Antalya Weather February Averages, Turkey

    Antalya Weather for February 2023

    What's the weather like in Antalya in February

    February temperatures remain similar to that of January, and these are the two coolest months of the year. However due to enjoying a Mediterranean climate, Antalya enjoys mild weather all year long.

    Although you will most likely not be able to spend much time at the beach in February, there are still plenty of exciting resorts open with plenty of entertainment.


    If you travel to Antalya in February, you can anticipate a daily average temperature of 11 degrees. This temperature includes a potential low of 6 degrees Celsius and up to a high of 15 degrees Celsius.

    Average Sunshine Hours

    Regardless of how warm it is travellers can enjoy around 11 hours of sunshine each day so there is ample time to explore the area.


    However, February is one of the wettest months in Antalya with an average of 130 millimetres of rainfall over ten days throughout the month.

    Average Sea Temperature

    The neighbouring Mediterranean Sea dips in warmth slightly to 16 degrees Celsius.

    Antalya Hotels in February

    For exclusive access to a Blue Flag beach, the Belek Beach Resort Hotel is a natural choice for young travellers. This sophisticated resort has a wide variety of amenities available to its guests including comfortably decorated and outfitted rooms with balconies in a range of sizes. Despite its close location to a lovely beach, the resort also has a large pool and entertainment programming. Despite these amenities, the hotel has foam parties and nightlife that makes it best suited to young or rambunctious travellers.

    The Grand Seker Hotel has rooms and a quieter environment that appeals to most travellers. This four-star resort has several pools, including one with waterslides, and access to beautiful sandy beaches. Located inside are one large buffet style restaurant and three smaller eateries. There are also seven bars for guests to enjoy and only one charges a cover.                           

    The First Class Hotel is considered one of the most affordable hotels in the city of Kargicak in Antalya. Popular with Russian and Eastern European tourists, this resort has ample amounts of vodka including in its all-inclusive price. It may not be the fanciest hotels in the region but it offers the amenities of an all-inclusive without the inflated price tag.

    For a holiday that you and your party will never forget, the Delphin Diva Premiere is the perfect hotel. This resort looks like a fairy tale castle inside and out. While it may have a large price tag, it regularly has deals online. There are countless amenities within this hotel including swimming pools, entertainment and beach access.

    Recognised as one of the best family hotels in Antalya, the Royal Wings Hotel is a large property with many activities. The hotel has amenities like a large series of pools, room service and on-property bars. There are also features for business travellers or people who elope including convention centres and ballrooms.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Located in the Otantik Butik Hotel, the restaurant of the same name has a wide appeal. Open from breakfast into the late night, the menu includes classic dishes from Turkey, Italy and around the world. Best of all, previous diners mention that this restaurant has more than generous portions for the value. If you make a trip into the historic portion of Antalya to visit this restaurant, you'll enjoy the abundant, delicious food accompanied by attentive service.

    Found in the small bucolic village of Beycik outside of Antalya, the Sibel's Four Seasons restaurant is as quaint as its menu is delicious. The restaurant's menu of seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients is made even more precious from its location. Travellers can hike up to the restaurant can be tiring if you do the complete trek. The owner and chef is Turkish and her husband is Austrian but both speak English.

    The Calista Beach Café Bar is both a great way to enjoy the local scenery and cuisine. Located on the beach, the restaurant has sunbeds, pavilions and sofas to lounge on before or after your meal. Waiters attend to your requests while you relax in the 300 days of sunshine the area enjoy. And perhaps best of all, this café and bar is open 24 hours a day so you can stop in for food after visiting local bars or in the early morning after a swim.

    Things to do in Antalya in February

    Located just outside the city, Hierapolis-Panukkale is a popular historical site for tourists and an UNESCO World heritage Site. Hierapolis is an ancient thermal spa that sits on a hill overlooking the Pamukkale or Cotton Palace. Both structures were built at the end of the second century B.C. when the Attalids ruled over the area. Between the two sites, visitors can walk amongst temples, monuments and baths in the once-glorious spa.

    For a visit to Turkish history, stop by the Ataturk Monument found in Antalya. This statue and monument remembers Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a 19th century soldier, statesman, writer and the first President of Turkey. He is known as the "Father of the Turks" for his role in establishing the modern nation. The monument is within walking distance of the harbour and numerous other attractions so it would be a worthwhile stop on an afternoon stroll.

    Travelling to the area in February is a great time to take advantage of off-season prices for company tours including the Novaraft Outdoor Adventure. This adventure company offers tours of rafting, hiking, kayaking, ropes courses and Jeep drives. The tour can be tailored to your needs and interests. Passive rafting tours are available if you are travelling with children.

    Dates for the diary

    February is light on festivals in the area. You won't have to anticipate many businesses closures while on holiday. However, one significant festival is the Kurban Bayrami or Festival of Sacrifice. This four-day event commemorates when biblical Abraham was sacrificed by Isaac. This is not a public holiday so it won't close businesses but religious locals will observe with quiet ceremonies and time spent with family.

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