Calas De Mallorca Weather March Averages, Spain

    Calas De Mallorca Weather for March 2023

    As spring dawns across the island and in Calas de Mallorca, temperatures on land are on the rise. As a result, tourism begins to pick up during this time of the year and visiting the region can be a nice alternative to vacations in central Europe or the Spanish mainland where it can still be very cold. At this point of the year, restaurants and hotels that were closed for the winter season are beginning to reopen and visitors should have access to everything on the island.

    What's The Temperature Like In Calas De Mallorca In March


    Even though temperatures are warming, a jacket may still be needed both at night and during the daylight hours. The average daily temperature for March is still a cool 12°C (54°F). Afternoon temperatures are a few degrees warmer than the previous month with highs averaging 18°C (64°F). However, temperatures can feel a little cooler with the wind chill brought on with a 40% chance of a windy day.

    Sea Temperature

    While temperatures on land are warming, those in the sea are still the same as January and February. As a result, the waters surrounding the region are still too cold to enjoy. The average water temperature for this time of the year is a cool 15°C (59°F).


    One good thing about this month is that it is one of the driest of the year. The region receives an average of just 20mm of precipitation spread over a period of just 8 days. As a result, much of the month is dry and the chance of having showers or thunderstorms ruin a holiday is a little lower. This is one reason why tourism begins to pick up during this time of the year and it can be an enjoyable time to visit.

    Sunshine Hours

    Additionally, the region will also receive an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day during the month.

    Calas De Mallorca Hotels In March

    Ola Hotel El Vistamar

    Located just a few kilometres from Calas de Mallorca is the resort of Ola Hotel El Vistamar. This resort sits in the middle of it all and allows visitors to experience all that the island has to offer within just a few hundred metres. From a white beach to shopping and all manner of water sports, there is always something to do or you can spend your time lounging by the pool and relaxing. The choice is totally yours.


    For those on a budget, Estrella is a great place to stay when looking to save a few Euros while on a March holiday. While it is no frills, most of the time guests aren't going to be spending too much time in their room and the extra money saved will go further in finding activities to do around the island. Centrally located, this hotel offers guests a chance to be close to the beach, good restaurants and plenty of shopping and nightlife.

    Hipotels Said

    Up the road from Calas de Mallorca is the luxurious Hipotels Said. Offering 187 rooms, this four-star hotel is located just a few hundred metres from the beach. The rooms are exquisitely decorated and come with all the amenities of home including air conditioning and satellite TV. However, rooms also come with a terrace allowing guests to experience spectacular views throughout the day.

    Bars And Restaurants

    El Castillo del Bosque

    Chefs at El Castillo del Bosque are truly masters of their craft and guests won't be disappointed with the wide array of dishes that are presented with flair. Serving traditional seafood, Mediterranean and Spanish dishes, the chefs use only the finest and freshest ingredients in every dish. This local restaurant is the perfect spot for a romantic night out or with the entire family.

    Restaurant Rustic

    Restaurant Rustic is not so rustic once you are inside and smell the delicious food cooking. With international fare on the menu, there is a lot to like about this restaurant starting with the friendly staff and cosy atmosphere. This little gem shouldn't be missed.

    Grand Central Bar

    Grand Central Bar is part restaurant, bar and gastro pub. Guests can choose from a range of food including a traditional British style breakfast to authentic Indian food. There is also live entertainment every night including quizzes on several evenings. Guests will have a great time spending some time enjoying a wide array of food in a fun and lively atmosphere. 

    Things To Do In Calas De Mallorca In March

    Rancho Grande Park

    If you have ever dreamed of being a cowboy, you can live out that adventure at Rancho Grande Park. As the largest horse ranch on the island, guests are treated to scenes out of the Wild West. Guests can saddle up for a horse ride or ride along in a horse-drawn wagon to explore the forest and watch the sunset from the mountaintops. There is also a mini zoo for the little ones in the family and a bucking bronco competition for those who are a little older. Food includes barbeque and after dinner you can kick up your heels with some line dancing.

    Excursion en Barco

    Before the crowds arrive and it gets too hot, March is a great time to take a boat excursion around the island. Excursion en Barco offers numerous trips from various ports of call along the eastern side of Mallorca. These trips differ in length, activities and adventures allowing guests to pick the one that best fits their needs and their budget.

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