Bahia Feliz Weather January Averages, Canary Islands

    Bahia Feliz Weather for January 2023

    January is the coldest month of the year in Bahia Feliz, but the average temperature is a balmy 18°C (64°F) degrees by day, while falling only to 14°C (57°F) overnight. The surrounding seas moderate the diurnal temperature range and the average temperature typically drops no lower than 18°C (64°F) during both January and February. It can still be comfortable to sit outside both night and day. The average high temperature during the month of January is 20°C (68°F).

    Despite the lower temperatures during this month, January is considered a "high season" for tourism in Bahia Feliz because in contrast to the winter weather of mainland Europe, Bahia Feliz and all of Gran Canaria is temperate and warm. Visitors in January can expect to spend as much time on the beach in January, as in the summer months of July and August.

    Sea temperatures are warm all year in Bahia Feliz. Even in January, the average sea temperature is 19°C (66°F), which makes the seas swimmable throughout the year. Even taking into account the favourable water temperatures in January, visitors who plan to dive or snorkel during this winter month may want to bring a wet suit to stay comfortable in the water.

    Although Bahia Feliz is among the driest places in Gran Canaria, rainfall crops up occasionally.  January has an average of 5 rainy days in the month, and historically receives an average of 27 mm of precipitation. This miniscule amount of precipitation is unlikely to ruin any winter holiday, which is why Bahia Feliz is such a popular destination throughout January and February.

    What could possibly make Bahia Feliz even more attractive as a winter destination? There is an average of 8 hours of sunshine a day, and 100% chance of a sunny day. It is no wonder holidaymakers flock here to escape the winter cold of Europe.

    Where to Stay

    Bahia Feliz and the surrounding village and coastal towns have a number of apartment options for accommodation. In the pretty, little town of San Agustin the Apartmentos Norcopia is a well-reviewed and reliable choice. The rooms are cosy and have every modern accommodation, and the staff create the right balance between professional and friendly. These quiet apartments reflect the calm and serene atmosphere of San Agustin.

    The effortless, yet beloved, apartments at El Chaparral see the same guests return year after year for a bit of relaxation and simplicity. Located in a small, white building the location and grounds are unassuming. The interiors even more so, however, guests who want a fuss-free holiday in Bahia Feliz will love the laidback atmosphere. Book ahead through a number of online sites.

    Further afield to the west lies Playa del Ingles, which boasts good apartment accommodation options, including Apartmentos Taboga. Located directly on the oceanfront and near the Maspalomas Sand Dunes, Apartmentos Taboga offers an opportunity to feel away from it all amongst the greenery and vegetation of the ground's garden, while staying in the middle of the tourist action of Playa del Ingles.

    The comfortable Altos de la Gloria Beach Apartments are located in San Agustin. The white and light apartments are extremely clean, with new and stylish fixtures in the kitchenette and bathroom. Most of the apartments feature private balconies with sea views, and a rooftop terrace is the perfect place to sip wine at the end of a busy January day.

    What to Do

    Christmas is an important holiday around the world, however in Spain the celebration of Reyes Magos on January 6th prompts as much gift giving, and as many festivals and parades. Celebrated amidst the temperate January weather, the night before Reyes Magos, which is also called "Three Wise Men" festival, there are celebrations at various places on the island of Gran Canaria. Parades are popular as the "Three Wise Men" come to town and figuratively make their visit to the baby Jesus. A large parade is held in the town of Maspalomas near to Bahia Feliz and smaller festivals take place across the southern part of the island.

    Bahia Feliz is a great getaway for those who want to get outdoors. Just outside the nearby town of Maspalomas (less than 15 minutes driving), is Palmitos Park. Open every month and nearly every day of the year, Palmitos Park is a 20-hectacre botanical garden with a number of attractions. There are a number of birds and interesting aviary, in addition to 3 pools for dolphin shows and a reptile house, home to the first captivity raised Komodo dragon in Europe. Entry to Palmitos Park is 30 Euro for adults, with discount tickets available for children and entire families.

    Hit the Beach

    January is not usually the first month associated with a vacation on the beach, particularly when you mention that said vacation is in Europe. This is exactly what makes Bahia Feliz and the surrounding beaches so special. All year long there are warm days and temperate waters comfortable for swimming and golden sand perfect for sunbathing. The nearby beach of Playa de Puerto Rico famous for being the sunniest spot in Gran Canaria, which is quite a title because this island is known for receiving a lot of sun. Even in January, the bright sunshine entices visitors to relax on the sand or set off on adventures out on the water.

    Where to Eat & Drink

    Bahia Feliz is a small, compact, quiet resort and is a good place to escape to for relaxation. Particularly during the mini-high season in January and February, Bahia Feliz hits the right notes of popularity and calm. However, Garbo's Dinner Show provides some uncommon excitement and entertainment into the night. The show runs every night in Bahia Feliz, and boasts music shows as well as high-quality three-course meals.  Every member of staff, from the waiters and waitresses to bartenders, is part of the live performance. The tickets to Garbo's Dinner Show are available locally.

    For a place that is truly more low-key, head to the Coconut Bar along the coast in Bahia Feliz. The German owner serves an interesting menu along the seaside, and it is a serene stop for drinks at sunset or a relaxed dinner.

    Another great option for dinner directly in Bahia Feliz is Yaso. This Chinese restaurant has phenomenal food. Not only is it the best for Chinese along the coast of Gran Canaria, many visitors claim it is the best they have ever tried. The strong menu is complimented by a welcoming staff that is willing to make recommendations. Also, Yaso does take away, for that evening you can't be bothered to leave the hotel room.

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