Disneyland Weather February Averages, France

    Disneyland Weather for February 2023

    February is still winter in France, so the weather tends to be at its coldest, with very little sunshine seen throughout this time of year and skies prone to downpours of rain. On the bright side, if you choose this time of year to visit the resort, you're more likely to bag a bargain, as this is part of the slow season at Disneyland.

    The average temperature has risen one degree compared to January and is now at 4°C, a temperature that was also observed in December. The average highs and lows, too, have increased a tiny bit since the previous month and will continue to do so in the course of February. The daytime high temperature now averages 7°C, while the nighttime low is still at 1°C. February 1 is the coldest day of the month with highs of 7°C and lows of 1°C. February 28 is the warmest day with daytime highs of 9°C and nighttime lows of 2°C. Frost is still common this month. It is recommended that you come prepared with a warm coat and extra layers if you're planning on venturing out late at night.

    February receives less rainfall than January didhe total amount of precipitation is 46mm and there are 14 rainy days. The chance of experiencing some kind of precipitation decreases throughout the month. February 1 is the day with the highest chance of rainfall (61%), while February 28 is the driest day of the month (56%). By far the most likely type of precipitation is still moderate rain, happening on 59% of those 14 rainy days. Moderate snow occurs on 14% of the days with precipitation, while light rain and drizzle are observed respectively on 12% and 7% of those days. The average chance of snowfall is 11% on any given February day, with the highest chance in the beginning of the month. February 2, with a 12% chance of snowfall, is actually the day when you're most likely to experience snowfall in the entire year.

    February has increasingly longer days. February 1 is the shortest day of the month with 9.25 daylight hours, while February 29 is the longest with 10.59 hours of daylight. This means that any February day is 3.2 minutes longer than the previous one. Cloud cover decreases in the course of the month, from 87% in the beginning to 81% at the end of the month. The skies are still mostly cloudy though. Compared with November, December and January, this month has one hour of sunshine more, the first step toward the warmer spring months. Now, there are 3 sunshine hours per day on average.

    February may not be the best time of year to try out the water rides, as the wait to dry off will be a lot less pleasant with the already cold, cloudy and wet weather. On the other hand, you're likely to get wet anyway, with the amount of rain seen during this month, so you may as well make the most of it! Plan ahead and check out the weather forecast here

    Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch, located a 15-minute car ride from the park, offers accommodation in the form and shape of log cabins in natural surroundings. The hotel features a swimming pool with slide and there are nature walks for you to enjoy. What makes this particular accommodation so attractive is its quiet setting and the opportunity to go back to a peaceful and tranquil bungalow after a long and active day of exploring Disneyland. Food and drinks can be had in the wood-panelled Davy Crockett's Tavern and the Davy Crockett's Saloon. Additional amenities include outdoor play areas, tennis courts, a treetop adventure walk, a boutique and free Wi-Fi.

    Café Hyperion is a notabletriking would be a more suitable wordestaurant in Discoveryland. Its main feature is a gigantic zeppelin (Hyperion) that hangs from the ceiling in the Videopolis hangar. This is a fast food restaurant, the counters of which resemble ticket booths that sell tickets to the Hyperion airship. Serving mostly American food, Café Hyperion makes for a good quick food stop on your way to a ride or while waiting for a show to start.

    The Cookie Kitchen is a popular place among young and old sweet tooths alike. Situated in Main Street, U.S.A, Cookie Kitchen sells cookies, doughnuts, brownies, muffin, coffees and hot chocolates. Cold drinks, such as cola, water, orange juice, soda and milk, are available as well.

    Be it the mighty Space Mountain: Mission 2 or the calm and peaceful It's a Small World ride, the slow season means that you shouldn't have to queue for your favourite rides in February. Don't forget to have your picture taken with one of the famous Disney characters, so you will always have a long lasting memory of your time at the resort.

    Thrill seekers should definitely head to the above-mentioned Space Mountain: Mission 2 in Discoveryland. Other heartbeat-raising rides are the fantastic Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland and Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril in Adventureland.

    The young ones will enjoy seeing some buildings and characters from their favourite Disney movies in real life. Take them to Snow White and the Seven DwarfsLes Voyages de PinocchioAutopia and Le Pays des Contes de Fées.

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