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    Cozumel Weather for January 2023

    What's the weather like in Cozumel in January

    Cozumel experiences warm and generally pleasant winters, typical for its sub-tropical climate, with average temperatures at 24°C (75°F). The nights are pleasant and comfortable, with average lows of 20°C, while the sunnier days of January experience cca 28°C as peaks.

    Sunshine Hours

    The weather is mild and friendly, with up to 7 hours of sunshine in the day, and about 22% chances of sun over the entire month.


    Not much, you might think, but compared to the 16% chances of rain, we should take all the sun we can get! Speaking of which, rainfall levels are largely tolerable, with up to 49mm of mild rain over 5 days in the month, significantly less than the summer months will receive.


    Humidity halts between 65% and 80%, which may seem high but it's much more comfortable in January than in later months. In fact, the dew point oscillates between 18°C and 21°C, which further strengthens the argument sustaining a more tolerable stay in January than in late summer, for example.

    Nonetheless, we recommend packing an umbrella and a thin raincoat, as Cozumel's climate always favors surprise outbursts throughout the year! To be sure, check the live weather forecast.


    Chances of cloudy days are at 15% on average, and the winds are moderate northern gusts measuring between 3 and 7m/s. Chances of winds are significantly high, at 33% on average, but with low intensity. For an island whose main activities revolve around the Caribbean Sea, this combination of factors makes January great for those who want to splash around in the waters but don't want to deal with excessive heat.

    Sea Temperature

    In fact, the sea temperature is a wonderful 27°C (81°F), perfect for deep diving, swimming, snorkeling and even taking a boat out. The Caribbean Sea is calm and clear, and the occasional winds make for great sailing. It's no wonder many cruisers stop in Cozumel, especially in January and February, when people from colder countries take advantage of great Caribbean cruise packages to get some winter sun.

    Cozumel Hotels for January

    This beautiful little island has numerous hotels and resorts to pick from, many with North American influences, given that a large percentage of vacationers coming to Cozumel are U.S. citizens. The Flamingo Hotel is one of the cheaper options, offering standard double bedrooms for £52 per night, and it's a lovely place to stay, complete with a rooftop terrace, a hot tub and free Wi-Fi. Its modern decor and tiled flooring, its abundant breakfast options and excellent staff make it a favorite among tourists.

    Another wonderful hotel is the Sunscape Sabor Cozumel, a marvelous beachfront resort offering double suites for £155 per night; it features two outdoor pools and a fitness center, three restaurants and three bars, and its greatest advantage is that you can basically go snorkeling just outside your hotel room. The Coral Princess Golf & Dive Resort keeps high standards at great prices, with suites going for £75 per night in January; this is a 4-star extravaganza with private access to the beach and the coral reefs, boasting two Infinity edge heated pools and the Cozumel Country Club golf course.

    If you're on a tighter budget don't worry, the island has you covered! Amigos Hostel has dorms going from £8.45 per night and excellent Wi-Fi coverage, and the fabulous Beds Friends Hostel offers dorms from £10.52 and privates from £27 per night, respectively. If you're looking for good single room comfort, then book yourself with a nice little spot at Studio Cocoa, whose private rooms go from £27.46 per night.

    Cozumel Beaches in January

    Cozumel has three types of beaches to pick from, two of which are friendly and suitable either for swimming, diving or snorkeling, or suitable for all of the aforementioned activities. These two types of beaches can be found on the west coast of the island, and vary from sandy walk-in beaches with calm waters to rocky limestone shorelines with significant coral reef barriers. The third type of beaches can be found all over the east coast and are a steady variation between sandy surf with large waves and rocky limestone clusters with clear waters; they are beautiful and offer stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, but they are also potentially dangerous. In fact, swimming isn't recommended on most east coast beaches.

    Nevertheless, January is a good time to enjoy a swim and even beach diving at Playas Las Casitas, a splendid stretch of sand on the west coast, north of San Miguel. While it's not great for snorkeling because of its soft sandy bottom, it does have bars and restaurants to hang out at instead. It's also well known for its shipwreck and pier ruins, definitely worth exploring.

    South of San Miguel on the west coast lies a kaleidoscope of beaches, one more beautiful than the other this month's pick is La Palapita Den Medio, whose rocky edges and heavy bottom make it perfect for swimming, snorkeling and even beach diving, and it also has restrooms and shower facilities.

    Over on the east coast of the island, you will find the beautiful Coconuts, perfect for basking in the sun and splashing around by the shore, framed by a stunning seascape. However, it is thoroughly not recommended for swimming, snorkeling or beach diving, as the roaring surf can cause treacherous undertows.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Cozumel has a strong Mexican culinary culture, so you know you're in for a treat wherever you go for a bite to eat, and it also holds several excellent North American imports as well, for the less adventurous when it comes to spicy flavors. We do recommend that you don't drink the tap water, though.

    Cha Cha's Kitchen serves budget-friendly fresh food on a charming patio, and its menu is simple but special every day, ranging from chicken Paninis and salads to scrumptious seafood and delightful desserts. It's perfect for brunches, lunches and afternoon treats, as it's only open from 12pm to 4pm. If you want to experience an authentic Mexican burrito, then the King Burrito Express is your next stop - it's known by all for its fresh ingredients and sauces that are just out of this world! Alternatively, if you're looking for fresh seafood, particularly a good lobster dinner, the Lobster Shack is ready to welcome you with arms wide open.

    When the evening curtain falls, you can still grab a late bite and some excellent local drinks at El Muellecito Cantina Marisqueria, a star amongst the locals, serving seafood, Mexican and Caribbean dishes. You can also go down to the Hard Rock Cafe, the epic American burger bar known for its love of meat, spirits and good times! 

    Things to do in Cozumel in January

    You must not forget that Cozumel evolved from very deep Mayan roots, so there is a multitude of ruins and vestiges of its fascinating past scattered all over the island. The most popular and best preserved of them all is El Cedral; it's only the size of a small house, but it is known to have been an important ceremonial site, and the little church built next to it since is proof that the locals continue to give it the religious significance that it has inherited from the Mayans.

    You should definitely take the Cozumel Mayan Herbal Tour, which gives you a unique insight into the local culture and its endemic flora, complete with breathtaking views and samples of local cuisine, as influenced by herbs and spices typical for this island.

    If you're feeling adventurous, you could definitely spend a day with Dune Buggy Adventours, who offers sturdy dune buggies to play with across designated tracks.

    Chankanaab is Cozumel's most valued natural park, and it has numerous sites and attractions, including the Xtrem Adventure Park, complete with exciting activities for the daredevil in all of us. Alternatively, you can just relax and go for a long walk through this splendid reserve, and maybe catch a glimpse of its elusive local birds and wild animals. Cozumel also has a plethora of marine activities which one can engage in throughout the year, so don't miss out on a chance to go scuba-diving with certified professionals, or have some fun snorkeling along the splendid seashore.

    January is also the month in which the Mexicans celebrate Dia de Los Santos Reyes, a day with a strong religious background but a more commercial approach with gift exchange - now is your chance to basically repeat Christmas!

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