Statue of Liberty

The United States has some of the most incredible cities in the world as well as a landscape unparellaled in it diversity and beauty. In it's relatively short history, it has become the most influential country and world power. The confident population is diverse and full of contradictions with a very strong religious heritage. The people are made up of the old world and far east immigration explosion that continues to attract people to its shores as the saying goes if you can make it in the US you can make it anywhere.

When To Go

The US is most popular with travellers during the summer, but this is when American families pack everything up and head out to visit Aunt Tilly. To avoid mobs (especially throughout the national park system), it's better to go during autumn or early spring.

Washington, DC

This city is famous for being the centre of modern day democracy and the population live and breath politics. The famous landmarks are known to the world at large and signify real power. The sprawling city is dominated by the Capital building dome and places of political power, in contrast the city itself is not known for being a place of culture or entertainment.

When To Go

As with most major cities, the spring is the best time to visit, a word of warning, book as it is difficult to visit the many tourist attractions without advanced tickets. The crowds can be overpowering as it is not only a foreign tourist attraction but all Americans wish to visit their capital at the height of summer. Independence Day in July is the height of the festival season, but once again best to book ahead.

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