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    Alvor Weather for December 2020

    What's the weather like in Alvor in December?


    The last month of the year is merely the humble beginning of winter in the beautiful fishing town of Alvor, on this splendid southernmost tip of Portugal. The average temperature is a cool but pleasant 14°C (57°F), while the nights are quite nippy at 11°C as the low average. "Cold" is not a word that can be easily used in these parts of Europe, even though it's on the lip of the usually crisp North Atlantic Ocean.

    The higher average on warmer days is expected to reach 17°C when the sun is high and mighty, lower than the previous month of November but still an encouraging prognosis, particularly for those who are looking for a very mild winter holiday. Humidity is comfortably high at 78% on average, with very gentle dew points, thus making the nights remarkably pleasant despite the low temperature.

    Sunshine Hours

    The days are short, with just 6 hours of sunshine, but this is more than northern Europe sees at the end of the year and chances of sunny days are encouragingly high at 30% on average. Chances of rain are quite low, measuring 26% on average, and chances of cloudy days hang even lower at 18%, making this a very soft transition into what is going to be a very temperate and friendly winter.


    The month is looking at a balanced amount of sunshine and moderate precipitation, with rainfall levels expected to reach 79mm on average, spread over a total of 17 days in the month. This is not a quantity that even the December sun can't dry out in a couple of hours.


    The winds are quite strong though, but not fastidiously so, reaching average speeds of 4.2m/s and most of them north-western from the Atlantic and cold northern currents from the mountainous regions of the Algarve. Chances of windy days are quite high at 28% on average, making most days by the shore buzzing with bold ocean breezes, restless tides and choppy waters crashing against the rocky clusters and sandy beaches.

    Sea Temperature

    The water temperature drops to 18°C (64°F), no longer optimal for swimming or surfing, but still, the ocean is a wonderful sight to behold.

    Hotels in Alvor in December

    Alvor Guesthouse

    Alvor Guesthouse offers lovely double rooms for £33 per night for couples, so you might want to keep it as an option for a well budgeted Christmas holiday. This hotel features a spacious sun terrace with stunning views of the deep blue ocean.

    The suites come fitted with air conditioning, flat screen TV and private bathroom, and some of them also have balconies which open up to beautiful sights of the Algarve or the endless waters. It's only a walk away from Alvor Beach, so it's perfect if you're planning some long walks on the beach during your stay in this charming area.

    Boavista Golf Resort & Spa

    Boavista Golf Resort & Spa features a glorious 18-hole golf course, perfect to spend time on during the warmer and sunnier days of December. The elegant property is situated relatively close to Lagos, and offers 4-star accommodation in the form of self-serviced studios for just £41 per night. The contemporary villas and apartments are aesthetically placed between generous patches of lush gardens, and feature fully equipped kitchens, en suite bathrooms, flat screen TV and air conditioning.

    The furnished balconies open out to splendid views of the ocean or the beautiful property itself. This gorgeous complex also features a sophisticated sauna, with plenty of beauty and massage treatments, as well as a modern fitness centre, along with an outdoor and indoor pool.

    Vila Do Sol

    Vila Do Sol has self-serviced apartments going for £75 per night for couples during the month of December an excellent bargain if you're looking to have a sumptuous Christmas holiday on the southern coast of Portugal. It's only a 3-minute drive from the popular Tres Irmaos Beach, and its units feature a modern and fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable lounge area, flat screen TV and air conditioning, as well as a spacious balcony opening to incredible views of the ultramarine ocean.

    Beaches in Alvor in December

    Beach activities are certainly out of the question for December, due to low temperatures and sometimes biting winds, particularly towards the second half of the month. But there is no reason why you shouldn't put on a wind breaker and explore some of the beaches of Alvor and its neighbouring marinas.

    You'll be fascinated by the stunning array of fine golden sands stretching over miles, fine little patches hidden between giant clusters of rocks carved out by the ocean itself, and the endless deep blue water spreading right before your eyes. On a sunny and warmer day, you can even pack a picnic basket and go on top of one of the many cliffs overlooking the ocean, and simply experience the joy of staring the North Atlantic Ocean in the face while sampling a delicious selection of cheese with a small glass of Porto wine.

    Bars and Restaurants

    The Indian Hut

    A great place to try out in December is the Indian Hut, both the big one and the smaller one. We assume that at some point you will want to try more exotic foods after revelling in the local traditional flavours, and there's no better place for this type of cuisine. Their chicken dishes are close to legendary and they sure know how to prepare a proper shish kebab and pilau rice. The staff are also very professional and friendly, and the prices won't leave you suffering either.

    Taverna Do Guedes

    Probably the best food in town can be found at the popular Taverna Do Guedes. The owner is a former fishing boat captain and thus carried much of his history and culture into the restaurant itself the décor will strike you immediately, a charming reproduction of a fisherman's house, with marine themes and enchanting smells sneaking out of the kitchen. His son catches most of the fish served here, so expect a delicious variety of fish and seafood to enjoy, and if you arrive early, you might even get to taste their mind-blowing homemade crème caramel for dessert.

    The Black Stove

    The Black Stove is one of Alvor's most popular bars, a typical Irish pub which first opened back in 2005. Ever since, it has been attracting both recurring locals and tourists from all over the world, thanks to its impressive selection of draught beers and stouts, and absolutely delicious snacks and pies. There's great live music playing here on a regular music, and the visiting troubadours tend to make the atmosphere even greater than it is. This is a great place to spend an evening at, with plenty of booze and friendly faces to enjoy, and they throw some wickedly fun Christmas and New Year's Eve parties as well.

    Things to Do in Alvor in December

    Historical landmarks

    Alvor has been occupied for millennia now, and bears a rich and diversified cultural history, from the local development to the Moorish invasions and later on to the Christian re-conquest campaigns. Over the past decade, the town has developed even further, growing into a beautiful and charming tourist resort, but it hasn't lost its old sense of tradition and flair. There are many attractions and historical landmarks to see in Alvor, and there are just as many waiting in the neighbouring town of Lagos as well.

    Alvor Castle

    You must visit the Alvor Castle, for example, the town's most prized artefact. This impressive structure was built on a 5m hilltop, its walls raised in a rectangular plan to this day, despite the wear of centuries, you can still make out the irregular bricks which form each of the walls, as well as the circular path that surrounds the castle and the staircase by the southern wall.

    The main gate was built during the Renaissance period, and a great tower stood tall and proud, ready to protect is. Remains of another tower can be found on the eastern wall, from where you can get incredible views of the deep blue ocean.

    Adega Do Cantor

    December is also a great time to also engage in some wine tasting, as there are many local producers ready to impress you with artisanal and organic wines, which you can even take home with you. The Adega Do Cantor, for examples, organizes guided tours of its beautiful vineyard, which unravels graciously over the Algarve's precious hills, their stems rooted into hearty and fertile soils.

    At the end of your tour and wonderful wine tasting, complete with tapas and fine cheese, you can also stop by the souvenir shop and splurge on charming memorabilia and bottles of good vintage.

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