Cozumel Weather November Averages, Mexico

    Cozumel Weather for November 2022

    What's the weather like in Cozumel in November

    November marks the end of the wet and stormy season, dropping a couple of degrees in temperature and bringing in more sunshine and dry heat. It's also the end of hurricane season, so it's a green light on parasailing and yachting again!


    The average temperature drops to a very comfortable 25°C (77°F), with an estimated low of 22°C, mainly during the nights and slowly spreading towards the early evenings during the third and last week of the month. The higher temperature average is 28°C, best known to well exceed that on sunny days. And speaking of, chances of full sunny days grow to 19%, with up to 8 hours of glorious sunshine per day!


    Humidity can still be fastidious, averaging between 65% and 80%, with dew points peaking between 21°C and 24°C, the more oppressive side of it still felt in the first two weeks of the month. But gradually that tones down to a more tolerable ambient, not so dependent on air conditioning. 


    Rainfall is down to 91mm, spread over up to just 6 days, with decreasing chances of full rainy days. Chances of cloudy days are also reduced to an average of 20%, and windy days stay strong at a chance of 33% approximately.


    The winds are mainly eastern and northeastern, with an increased 13% influence of northern gusts. The speeds increase as well, averaging between 5-7m/s, generating a cool marine breeze that suddenly turns Cozumel into another incredibly busy resort during the most unexpected time of the year.

    Sea Temperature

    The sea temperature goes down by a degree, keeping itself tepid and extremely pleasant at 28°C (82°F), which in combination with the aforementioned cooler winds is absolutely perfect for beach diving, swimming and snorkeling all day long. This makes November the perfect month for visiting Cozumel especially nice for escaping the encroaching winter in cooler countries.

    Cozumel Hotels in November

    This month is also an excellent time for hotel deals. For example, the lovely Villablanca Garden Beach Hotel offers cozy double suites for just £39 per night for couples, and it features an outdoor pool and very nice hot tub, both surrounded by lush gardens; it also has access to the beach and the stunning Villablanca coral reef, and it boasts a great bar and restaurant, as well as a fitness center, tennis court, a gift shop and a tour desk.

    The splendid Flamingo Hotel, with its modern design and bold color accents, offers wonderful double suites for £49 per night, including a continental breakfast; it's only 50 yards from the waterfront and its Aqua Bar and Restaurant is just a pleasure to be at! And let's not forget the sun terrace complete with a hot tub, for they are certainly central attractions for this boutique style hotel.

    If you're looking to get spoiled, however, we can easily suggest the sumptuous Fiesta Americana All Inclusive resort, its stunning suites going for £201 per night. This 5-star experience comes complete with a breathtaking seascape, an outdoor pool and bar, a wicked spa and wellness center, a tennis court and water sports facilities. The design is an award winning mélange of mellow modern lines and local flavors, and all the suites have private spa-style bathrooms and air conditioning.

    Cozumel Beaches for November

    November is the perfect time to fully enjoy the amazing Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park, perfect for all kinds of snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing you name it! There's also a volleyball court, a sweet water pool and hammocks. Most importantly, the facilities are top notch, and there are several bars and restaurants available to look after that hungry tummy after swimming!

    The superb Playa Palancar is also a good spot to enjoy this time of the year. With friendly temperatures and a less oppressive level of humidity, you can easily swim and bask in the sun on this gorgeous stretch of white sand and azure waters. Just don't expect much in terms of snorkeling, as the seabed is soft and sandy. You can also head to the east coast, where the incredible Punta Morena stretches in white and gold tones; it is a great place to absorb some essential vitamin D from the glorious Mexican sun, and even splash around in the shallow and crystalline water entry.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Cozumel has an abundance of good places to eat all sorts of dishes, particularly authentic Mexican food. El Pique is a great example, serving dinner and afterhours specials, it is best known for its absolutely delicious Chuleta and Pastor Tacos, along with a string of other traditional local specialties. If you're craving some excellent Argentinian meat and authentic empanadas, stop by the Del Sur Argentina Empanadas and Grill, a phenomenal corner of South American paradise, complete with an impressive list of imported wines.

    And last, but certainly not least, do not ignore Pancho's Backyard, another local legend in terms of Mexican and international cuisine; its best known for its carne asada and tequila made in-house, as well as its splendid views of the Caribbean Sea and its splashing fountains. This restaurant is nestled in the heart of a splendid colonial building.

    For a quick snack and a spirited drink, the Rock 'n Java Bar & Grill is there to help, serving not just breakfast, lunch, dinner (and all other meals in between), also plenty of cocktails, beers and hefty spirits. For some smooth cigars, freshly made mojitos and ice cold margaritas set to a cool atmosphere and good music, head to the DLounge, as its open all year long!

    Things to do in Cozumel in November

    When in Cozumel, you must organize some hiking trips to the island's famous Mayan ruins the ones that are definitely worth the hike and the view are the impressive chunks still standing tall and proud at Castillo Real, close to Punta Molas. And speaking of, Punta Molas should be your next preferred hiking destination this superb abandoned lighthouse is truly at the end of an adventurous path, and its best reached by jeep if you're driving; if you want to relax and take in all the beautiful scenery around you, then stop by Playa Bonita for a little picnic.

    You can also take a tour and visit the wonderful Museo de la Isla de Cozumel, which offers an unique insight into the island's flora, fauna, geography, geological features and especially its Mayan history; you can also learn some very important and interesting facts about the splendid Mesoamerican coral reef before you go diving.

    A great way to enjoy your stay in Cozumel is by taking one of the Mini-Sub Dive Tours for just £54 per person! The mini-sub is a wicked device which allows you to breathe underwater without the use of a mask or a tube, and you can drive it around and explore the majestic seabed, riddled with colorful corals and tropical fish, including flounders, yellow tangs, parrotfish and angel fish. You can then sit back and enjoy a drink on the beach.

    November is an important month in terms of Mexican national holidays. The first and (in our opinion, the coolest) is Dia de los Muertos, the day in which the people of Mexico celebrate and honor their beloved departed with colorful and quirky costumes and masks. Another great day is Revolution Day, celebrating the great Mexican Revolution, on the third Monday of November. Expect feasts, streets filled with people dancing and celebrating the revolutionary spirit of their forefathers.

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