Alvor Weather January Averages, Portugal

    Alvor Weather for January 2021

    What's the weather like in Alvor in January?


    Midwinter on the southern coast of Portugal is mild and surprisingly pleasant. There's usually a healthy amount of rain, but other than that the weather is good and favours an average temperature of 13°C (55°F). The nights are quite nippy at 10°C, but still tolerable for this time of the year, while the warmer days can see an average high of 16°C. Humidity is comfortably high at 80%, with a non-oppressive dew point, and it often translates into rainfall and maybe the occasional hoar frost before sunrise.

    Sunshine Hours

    The days are short, with just 6 hours of sunshine but an encouraging 32% chance of sunny days on average this is more sun than the UK is likely to see at this time of year! Chances of rain are quite reduced during this part of the winter, at just 27% on average, and 16% chances of cloudy days.


     Rainfall is not likely to exceed 49mm on average, spread over the course of 19 days, making January one of the drier months of the autumn/winter season, but with enough precipitation to still make its presence felt in the early morning or late afternoon.


    Winds from the eastern parts are Atlantic gusts, quite chilly, blowing over Alvor at an average speed of 4.2m/s this is the predominant speed measured for this part of Portugal's ocean coastline, so expect bold winds when planning a holiday here. Chances of full-on windy days are, however, reduced at 22% on average, most of them feeling influences not just from the east, but also the northern peninsular areas.

    Sea Temperature

    The deep blue Atlantic Ocean is not recommended for swimming this time of the year, recording an average temperature of 17°C (62°F). It will most likely have cold currents flowing in from the North Atlantic Ocean side during the winter time a wonderful sight to behold, but not warm enough for a dip.

    Hotels in Alvor in January

    Pestana Alvor Atlantico

    Pestana Alvor Atlantico offers lovely studio bedrooms for just £31 per night for couples. It's only a 2-minute walk from the beach and it proudly sits on the estuary of Ria de Alvor, and it features an outdoor saltwater pool, as well as a delightful Turkish bath and gym facilities. The studios and apartments are fitted with air conditioning, flat screen TV, a comfy dining area and a fully equipped kitchenette. Portimao is only 3.1 miles away, and the estuary itself is one of Portugal's most prized bird sanctuaries.

    Hospedaria Buganvilia

    Only 0.6 miles away from the beach, Hospedaria Buganvilia offers twin and double rooms at £47 per night for couples. Each of these lovely rooms features a TV, air conditioning, a safe for your precious belongings and a balcony overlooking the splendid area. The hotel is very close to the popular Tres Irmaos Beach and it provides an entertaining selection of on and off-site activities, including golfing.

    Apartamentos Santa Teresinha

    Apartamentos Santa Teresinha have studio bedrooms going for a ridiculous £27 per night in January, all of them contemporary units with self-catering features. The beautiful and sandy Alvor Beach is just 0.9 miles away, making it a top choice for many throughout the seasons. The hotel is set within an enclosed garden, and it sports two outdoor swimming pools. Each unit is fully furnished and equipped for any self-catering needs, and also feature a lounge area with a balcony overlooking the lush gardens.

    There's a barbecue to enjoy when the weather is good, for the sake of tender grilled meat extravaganza. You'll also be delighted to discover the poolside bar of this charming venue, and if you're keen on exploring Alvor, the city centre is only a 5-min drive away.

    Beaches in Alvor in January

    Main Beach

    January is not the best time to spend your days at the beach, but should you feel the need for some bodies of water, fresh air and stunning views during one of your long walks, you can easily try Alvor's main beach.

    Any of the continuing strips of sand are equally good to visit and admire, as you'll notice the most charming feature of this part of Portugal's coastline: the splendid mixture of rocky chunks and fine sand, a typical example of time and oceanic erosion of the Portuguese shore. You'll find yourself standing in soft sand, while looking out at the breath-taking and seemingly endless Atlantic Ocean, while surrounded by stone giants left there by Father Time.

    Bars and Restaurants


    While not vibrant in terms of exotic nightlife amenities, Alvor certainly conquers the heart of gourmands from all over the world. Buganvillia is most popular for its "steak on a stone" dish a wonderful traditional Portuguese restaurant which adds a funky twist to its specialities. The open kitchen and the general hotel restaurant/apartment atmosphere make it a favourite among the locals as well, and its family-run business produces a menu that tastes phenomenally home-made.

    The "steak on a stone" is a fillet or sirloin served raw on a hot piece of stone; you get to entertain yourself by turning the steak over for even cooking to your liking, or slice it up and move it around until you get the desired results. The chips and selection of dips that come with it are simply to die for.

    Barca de Alvor

    A lovely little local place to try out is Barca de Alvor, a quaint Portuguese Café squished between two modern and hip ones. While its décor may be somewhat plain but inviting nonetheless, what truly captures your heart and taste buds is the food this one's perfect for breakfast, with a hefty selection of sandwiches and omelettes to enjoy, as well as a delightful variety of Portuguese pastries and meringues.

    O Chefe Joao

    As you walk around Alvor, you're most likely to discover O Chefe Joao, a great restaurant best known for the indoor grill that treats the meats and vegetables close to perfection, and it's most conveniently placed right in front of the venue's window, making it obvious that you just have to go in and try it! This is a family-run place, with the husband on the grill and wife in the main kitchen, and it serves a delicious cuisine which includes fish soups, Piri Piri chicken, salmon and tuna steaks in a lovely sea faring décor. We're also told that the Sangria they make there is fantastic.

    Things to Do in Alvor in January

    Alvor Castle

    For a local slice of history, you can always visit Alvor Castle. During the Moorish occupation, about a thousand years ago, this city was a thriving and bustling seaport and an important point of contact on the southern coast of Portugal. Alvor Castle was most likely built in the late 11th century, mentioned in the history books as far back as 1189AD, when Sancho I had captured the Muslim fortress, aided by Crusaders who were then on their way to the Holy Land.

    Only one turret and two sections of the castle wall remain intact today, but it's a solid point of interest in Portugal's history altogether. When the Algarve returned completely under Christian rule, the castle walls were rebuilt around 1300AD, then officially declared a town by King Joao II one of Portugal's most famous rulers.

    Arraial Ferreira Neto

    Arraial Ferreira Neto has a long and interesting history of tuna industry to this day it is one of the most notable suppliers worldwide. Situated on the southernmost tip of Portugal, this town makes you feel like you're truly standing at the very edge of the world. The tour of this fascinating fishing village and its tuna factory starts at the old watch tower, and then takes you through an array of beautiful scenery, overlooking the saltpans, the marshlands and Tavira, the beautiful neighbouring city.

    The Museum itself hosts an impressive collection of memorabilia, tools and replicas of ships used in this industry of the fast-diminishing tuna fish there's even a splendidly detailed model of the "almadrava", also known as the "bullfighter of the sea". After your visit, you can also opt for either a kayak, a boat or bike tour of the surrounding area a rare opportunity to explore the splendid wildlife that this remote part of Alvor have to offer.

    Hop-On, Hop-Off bus Tour in Albufeira

    For a rich and diverse experience of what is truly wonderful in Alvor, you can take the 24/96 Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour in Albufeira, which gives you the opportunity to explore the region in your own time, with convenient stops and superb sights of the local landmarks, including the Bell Tower, the Old Town and Fisherman's Beach.

    The double-decker allows you to fully take in Albufeira's famed architecture fusion, with most of it renovated after the devastating 18th century earthquake. Aside from charming and authentic local boutiques, shops and restaurants line the cobblestone roads of the Old Town and the tour will also take you further to Sao Sebastio Church and the gothic Chapel of Misericordia, dating back to the 16th century and previously used to survey the ocean for pirates and invading fleets.

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