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  • Low Temperature
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  • Temperature
  • Rainfall

    10 mm
  • Rainfall Days

    0 days
  • Sunshine Hours

    11 hours

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July daily averages


July daily averages for Dubai

  • 1st
    36 97
  • 2nd
    36 97
  • 3rd
    36 97
  • 4th
    36 97
  • 5th
    36 97
  • 6th
    36 97
  • 7th
    36 97
  • 8th
    37 99
  • 9th
    37 99
  • 10th
    37 99
  • 11th
    37 99
  • 12th
    37 99
  • 13th
    37 99
  • 14th
    37 99
  • 15th
    37 99
  • 16th
    37 99
  • 17th
    38 100
  • 18th
    38 100
  • 19th
    36 97
  • 20th
    37 99
  • 21st
    38 100
  • 22nd
    38 100
  • 23rd
    37 99
  • 24th
    36 97
  • 25th
    37 99
  • 26th
    37 99
  • 27th
    38 100
  • 28th
    38 100
  • 29th
    38 100
  • 30th
    37 99
  • 31st
    37 99

What's the weather like in Dubai in July

The United Arab Emirates are often known as being very traditional, but Dubai's modern outlook in terms of culture and architecture is what makes it stands out as a top holiday destination. Controlled by the UK until 1971, there are many noticeable western influences in this Arabic desert region.

Although Dubai is hot all year round, July is one of the two hottest months of the year, with temperatures reaching a whopping 40 degrees Celsius. Overnight, temperatures remain high at around 29 degrees. There's practically no rainfall during the summer months, although the humidity is through the roof.


The warm season in Dubai lasts from May 18th to September 25th with an average daily high temperature above 37°C. The hottest day of the year is July 28th, with an average high of 41°C and low of 31°C, with an average temperature of 35°C, compared to August, which has an average of around 36°C.

The highest recorded temperature in recent years was a blistering 49°C, whilst the lowest was 20.4°C.

Average Sunshine Hours

During July, the length of day is essentially constant. The shortest day of the month is July 31st with 13:19 hours of daylight, while the longest day of the month is July 1st with 13:41 hours of daylight. However, at this time of year the amount of sunshine hours are starting to gradually decrease to 11 hours per day that's one hour less compared to June which receives on average 12 hours of sunshine per day.


There are hardly any clouds during July as the median cloud cover is only 4% and does not vary substantially over the course of the month. As an example, July 16th; the sky is clear or mostly clear 73% of the time and partly cloudy only 6% of the time.


Precipitation is extremely low in July as the average probability that some form of rainfall will be observed on any given day is only 1%, with little variation throughout the month. The month most likely to experience any form of precipitation is February, where on average 40mm of rainfall is likely.


During July the typical humidity ranges from a dry 30% to a very humid 89%, rarely dropping below a very dry 15%. The air is usually driest around July 28th, at which time the relative humidity drops below 38% three days out of four. Whilst it is predicted to be most humid around July 3rd, where humidity levels can rise above 78%, three days out of four.

Furthermore, over the course of a typical July in Dubai the dew point ranges from a comfortable 16°C to a very oppressive 27°C and rarely falls below a dry 8°C or above 30°C.


Throughout July the typical wind speeds vary from a light 1 m/s to a moderate breeze of 7 m/s, rarely exceeding 9 m/s. The highest average wind speed of 4 m/s occurs around July 1st, at which time the average daily maximum wind speed is 7 m/s. At this time of year the wind is most often coming from a southern direction.

Average Sea Temperature

At this time of year the sea temperature is usually around 32°C, compared to January when the sea temperature is at its lowest at 21°C. This makes July a perfect time of year to go swimming or take part in a number of water sports such as kite surfing or windsurfing.

You can check the weather forecast here.

Dubai Hotels in July

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa

Come sundown, Dubai comes alive and Iftars (breaking of the fast) happen all across the region. Non-Muslim visitors are invited to join in with Iftars, a time when locals come together to eat and celebrate. Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa holds visitor friendly events during the Holy month.

Savoy Crest Apartments

For accommodation in a more affordable price range, head over to the Savoy Crest Apartments which offer one and two bedroom lodgings with en-suite facilities for just £51 per night.

Beaches in Dubai for July

Nasimi Beach

Nasimi Beach is a must whilst visiting Dubai. This exclusive beach club offers a range of plush day beds, sun loungers and private cabanas available for hire. On Saturdays Nasimi Beach pumps out chill out music, played by the resident DJ, who is also happy to take requests.

Kite Beach

If you're looking for somewhere a bit quieter head to Kite Beach, otherwise known as 'Wollongong Beach'. This is a long pristine stretch of golden sand which is superb for sunbathing and relaxing, but unfortunately doesn't have any facilities.

Bars and Restaurants

Manhattan Grill

The Manhattan Grill is an established steak house located at the Grand Hyatt Dubai in Oud Metha. This restaurant successfully recreates the ambience of the art deco period in New York City. The menu is small but varied offering a selection of various beef cuts and seafood.

Jamie's Italian

However, if this restaurant is out of your price range why not try Jamie's Italian, part of Jamie Oliver's chain of restaurants that were originally founded in Oxford, England. The food here is fantastic and the service is fast and friendly. On offer is an array of authentic Italian pasta and pizza dishes, using only the best quality ingredients.


Trilogy is one of the largest and most popular nightclubs in Dubai, situated down the Jumeirah Beach Road. Expect to hear all the latest tracks in the chart at this super trendy club. 

Things to do in Dubai in July

During July the weather is extremely hot and humid, so during the middle of the day it may be best to take part in activities that are either inside, in air-conditioned buildings or head to a water park.


Kidzania is a superb day out for the little ones in your family. This entertainment complex provides children and parents with a safe, interactive and educational environment. Kids will be able to take part in an extensive list of activities such as role-playing, where children can become a police officer, journalist or dentist for the day. Other activities include cooking and learning how to fly a plane in a simulator.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Adrenaline junkies will love the Aquaventure Waterpark which boasts over 42 acres of land. This water park offers a number of exhilarating slides, play areas and rapids to choose from, including The Tower of Poseidon, which features the longest zip line in the Middle East.

Reel Cinema

The Dubai Mall offers the Reel Cinema complex which features 22-screens showing a variety of blockbuster movies in 2D and 3D. This place also showcases the first art house cinema in the region, where you can experience movies in a private lounge, complete with VIP treatment. 


Go kayaking in Hatta to cool off . 

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