Fethiye Weather February Averages, Turkey

    Fethiye Weather for February 2022

    What's the weather like in Fethiye in February

    Like the three previous months of NovemberDecember and January, February is one of the rainiest months in FethiyeTurkey. During February, there are on average 11 days of rainfall and an average participation rate of 107mm. This makes it the fourth wettest month of the year.


    Come Marchrainfall will decrease swiftly as the weather moves toward the dry spring and summer seasons. The chance that rainfall occurs already decreases a tiny bit in the course of February, from 43% to 39%. This is still high, though, especially when compared with the annual low chance of 2% in July. There are three main types of rainfall this month. Thunderstorms are most common and are observed on 49% of the days with precipitation. Light rain and moderate rain occur regularly as well, respectively on 32% and 19% of the rainy days. Despite the many rainy days, the weather still remains pretty mild during this winter month.


    The average temperature is 11°C, one degree more than the annual low in January. This average temperature is pretty high when compared to the UK weather this time of year. In the afternoons, the temperature rises to a quite comfortable average high of 13°C. At night, it drops to an average low of 8°C. Both the average high and low temperatures tend to remain constant throughout the month.

    Sea Temperature

    The temperature of the Mediterranean Sea is at its annual minimum in Februaryt averages a chilly 16°C, the same as it will be in March.

    Sunshine Hours

    The month averages 8 hours of daily sunshine, which is still quite a lot when considering that the length of the days range between 10.21 hours of daylight and 11.21 daylight hours in February.

    Although most people visit Fethiye during the spring, summer, and autumn months, there are many things you can do during the winter months as well. 

    The sun is out for 8 hours a day during February, which leaves ample opportunity for taking a brisk walk to see all that Fethiye has to offer.  You will want to make sure you are prepared, however, for the drop in temperature when the sun goes down and for the potential wind that is common during this month.

    Fethiye Hotels for February

    Club & Hotel Letoonia

    Club & Hotel Letoonia is a private paradise in Fethiye, a place that features an overwhelming number of facilities and amenities. If you're looking for an all-inclusive holiday, this is the place you should consider. The hotel is located on a green peninsula that juts out into and overlooks the Southern Aegean Seat has been a First Class Holiday Village since 1989 and is one of the greatest resorts in the entire Mediterranean. Its facilities are seemingly endless and include, but are by no means limited to, three swimming pools, two children's swimming pools, water slides leading into the sea, private beaches, five restaurants serving every type of cuisine, an amphitheatre for daily entertainment, six tennis courts, numerous sports facilities, a spa, a shopping mall, a private marina and no less than ten bars.

    Yonca Lodge Hotel

    With a location right next to the beach, bordered by a river and within a peaceful and relaxing garden, Yonca Lodge Hotel is an excellent place to wind down and enjoy the October weather. This is a hotel that focuses on healthy living, uses organic produce and buys its fish straight from the local fishermen. You can enjoy breakfast as well as dinner at the beachefinitely a big plus! On the other side of the beach, you can visit a lively bar. On the hotel's premises, it's all about relaxing, listening to the sounds of birds in the sea and in the river, enjoying amazing food and enjoying the beautiful autumn colours.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Popeye's Boat

    When you're on vacation, it's the time where it's always acceptable to eat whatever you want. Fried food? Fish and chips? Check out Popeye's Boatnd it literally is a boat! Offering a true coastal experience, enjoy your delicious battered fish while sitting on a rocking boat looking out to the sea. It really doesn't get much better.

    King Garden Restaurant

    Arguably one of the greatest eating venues in Fethiye, the Kings Garden Restaurant sits right beneath the spectacular Lycian Rock Tombs and overlooks the town and the sea and islands beyond. The indoor and outdoor seating areas make that this is a popular place all-year round. While the views are incredible, the food is great as well. The menu focuses on traditional cuisine, such as Ottoman and Turkish dishes. If you reserve a table in advance, the restaurant will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.

    Guven's Restaurant & Bar

    If you're looking for a perfect spot to watch the sunset, check out Guven's Restaurant & Bar. The bar is situated right on the beach with several cozy locations for lounging, drinking and eating. The restaurant also offers free sunbeds, the use of their pool table, and even a library for all of the bookworms out there. If you are looking for a nice, true holiday experience, Guven's is a must-go.

    Things to do in Fethiye in February


    One of the best things to do during the winter in Fethiye is to go skiing. There are many affordable and great ski resorts in Turkey and many are located near Fethiye. In fact, a ski resort, the Seki Ski Resort, has recently opened near Fethiye and offers a great way to spend your winter vacation in the area.  The Seki Ski Resort is located on the Erendagi Mountain and has three slopes to accommodate your skiing and snowboarding.  You can stay in a hotel located at the resort where you will also find a restaurant. So, if you are planning to visit Fethiye in February, it is advised that you bring your warm clothes and your adventurous spirit and get ready to enjoy the beauty of this Turkish city from the mountaintop.

    Lycian Rock Tombs

    The chilly, but often clear February weather is also perfect for day trips to attractions in the area. One particularly visit-worthy attraction is the Lycian Rock Tombs. These stunning rock tombs are hewn out into a rock wall right behind the town and date back to the 4th century BC. The Fethiye Lycian Rock Tombs are a magnificent example of the skills and architectural genius of the people that lived in the area 2,500 years ago. The tombs are easily reached from downtown Fethiye.

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