Greek Village

Greece is the birthplace of Democracy and the Olympic Games. Visiting Ancient Greece is coupled with a vibrant nightlife and modern European atmosphere. From visiting a busy and somewhat dirty capital city, the amazing and stunning islands are a treat to sun worshippers as well as the determined historian, who wish to relax but also to take in the ancient world and the history that Greece has to offer.

When To Go

Greece is the perfect destination for a spring and early summer break. The ancient sites and island beaches are relatively uncrowded. Public transport including the island ferries are working and hotels are easy to come by. This is very much a seasonal destination and to be avoided in the height of summer. During the winter months, the islands shut down, however more and more restaurants and cafes as well as hotels are staying open all year round as the demand for winter breaks increases.


Full of mythology, Athens is a lively city full of cafes, restaurants and ancient sites. The city may look like a concrete jungle and overcrowded, but the small touches such as the parks full of exotic flowers and small cafes offering a delectable palette of traditional foods and beverages, give the city a certain charm.

When To Go

Once again spring is the best time to visit this sprawling city. The main port is the place where you pick up the ferries for the islands. The city should be avoided in the height of summer as it is difficult to get around and the stifling heat is uncomfortable and annoying. Winter is an ideal time to visit and with a low rain fall, the city is a more pleasant experience.

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