December Weather Averages for Cairns

What's the Weather Like in Cairns in December


Cairns receives a large influx of visitors in December considering it's a festive month and temperatures are warm. As a top global tourist destination in Far North Queensland Region with numerous attractions, the resort city is beehive of activity at this time of the year. In December, the average temperature is 28°C (82˚F). The highest temperature for December is 31°C (88˚F) while the lowest temp...

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What's the Weather Like in Cairns in December


Cairns receives a large influx of visitors in December considering it's a festive month and temperatures are warm. As a top global tourist destination in Far North Queensland Region with numerous attractions, the resort city is beehive of activity at this time of the year. In December, the average temperature is 28°C (82˚F). The highest temperature for December is 31°C (88˚F) while the lowest temperature is 24°C (75˚F). The average sea temperature for December is 28°C (82˚F). In the course of the month, the surface water temperature remains constant throughout the month.

Sunshine Hours

In December, Cairns enjoys an average of 9 hours of sunshine daily. Cloud cover in December rapidly increases from 63% at the beginning of the month to 77% in the course of the month. December 1 is the clearest day of the month.


In December, rainfall average is 130mm for 16 days of the month. In the course of the month, rainfall increases significantly starting the month at 121mm to 254mm at the end of December.

Sunshine and Sunset

In December, the length of days remains essentially constant. December 1 is the shortest day of month while December 22 is the longest day of the month. The sun in Cairns rises the earliest on December 1 at 5.34am and the latest sunrise at 5.45am on December 31. The earliest sunset is 6.37pm on December 1 and the latest sunset at 6.53pm on December 31.


In December, there is an increased in humidity from 92% at the beginning of the month to 98% in the course of the month.


The average wind speed for December is constant remaining within 0.1 miles per hour of 6.9 miles throughout the entire month. The precise wind speed of any given location is determined based on the topography.

Extraordinary Weather Occurrences

It is summer in December with high temperatures and humidity. While the weather is favorable for holidaying, there is need to be cautious of extreme heat conditions which can cause heat waves.

Cairns Hotels in December

Cairns is a popular city famed for its amazing tourist attractions that include World Heritage Sites. If you're planning to spend your holiday in Cairns, you shouldn't be worried about accommodation as there are plenty of options. Given the fact the city receives all kinds of guest, you can choose where to stay depending on your budget and preferences. There are 5-star luxury hotels, apartments, guesthouses and backpackers accommodation.

Cairns Sharehouse  

Cairns Sharehouse caters for guests who're looking for shared accommodation. If you're working on a budget and need a nice, spacious, friendly and welcoming place to stay, this is the place to be. The facility is managed by experts who have been in the business for 15 years and therefore, understand what guests need to have a fun, comfortable and rewarding experience. The shared apartments are modern, clean and well maintained to ensure your stay in Cairns is magical and memorable. Cairns Sharehouse is within a short walking distance of Cairns City.

Cairns Aquarius Holiday Apartments

Cairns Aquarius Holiday Apartments is a superb property for guests who're looking for a homely environment to relax as they explore what Cairns has to offer. The apartments are strategically located making it easy for visitors to access key amenities such as shops, restaurants, parks and entertainment spots. A touch of elegance, style and modern living best describes the apartments. While here, you have all the freedom and privacy to relax as you enjoy the waterfront views which are clearly visible from the private and spacious balcony.

City Plaza Cairns Apartments

City Plaza Cairns Holiday Apartments offer guests the perfect welcome to Cairns. The units are self-contained and there is a choice between one and two bedroom apartments best suited for holiday visitors or business travelers. This is an exceptional value for money accommodation considering the comfortable furnishing, laid-back atmosphere, fully-equipped kitchens and spacious private balconies. City Plaza Cairns can comfortably accommodate individuals, couples, families and groups. The Cairns Central Business District is 2 kilometers away and 4 kilometers from Cairns Airport. The outdoor set amidst lush tropical gardens has a pool and barbeque area. Other exciting facilities include open plan living, private balcony and a spa.

Shangri-La Hotel   

Shangri-La Hotel is the best definition of luxury, style and opulence. If you're looking for spectacular 5-star accommodation and you're willing to pay whatever it takes to be treated like royalty, you've come to the right place. There is no doubt, there's refined splendor in this high-end hotel's ultra-spacious rooms with large windows and private balconies that offer you unobstructed views of the sea. This is the best place to experience the sights and sounds of the marina. The rooms and suites are an extraordinary with tasteful and elegant furnishing for guests who appreciate the finer things in life. There is a world class restaurant with breathtaking views featuring local and international cuisine. From the Shangri-La Hotel, you can easily explore major Cairns attractions.

Cairns Beaches in December

Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island is a stunning, laid-back and picturesque island that provides nature's best encounters. Sitting right next to the Great Reef Barrier, a World Heritage Site, the island has unspolit white sandy coral beaches and protected rainforests. If you're looking for a beach on Fitzroy Island, Nudey Beach for instance is a nice, tiny and attractive beach that opens up to impressive views of the hinterland of Cairns.

Palm Cove Beach

Palm Cove is a must-visit especially for holidaymakers who want to spend their holiday on a tropical paradise with top waterfront accommodation. The beach is quiet, warm and friendly with easy access to numerous hotels and restaurants. You can relax under the palm fringed trees, make new friends and engage in a wide variety of fun beach activities. Palm Cove beach is famous for hosting weddings and beach parties.

Holloways Beach

Holloways Beach is amongst three beaches that form Barron's River delta northern shoreline. The beach is located 5km off Captain Cook Highway with a good road access and a couple of residential developments. Holloway beach is surrounded by mangrove flats and creeks related to the delta and is famous for various activities such as swimming, surfing and fishing among others.

Restaurants and Bars

Cairns is globally known for its international dining and vibrant entertainment scene that makes it a favorite must-visit destination. For those who love unique and memorable dining experience, you can't have any better choice than Cairns. It doesn't matter what kind of cuisine, beers, wines or cocktail drinks you're looking for, try Cairns restaurants and bars and you won't be disappointed.

Fetta's Greek Taverna 

Fetta's Greek Taverna should feature on your to-do list especially if you appreciate the joy and excitement that comes with casual dining experiences. The restaurants has a distinctive open kitchen, courtyard as well as street dining areas providing great ambience. The rich menu features an authentic Greek menu that cuts across various Greek dishes with unique flavours. There is a large private function area with the capacity to hold large events such as parties. While here, indulge in the fun of watching belly dancing and Zobra dancing. The restaurant is open daily from 5.30pm-9.30pm.

McGinty's Irish Bar  

McGinty's Irish Bar is one of the most exciting places you'd want to finish your day after being outdoors exploring the sights and sounds of Cairns. The relaxed and friendly environment with a vibrant social scene is what attracts revellers to this bar that opened its doors in 2014. You can be guaranteed to meet the most friendly and social people in Cairns making it an ideal spot to hang out and make new friends. The bar opens from 1pm-11pm on Tuesday to Thursday, 1pm-12am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It remains closed on Mondays.

Hog's Breath Café

Hog's Breath Café is the best place you can be served with Australia's finest and mouthwatering steaks. Since opening doors in 1989, Hog's Breath Café has maintained its reputation as the top steak joint not only in Cairns but around Australia and New Zealand. The café is dedicated to customers having quality food and tasty beverages in an informal and friendly environment. Steaks are made using the freshest ingredients and prepared by expert Grill Masters who've been doing this for long. Opening hours are 11.30am-2.45pm lunch and 5.30pm-9.00pm dinner Monday to Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the café is open entire day from 11.30am-9.30pm.

Mother India

Mother India is Cairns' authentic taste of India offering exemplary food for customers looking for a genuine and top-rated Indian restaurant in Cairns. Fantastic Indian cuisine is served in an exquisite dining environment allowing customers to get a firsthand experience of the Indian food culture. The rich, innovative, sumptuous and exotic dishes are worth every dime. Each meal is prepared and seasoned to match with your individual taste and preferences. The restaurant opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 5.30pm-10pm.

Things to do in Cairns in December

Visit Kuranda Butterfly Sanctuary

Kuranda Butterfly Sanctuary is a top tourist attraction in Kuranda region. It is the largest butterfly exhibit and flight aviary in Australia that provides magical experiences for all who visit the sanctuary. Home to more than 2,000 diverse tropical butterflies, you will be excited to witness the aerial dynamic of these beautiful creatures of nature as you comb through the sanctuary's rainforest gardens. Guests can tour with their families for an educational tour that includes guided tours to the breeding laboratory and aviary. The sanctuary is also ideal for hosting events such as weddings and parties.

Tour the Devil's Pool or Babinda Boulders

Babinda Boulders also known as The Devil's Pool is a magnificent tourist spot situated south of Cairns famous for numerous fast flowing creeks with giant boulders. The boulders form obstacles forcing the water to meander around them and drain into huge pools. The pools hold cool refreshing water and as such, are a favorite spot for those who love swimming.

Journey on Kuranda Scenic Railway

Kuranda Scenic Railway journey is no doubt one of the most unique, spectacular and memorable railway journeys in the world. The railway connects Cairns to the quiet little village town of Kuranda which is popular for its World Heritage rainforests and endless natural wonders. The approximately 2-hour trip takes visitors through captivating ecosystems with unbelievable natural beauty. While on the trip, you can see rare flora and fauna, lush green rainforests and numerous waterfalls and rivers. The scenery is breathtaking as the train passes so close to the vegetation that you could almost touch it.

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