, and riders can choose to fly solo, double, or triple. You will reach heights of up to 250 meters during a ride of no less than 12 minutes and experience incredible views of Fuengirola and its surroundings. Run by an all British crew capable of speaking multiple languages, nothing will be lost in translation. They operate out of Fuengirola's port, which is about a 12 minute walk to the city centre, and are open from 10 AM to 6 PM.

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