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    Estepona Weather for March 2021

    What's the weather like in Estepona in March


    Spring rolls into Estepona with a balanced melange of rain and sunshine although mostly on the sunny side of things. The average temperature gains another degree from February, reaching a pleasant 15°C (58°F), with the lower end expected to reach a crisp 12°C, mostly during the nights and at the end or beginning of rainy days. The higher average is expected to reach 17°C, the perfect complement to the blossoming trees and flower pots of this charming Spanish town on the Costa del Sol.


    Humidity is up to 75% on average, but barely felt throughout the month the dew point stays comfortably below 20°C and is maybe occasionally noticed in the early hours of the morning. Chances of sunny days are at 25% on average, and chances of rain reach 35%, while chances of cloudy days slowly rise to 24% on average this basically means you'll encounter a balanced mixture of sunshine, clouds and precipitation throughout the entire month of March. The emphasis will probably be around the second week, when spring usually tends to be capricious in the peninsular and Mediterranean areas.

    Sunshine Hours

    The days get longer, experiencing up to 8 wonderful hours of sunshine per day, and the rainfall volume is slowly reduced to 71mm on average often in the form of quick afternoon or early morning showers spread over a total of 10 days, and certainly not something to worry as long as you don't forget to pack an umbrella.


    Chances of windy days stay high at 57% on average, which is to be expected during this period on the coastline. Most of the winds will now come from the Mediterranean Sea, particularly from the southern and south-eastern areas, but there will still be an occasional north-western chill sneaking down from the mountain side.

    Sea Temperature

    Expect the sea temperature to keep cool at 16°C (61°F), still not great for bathing but definitely worth stretching the sails or dipping your toes on a sunny afternoon. Wind speeds reach an average of 2.5m/s, which will often translate into bold breezes.

    Estepona Hotels for March

    Hotel Cuidad Estepona

    Only 150 yards from Estepona Beach, Hotel Ciudad Estepona is a delightful 2-star resort which offers comfortable and modern double and twin suites for just £45 per night for couples so if you're looking to spoil someone on Mother's Day, this is your chance to do it. This charming hotel is set within Estepona's old town centre and offers air conditioned rooms overlooking the sea. Its restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and there's also a generous selection of bars, restaurants and shops within walking distance for you to try out. Both Puerto Banus and Marbella are less than a 30-min drive away and both offer a vibrant and exciting nightlife.

    Hotel Dona Matilde

    Hotel Dona Matilde is on the outskirts of the city, and only a 4-min drive from some of Costa del Sol's most beautiful beaches. This lovely 2-star hotel offers cosy twin and double suites for just £38 per night a deal not to be missed out on during the early spring season. Its rooms feature a traditional décor and come fitted with air conditioning, flat screen TV and a spacious private bathroom. The hotel restaurant serves a delightful variety of traditional Mediterranean food, specialising in rice, local meat and fish dishes.

    Aparthotel Autosole

    If you're looking for a more spacious and autonomous type of accommodation, hurry up and book yourself a studio apartment for only £43 per night at the splendid Aparthotel Autosole 3-star complex. It's just 450 yards away from the beach and less than an hour's drive from the Malaga and Gibraltar airports. Fitted with air conditioning and heating, the apartments come with fully equipped kitchens, a TV, a comfortable seating area and balconies overlooking the wondrous lands and sea of Estepona.

    The Autosole is also situated within walking distance from many of the popular bars and restaurants of the city, and you get good access to buses which go all the way to Marbella, Puerto Banus, Fuengirola and the beautiful Torremolinos. There's a sports centre complete with tennis courts and an outdoor swimming pool just behind the complex, so you're really running out of reasons not to opt for this accommodation.

    Estepona Beaches in March

    Playa Del Castor

    Playa Del Castor is a good place to visit in March, if not for the swimming and sunbathing, at least for the pleasure of a long walk, a picnic on soft sand and a dip of the toes in the cool blue waters. This is a 2km stretch of sand, narrow and quiet, hidden behind old beachfront properties and urbanisations. You can also try the Chiringuito at Punta del Castor just to the east of the River Castor after which it was named, at Km160.5.

    A track seductively leads you down to the beach past the allotments, and some of the bars and terraces tend to start opening during this time of the year, in preparation for the hot and buzzing summer season.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Esquina Del Arte

    Esquina Del Arte is a charming bodega complete with a fabulous wine list one of the main reasons why it's one of Estepona's favourite evening spots. It's situated in the old town centre and sports an array of absolutely delicious tapas dishes, and is open for lunch and dinner, from Monday to Sunday.

    Venta Garcia

    When it comes to Mediterranean/Traditional restaurants, this city does not fall short. Venta Garcia, for example, is a typical Spanish roadside "venta" just a 10-min drive from Estepona itself. It is well worth the drive though, as it conquers good food, excellent ambience and very good prices. A special 3-course menu costs only 11 Euro and it's an absolute treat, as it often comes complimented by a fabulous wine list and the courtesies of a most hospitable owner.

    O'Donoghues Irish Pub

    For a drink, a dance, good music and excellent atmosphere, you can always head down to O'Donoghues Irish Pub, right next to the popular OpenCor supermarket. This is a great location to start your night, and you can actually even end it here, as the bar closes at 5am. This is one of the biggest nightlife spots of Estepona's marina and it's well-known for its welcoming and friendly staff and great service. They host a Quiz night on Wednesdays in both English and Spanish, and there's also a live music band night on Thursdays. Top that with a cold draught beer, some spicy tapas and a good friend to keep you company and you're set for a wonderful night out.

    Things to do in Estepona in March

    Ruta de Murales Artisticos

    A wonderful way to immerse yourself in the local artistic spirit and Andalusian culture is by exploring the superb Ruta de Murales Artisticos, one of Estepona's most revered landmarks and tourist attractions. Come rain or sunshine, you'll spend about an hour and a half exploring the clash of unique techniques and materials with contemporary and traditional themes splashed against old and newer buildings alike.

    Just make sure your camera is fully charged, as you'll certainly want to take home a glimpse of this marvellous area of the city. There are about 19 giant murals to admire some you'll simply stumble upon while talking this route, and some you'll want to find by yourself.

    The Hurricane Hotel in Tarifa

    The Hurricane Hotel in Tarifa is well-known Moorish style hotel equipped with excellent horse riding facilities and access to splendid beaches to enjoy while horseback. They offer beach rides, riding lessons and even 4-day excursions down the breath-taking and exciting mountain trails to Ronda. The horses are very well fed and treated, and the instructors are all professionals with the appropriate certification. This is definitely a pastime we're happy to recommend on the sunnier days of March.

    Fishing Boat

    When the winds are mellow and sea isn't choppy, you can easily go on a fishing boat trip. You can experience an unforgettable day aboard the sturdy Sama, leaving Benalmadena port from March until October. The crew is well-experienced and you'll definitely come back with a grin and a fresh catch from the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

    El Chorro

    You can also take the beautiful routes of El Caminito del Ray in El Chorro, one of Estepona's most fascinating areas. El Chorro is actually quite small, but renowned all over the world for its first class climbing options and El Caminito del Rey, a narrow and snaky little path constructed in 1901AD at 100m above the gorge. It's only 1m wide, used by workers at the hydroelectric plant for easier access between two parts of the structure.

    It was officially opened to the public in 1921 by King Alfonso XIII, naming it "The Little Path of the King". While the path itself is not always in use especially since it's undergoing some repairs on the handrails and structural integrity, there are plenty of alternative routes and forest walks to try out around the gorge; however we do recommend hiring a guide for this adventure.  

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