Alvor Weather May Averages, Portugal

    • Temperature Temperature 17.8°C 64°F
    • High Temperature High Temperature 22.1°C 72°F
    • Low Temperature Low Temperature 13.5°C 56°F
    • Sunshine Hours Sunshine Hours 10 hours
    • Rainfall Rainfall 15 mm
    • Rainfall Days Rainfall Days 24.8 days
    • Sea Temperature Sea Temperature 17.98544333°C 64°F

    Alvor Weather for May 2018

    What's the weather like in Alvor in May?


    As the summer starts to creep up on Alvor, late spring brings warmer weather and barely any rain. The average temperature goes up to a significant 18⁰C (64⁰F), a major improvement from its predecessor, April. The nights gain a couple of degrees as well, and feel pleasant at 14⁰C, while the hotter days exceed 22⁰C on the high average. Humidity also drops to 70% on average, further setting the tone for the dry and incredibly comfortable Portuguese coastal summer time.

    Sunshine Hours

    The days reach up to 12 hours of glorious sunshine on average, with a whopping 39% chance of sunny days throughout the month. There's barely a 10% chance of clouds and a minimal 15% chance of rain, on average. This translates loosely into a superb climate, filled with sunshine, fresh ocean breeze and barely a cloud in the sky.


    Rainfall is not expected to exceed 15mm on average, spread over a couple of days at the most, so the worst you're most likely to get out of this month is an occasional cooling shower, most likely to surprise you on one of the hotter days but to be sure you can always check the upcoming local forecast.


    Wind speeds are still quite bold at 4.2m/s on average, and in conjunction with these encouraging thermometer readings, makes great weather for sailing and windsurfing. Chances of windy days drop to 25% on average, still consistent enough to match the typical Atlantic coast weather. Most of the winds now further switch to eastern and south-eastern influences, as well as an increasingly predominant flow of warm air from the south, originating from the North African regions.

    Sea Temperature

    The North Atlantic Ocean now boasts an average temperature of 18⁰C (64⁰F), as more tropical currents begin to warm it up, making it better and better for swimming and other aquatic activities.

    Hotels in Alvor in May

    Luna Alvor Bay

    Alvor Beach is home to several excellent hotels, among which is the Luna Alvor Bay, which offers 3-star accommodation in the form of self-catering studios for just £38 per night. The units feature air conditioning, a fully equipped kitchenette and a balcony fitted with outdoor furniture which overlooks the deep blue ocean. A terrace and an outdoor pool are featured on this property, along with a 24-hour front desk which can easily assist its guests with organising local trips or renting bikes and cars. The studios themselves feature a very modern décor, with natural tones and wooden furnishing, fresh linens and a flat screen TV in the lounge area.

    Clube Alvor Ferias

    About one and a half kilometre down from the main beach, you'll find Clube Alvor Ferias, a delightful 3-star hotel which offers self-serviced studios for £22 per night for couples, which is an incredibly good price for what is considered to be early summer in Alvor. It holds lovely little apartments which not only have a fully equipped kitchenette and private bathroom, they also feature a comfy lounge area.

    On top of the actual comfort and complete amenities of its units, Clube Alvor also sports a delightful outdoor pool, a tennis court and a restaurant which specializes in international and Portuguese cuisine. It's only a 10-minute walk from the city centre and just 3 miles away from Portimao and its many cafes and boutique stores.

    Pestana Alvor Park Hotel Apartamento

    The superb Pestana Alvor Park Hotel Apartamento is a 4-star accommodation option, with spacious studios going for £55 per night for couples in the month of May. It's a beautiful aparthotel in the heart of the Algarve, a short walk from Alvor's main beach and a haven for those who want their apartment complex to have both indoor and outdoor pools alongside the Turkish bath and excellent massage services. All of its apartments have fully equipped kitchenettes, comfortable lounge areas with seating and a flat screen TV, and balconies which overlook the beautiful ocean. You'll also have access to Pestana's breakfast buffet, a cornucopia of fresh and seasonal fruits, as well as local pastries.

    Beaches in Alvor in May


    The beautiful and surprisingly small Prainha is the perfect stretch of sand to visit as an introduction to the splendid beaches of Alvor. It's named after the holiday complex nestled at the top of the cliff overlooking the beach, and there is a lift available during this period, which takes you up and down and gives you the chance to fully take in the incredible view from the top. It's a lovely little spot, with a shallow entrance, deep blue waters and giant rock formations offering plenty of natural shade when the sun gets too hot.

    It leads out to other splendid beaches, but Prainha itself has a unique charm to it, in the way in which it encompasses the entire sky on top of a calm and serene blue ocean. The seabed is also quite soft, and due to the shallow entrance, the water temperature is great for swimming and splashing around.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Paesano Italian Restaurant

    Paesano Italian Restaurant lives up to its name, offering delicious cuisine from the heart of the Italian countryside. Smack in the middle of Alvor, this little haven of authentic Italian cuisine is surprisingly spacious and comfortable, matched only by the hand-crafted pasta, the selection of smoky meats and the wine list which further complements the absolutely delicious dishes.

    Ruccula Restaurant

    Ruccula Restaurant is one of the heavyweights of Alvor when it comes to excellent food. Each year they get better and better, serving a variety of local and international dishes, their ingredients locally and responsibly sourced. The atmosphere is always inviting, and the staff is welcoming and extremely professional. On top of that, the wine list is phenomenal and also features several Porto varieties because you cannot fully enjoy a sirloin steak on the coast of Portugal without a sip of the world-renowned fortified wine.

    Paddy's Bar

    Paddy's Bar was the first nightlife spot to open up in Alvor. It's a typical Irish pub, serving draft ales and ciders, stout and the occasional pie or fish and chips, just like it should. They play live music and cheer to rugby games and give you the genuine feeling that someone brought a patch of the old empire all the way to the Portuguese coast. It spreads over two floors and it is run by a lovely Irish couple, so you cannot doubt the authenticity of this charming venue, one of Alvor's go-to places when it comes to evening entertainment.

    Things to Do in Alvor in May

    Sunset Boat Trip

    If you missed out on Valentine's Day, you can always bring your beloved on a Sunset Boat Trip in Faro during May to fully take in the many beautiful colours of Ria Formosa, one of Portugal's seven natural wonders. You'll most certainly enjoy the romantic ride aboard a traditional Portuguese boat down the splendid river, sip on some champagne and savour the reddish sunset over the wild scenery and pristine pine woodlands skirting the riverside. Watch the sun change the sky's perceived colours as it slowly dives behind the ripples of lush vegetation feeding off the river a stunning array of colours diffusing into a breath-taking view.

    Birdwatching Adventure

    In fact, Ria Formosa has so many amazing things to offer, that you wouldn't even do it all in one day. You most certainly have to take the Birdwatching Adventure tour while in Alvor, though, as it takes you on an entire day's worth of exploring and discovering the dozens of fascinating endemic species of birds that are hosted in the natural sanctuary of this river.  This guided tour will also take you on a trip in the beautiful island of Tavira, where you'll probably spot the elusive and rare little tern and Kentish plover, just two of the many feathered jewels of this region. On your way back, as the sun set gorgeously over the river, you might even get to see flamingos flying over the River Gilao towards the famous saltpans.

    Faro Beginner Sailing Course

    May is one of the best times to learn sailing. The winds are strong enough to hold the sails up and stretched, the tides are friendly and quite smooth, and the weather is just so close to perfect! Learn to sail in the Algarve, and take the Faro Beginner Sailing Course, which is the perfect introduction for those of you who have never had a chance to sail before.

    The main purpose is for you to learn the important nautical terms and fundamental sailing motions, such as helming the yacht under the sail, steering and overall handling of the boat, along with some basic sailing manoeuvres meant to get you ready for one day riding your own boat even. This is a very useful and fun course, on top of it being very practical and hands on, and it teaches you the fundamentals of safety at sea. It also features a sailing manual and complete cover through insurance throughout the five lessons.

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