February Weather Averages for Cairns

What's the weather like in Cairns in February


Cairns is a well-known global tourist hotspot located in Cairns Region, Queensland Australia. Generally, the city experiences warm temperatures throughout the year including February. Daily average Cairns temperature in February is 27°C (80.6˚F). The highest temperature is 30°C (86.0˚F) while the lowest is 24°C (75.2˚F). Generally, temperatures remain warm during the month and it is possible to ...

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What's the weather like in Cairns in February


Cairns is a well-known global tourist hotspot located in Cairns Region, Queensland Australia. Generally, the city experiences warm temperatures throughout the year including February. Daily average Cairns temperature in February is 27°C (80.6˚F). The highest temperature is 30°C (86.0˚F) while the lowest is 24°C (75.2˚F). Generally, temperatures remain warm during the month and it is possible to explore outdoors. However, it gets cold at night. In February, the average sea temperature is essentially constant at around 84°F.

Sunshine Hours

On average, Cairns receives about 7 hours of Sunshine each day of February. However, the presence of constant cloud cover causes overcast conditions throughout the month. In February, the length of day gradually decreases as the month progresses with an average decrease of 53 seconds per day.


February is the wettest month in Cairns and therefore, there is plenty of rainfall with an average of 380mm for 19 days of the month with the highest rainfall amounts in February reaching up to 435mm. Rainfall amounts tend to remain constant as the month progresses.

Sunrise and Sunset

In February, the length of day becomes shorter with a total decrease of 24 minutes between February 1 and February 28. The shortest day of the month is February 28 while the longest day is February 1. February 1 has the earliest sunrise at 6.05am and the latest sunset at 6.55pm. On the other hand, February 28 has the latest sunrise at 6.16 am and the earliest sunset at 6.42pm.


February is a hot and humid month with humidity remaining constant throughout the entire month. Most of the days are muggy with 99% humidity level. According to records, February 22 is the muggiest day of the year.


In February, the average hourly wind speed stays the same during the month within 0.2 miles per hour of 6.7 miles per hour. At a daily average wind speed of 6.6 miles per hour, February 8 is the calmest day of the year. However, wind speeds vary according to the local topography patterns.

Extraordinary Occurrences

Cairns is known to experience harsh weather conditions depending on the season. In February, frequent tropical downpours on a daily basis pose a risk of flooding. Additionally, there are risks of cyclones so visitors need to keep an eye on the weather patterns.

Cairns Hotels in February

Cairns is visited by people of all walks of life to see the stunning beaches and scenery, experience fine dining and a vibrant nightlife. There's no doubt Cairns is a perfect destination for anyone looking for a memorable holiday experience. The best part is the city has a wide range of accommodation that caters for different budgets. You can opt to stay in a 5-star facility, mid-range accommodation or backpackers hotels.

Cairns Plaza Hotel

Cairns Plaza Hotel is five star hotel situated on Cairns' Esplanade with exquisite facilities for guests looking for fine and tasteful accommodation. Set within a magical location with best scenery spots, the hotel is a close walk to all major Cairns attractions. You will definitely find value for money at this facility with unobstructed views of the Trinity Bay.

Coral Tree Inn

Coral Tree Inn is a boutique resort-style hotel centrally located in Cairns, Queensland. If you're looking for nice accommodation close to shops, restaurants, casino, art galleries, railway station and theatres, this is the best place to be. Whether you're in Cairns for holiday or business, Coral Tree Inn won't disappoint.

Coral Towers Holiday Suites

Coral Towers Holiday Suites sits on a picturesque location with the best views of Cairns Esplanade. The suites feature impressive rooms with splendid views of the ocean and Green Island. While here, you can comfortably explore what Far North Queensland has to offer. The holiday apartments are spacious, well-maintained and fitted with all modern fittings to guarantee your comfort.

The Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort

Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort is a luxury beachfront resort that is situated on the popular Four Mile Beach. The resort sits amidst lush tropical gardens, 18-hole golf course as well as sparkling saltwater lagoons. The 5-star resort amenities are specifically tailored for the luxury traveler who wants to feel like they are in paradise. Spacious rooms with beautiful lagoon views, exquisite dining and a host of family-friendly offerings await guests. The outdoor areas provide the perfect backdrop of weddings and other family and corporate events.

Cairns Beaches In February

Trinity Beach

Trinity Beach is a popular family friendly beach whose beauty and tranquility attracts visitors to sample Cairns Coral Coast. There are numerous hotels and apartments that have been put up in the recent times to allow guests partake in various activities.

Double Island

While exploring Cairns, Double Island located on the Great Barrier Reef north of Cairns is an exclusive spot for functions such as weddings, reunions and parties. There are options for renting out the entire island for those who want a private, picturesque and exclusive environment.

Restaurants and Bars

Cairns has plenty of bars and restaurants giving visitors a wide choice of dining and entertainment facilities. With different themes and cuisines, Cairns dining is a thrilling experience for any visitor. Whether you're looking for local or international restaurants, you will find all of them here. Famous world chefs come from Queensland region adding popularity and excitement to the local dining industry.

Water and Grill Steakhouse

Water and Grill steakhouse is your best choice for succulent steak in Cairns. Situated at the waterfront, the restaurant offers numerous dishes for lunch and dinner. If you love prime beefs in Cairns, Water and Grill Steakhouse promises to deliver the tastiest food coupled with amazing views of Cairns Marlin Marina. Opening hours are between 11.30 am – 10 pm.

Vivaldis Restaurant

Vivaldis Restaurant focusses on exquisite cooking leaving guests with happy dining memories. Located in a strategic location, visitors are served great food with excellent customer service. You can be assured to find your favorite meal from the rich delicious menu. Opening hours for dinner are 5.30 pm – 9.00 pm.

Fusion, Art & Bars  

Fusion Art Bar & Tapas is suited for those looking for a restaurant with an extraordinary dining culture. Offering nice food, coffee and the finest wines, Fusion, Art & Bars is popular for its vintage design. Simplicity has been combined with elegance allowing customers to have fun in an inviting and relaxed environment. Some of the furniture at the restaurant dates back to the 1920's! Opening hours are 3pm – 10 pm on Tuesday to Thursday and 11 am – 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

Muddy's Café  

Muddy's Café lies deep in the heart of the largest playground and waterpark in Cairns. If you're looking for somewhere fun, warm and friendly to relax, Muddy's Café knows what you're looking for. This is a superb venue for fresh and tasty meals, fresh juices and sumptuous coffee. In addition, kids haven't been left out as there's a full kids menu. Opening hours are between 7am – 8pm.

Boatshed Cairns

Boatshed Cairns is a waterfront restaurant and bar serving contemporary Mediterranean cuisine with magnificent views of the Trinity Inlet. As one of Cairns' premier bar and restaurant, there is plenty of live music plus amazing lunch and dinner specials. This café by the harbor with splendid views allows you to both Eat and Drink. The restaurant opens at 11.30 am – Midnight.

Things to do in Cairns in February

Barron River Rafting 

February is wet and this is a perfect time to visit the Barron River for water rafting. If you want to explore Cairns beyond the traditional famous sites, Barron River rafting is ideal especially for families and groups looking for group fun activities. The best time to explore is during the morning hours before the rains begin.

Go For Quad Bike Adventure

Quad bike adventures are a favorite outdoor activity especially in February as it allows participants to venture through dense tropical forests. Lots of steep hills, naturally built obstacles and unspoilt mountaintop views add to fun. Get wild and dirty exploring the interior with your family and friends.

Visit Cairns Cenotaph and Memorial Site  

Cairns Cenotaph and Memorial Site holds a lot of history and significance for the Cairns community. The iconic memorial site has a giant clock statue and names of 142 local men and women who served in World War 1. Here, you can learn about the history of Cairns, the impact of war on the local community and the cenotaph's history.

Visit Cairns Esplanade Lagoon 

Cairns Esplanade Lagoon has a wealth of exciting activities boasting of more than 2.5km of a palm-fringed waterfront with beautiful laws and parklands. This is the perfect spot to enjoy the warm sun, swim safely, access plenty of restaurants and bars as well as make friends. You can also have a picnic and relax at the swimming lagoon. This is undeniably one of the best Cairns attractions for both locals and visitors.

Kuranda Train & Skyrail 

Kuranda Village sits on top of a mountain range located behind the Cairns. The town hosts a world heritage forest which is green in February thanks to monsoon rains. Kuranda Town can be accessed via a train ride or a cable ride over dense forest cover. Nature lovers can be assured of an unforgettable experience.

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