Banff Weather June Averages, Canada

    Banff Weather for June 2021

    From June onwards in Banff, the coldest weather is comfortably past and the weather starts to warm up. The average daytime temperature during June is around 19°C (65°F) whereas the average minimum temperature during the night is around 5°C (42°F).

    From here onwards Banff experiences warm days, plenty of sunlight and loads of holidayers all wanting to explore the mesmerizing Banff in its beautiful summer weather.

    June is the best period to visit if you like outdoor activities. Banff experiences around 12 to 15 hours of daylight and 7 hours of direct sunshine during this month.

    The average rainfall expected through June in Banff is 61.7 mm over 16 days, so make sure you are prepared with a waterproof jacket, in case you get caught in the rain.

    You do not have to worry about the weather taking a drastic turn for the worse whilst you are on holiday as fog and snow are not expected over this month. However quite a few lakes are still frozen.

    In June you can go for hiking, trekking or even take a helicopter ride to get the best views of the beautiful mountains. There is also a cable car ride which provides good views of the town and mountains which is an absolute must-do activity in Banff.

    June is also a great time to experience the wildlife. Most of the wildlife comes out in the summer, even the bears are out of hibernation. There are plenty of opportunities to see deer, elk, coyotes, mountain goats, etc. The best time to see the animals is early in the morning, during sunrise.

    In early June, there is the Jasper to Banff Relay Race, for which over 100 groups race a distance of 186 miles. The event is sponsored by Canadian Airlines International.

    During this month, there is also the Banff World Media Festival. For this, broadcasters and celebrities flock to Canada to attend the conference at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, where a number of films are shown.

     There is also Banff Day, which celebrates the resort's heritage. The Whyte Museum opens to celebrate the history of the area. As well as this, in late June there is Touring Tin's Annual Show and Shine, for which many vintage and antique cars travel to Banff.

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