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    Bintan Weather for May 2020

    What's the weather like in Bintan in May

    May is the last month of the wet northeast monsoon season in Bintan, a tropical island in the Riau archipelago in northern Indonesia. Located just across the Singapore Strait from mainland Asia, Bintan is subject to tropical weather conditions. This means that the temperatures are high all-year round, it id andits quite hu high ssubjecrthen' necessary s tropicis quite humid and rainfall is plentiful.


    Precipitation is high in May, accumulating to a total of 203mm, which makes it the fourth wettest month of the year. This is a fair amount of rain, but at least this is the end of the wet monsoon season. The likelihood of experiencing rain decreases significantly in the course of the month, from 52% to 39%. There are three types of rainfall this time of year, of which moderate rain is the most prevalent. It occurs on 45% of the days with rainfall. Thunderstorms are also very likely to happen, on 41% of those days. Light rain is observed on 13% of the rainy days. As is the case throughout the whole year, rain showers tend to be short-natured. So, after a thorough afternoon soaking, you can always expect to see the sun appear again quite soon.


    Cloud cover averages 43% in May and ranges between 46% in the beginning of the month and 41% at the end.

    Sunshine Hours

    This results in a daily average of 7 sunshine hourshe same number is also recorded in April and November. The following dry season months, August and September in particular, will be much sunnier.


    May, with an average temperature of 28°C, is technically one of the hottest months of the year, but it must be taken into account that temperatures are very high all-year round. The afternoons in May are 31°C hot on averagehey're also very humidnd the nights have an average low temperature of 24°C. It is advised to look for hotel rooms in Bintan that have air-conditioning. You'll be thankful for it.

    Sea Temperature

    In May, the sea temperature reaches its annual maximum of 30°C. This is quite a warm water temperature. It may even be too warm to offer the much-needed relief you might be after on one of those hot afternoons. If that's the case, you can, of course, wait until the guaranteed afternoon rain shower for relief!

    Planning a trip to Bintan and want to consult the weather forecast? You can do just that on our weather forecast page.

    Bintan Hotels in May

    Overlooking the South China Sea and straddling gorgeous Pasir Panjang Beach, the Bintan Lagoon Resort is a marvellous Indonesian-style resort with no fewer than 470 rooms. It has a plethora of world-class facilities, such as two amazing golf courses, a superb spa, a private 1.5-kilometre-long beach, hundreds of hectares of gardens, and exquisite restaurants. All rooms have a kitchenette and spacious roomsou'll even have a private buggy at your disposal to explore the expansive grounds of this first-class resort.

    The Nirwana Beach Club is a resort styled as a traditional village, made up of seaside villas and chalets. It is set amid a beautifully lush eco-park and borders the soft sands against which the gentle waves of the South China Sea lap away endlessly. This is a great resort for a get-away-from-it-all type of vacation in May. Amenities are plentiful; services are superb.

    Bintan Beaches for May

    May is the last month of the wet monsoon season and, with a sea temperature of 30°C and hot afternoons, is a perfect time of year for a beach vacation in Bintanspecially toward the end of the month. You can pick from numerous beaches while staying there. In case you're staying at one of the luxury resorts around Lagoi Bay on the north coast, you'll probably be able to use your resort's private beach for sunbathing and swimming. Also make sure, though, to go and visit Trikora Beach on the east coasthis is easily Bintan's greatest and prettiest beach, an extensive stretch of soft white sand dotted with large boulders.

    Bars and Restaurants

    At the Bintan Lagoon Resort that was mentioned above, you can visit several dining and drinking venues. From the Mojo Café, the Kopi-O Café and the Verandah Café to the Terrace Lounge and the Karaoke Lounge to the Miyako Japanese Restaurant and the Orzo Italian & Mediterranean Restaurantnd that's not even all of them!  From classic Japanese dishes to Mediterranean fare and from refreshing cocktails to eye-opening coffees, the restaurants, cafés and bars at this resort offer everything you can possibly wish for to fill your stomach, feed your spirit or wake up your brain.

    Things to do in Bintan in May

    On clear days in May, particularly at the end of the month, water sports of every kind you can imagine are available all over the island. Diving in Bintan is all the rage and there are a number of popular dive sites.

    Big Rock is one dive site that has become popular with divers of all skill levels. The waters around Big Rock vary from shallow to deep and visibility is usually excellent, providing outstanding views of some spectacular sea life. Around Big Rock, for those who would rather snorkel than scuba dive, there is ample snorkelling to be done and many of the resorts provide rentals for any equipment needs you may have, be it SCUBA or snorkelling.

    Agus Rock is another well-known dive destination in Bintan. Both Agus Rock and Big Rock are complimented by resorts that provide all sorts of diving-oriented accommodations; and everything from boat rentals to equipment rentals to spas to help you unwind after a long day of diving. Numerous restaurants will satisfy the hunger you build up from all that swimming.

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